Alice ”Pillar of Madness” aaaa… Well this picture is kinda mess but I’m very happy it is! It was SO hard to design this costume because everything I wanted to draw on her was old idea thanks to ‘Alice madness returns’ game! >:O They made amazing costumes for Alice and weapons too! I didn’t want to use any of their ideas so it was hard to make own :DD First I had an idea of dress made of chess pieces but they have done that too!! So I just ended up making very messy and colorful costume for her with broken tea cups, clock, shield and weapon the flamingo.

STORY TIME: She is about 15-16 years old and get stuck in Wonderland where her majesty the Queen decides to name Alice her guard. For what? Nothing I guess, Queen just said so so her have to. Mad Hatter and March hare made her costume and Hatter even give her on of his shoes. (other one is from MR. caterpillar) She can summons Cheshire Cat with her chield, no one know is it going to work or not.

tina-warriorprincess prompted: “Kurt and Blaine meet when a smoke alarm in their dorm goes off in the middle of the night, forcing them to evacuate.”

"Why the hell is this happening to me?” Kurt says, teeth chattering. His roommate, lumbering along next to him, shrugs. He doesn’t talk much, which is something Kurt’s usually grateful for. Now, however, it annoys him that Sean won’t even complain properly. They’ve been forced to evacuate the building in the middle of January in New York, and it’s freezing. Who wouldn’t complain about that?

The building looks perfectly fine. Kurt, on the other hand, looks like he has just rolled out of bed and put a jacket on over his pajamas. That’s because he did.

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based off of this post.

It starts off slow.

Well, it starts off the way that it always does, Kurt should say. Lazy winter days never stay lazy for very long anymore, not when they both know touch and taste and feel; not when they know the exact scrunch of a pleasure-lined brow or the dropped perfect ‘O’ of a mouth. There’s an inherent truth to his dad’s words, that after he’s had it he’s going to want more, and god, Kurt wants with a passion he’s only ever felt for solos and designer clothing.

It’s been two weeks and all that’s on Kurt’s mind is Blaine, Blaine, Blaine.

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She is not maybe most recognizable mulan hairstyle but I’m happy, I don’t want the princesses to look like EXACTLY the same. I still want to make two costumes for her. This and another very light and similar to soul caliburs xianghua?

Sooo I got tagged by @beardedbandit13 for my favorite superhero. I don’t normally play these IG game too much, but I’m into this one. I had to really think on this one. I went with Xena. Yeah yeah, I know she’s not really “super” because she doesn’t really have special powers, but she is the epitome of what I look for in a superhero. She’s got beauty, brains, and can kick some serious booty. ❤️ I want to be her when I grow up. 😂😂😂😍 If you got tagged, it’s your turn. #superhero #Xena #warriorprincess

Hearing!Verse: Traumatizing

tina-warriorprincess said: I really want one where Maddy walks in on Kurt and Blaine having sex because she hears Blaine voicing and thinks something is wrong.

Anonymous said: As Maddy is their only hearing child, has she ever over heard her dads’ ‘activities’ or burst into their room because she thinks someone is in pain and seen things? Because I have this image of her side-eying the crap out of her dads at the breakfast table as they blush and stammer the morning after and Mei and Li are like “What is wrong with the three of you?”

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Kurt’s careful to unlock the door and drag in his suitcase quietly, mindful that Maddy could be sleeping. Mindful that she might not be and hearing him would cause her to run down the stairs to say hello, completely ruining his plan to surprise his husband with anniversary sex. He wasn’t supposed to be home today. Kurt had told Blaine he had to work on their anniversary, but he’d moved some stuff around and opted not to tell his husband. After all, it’s always more fun to see the look of surprise on Blaine’s face when he walks in unannounced.

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الطفله مريضه بالسرطان والدكاتره في هولندا عجزو عن علاجها ، وتبي تسافر المانيا تعالج اللي عنده قدره يساعدها ويتبرع جزاه الله خير من انقذ هالطفله المسلمه واللي ماعنده قدره يدعي لها بالشفاء عسى الله يشفيها ، طريقة التبرع موجود بحسابها

Aliza has cancer and the doctors in the Netherlands where she is being treated have said they can no longer help her. She needs to travel to Greifswald to try another form of therapy that has proven to show success. If you have the means to help her, please go ahead and donate, the information is available on her page. If you don’t have the means to help, please still help by praying for her

Facebook: Healing4aliza

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