Sayyida al Hurrah was the Pirate Queen of Tétouan between 1515 and 1542 CE. While she does not appear in many Islamic records, she was known to be a powerful force and an ally that was considered to be an equal to the pirate Barbarossa.  She was from the Spanish Islamic kingdom of Granada and fled with her family to Morocco in 1492. Sayyida married Abu al-Hasan al-Mandri, the King of Tétouan which was an area of Morocco that had existed since 300CE and one which they heavily fortified during their reign. Their marriage is the only example of history where the king of Morocco had married a woman who was from outside of the country, showing her importance. Following his death in 1515 and her claiming of the throne as a sole ruler, Sayyida became the final person in Islamic history to hold the title of ‘al Hurrah’, meaning ‘Queen’.

In 1520 CE, Sayyida turned to piracy in order to avenge the shame she and her family felt when they were forced to flee from the Christians. Under the guidance of Barbarossa, she assembled a pirate fleet and began striking against the shipping routes of the Mediterranean Sea which continued for over a decade. The money that she received from these ventures was put into the fortification of Tétouan, ensuring that the area was prosperous which resulted in her becoming a beloved ruler.


It’s WONDER WOMAN XENA DAY at @dragoncon !!!!
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warriorprincess-11  asked:

hi! I see you're making gifs of WW! Any chance you can make me a gifset of the scene the morning after the Veld battle where Charlie says "surely you guys don't need me to go with you?" and Diana smiles at him and says "No Charlie who will sing for us?" the smile she gave him literally took my breath away and i've been thinking about it ever since lmao so I would love to have it in gif form and maybe a still so i can make it my background? you're awesome!!

Hey! One of my wonderful mutuals giffed the whole scene, so here you go! :) (x)

and here’s the still (kind of):


Hahahahahahahaha hallway fun 😜
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Xena Warrior Princess Princess- @msbernadetteb
Ball gown by @chadhatter
XenaArmor by @toddscostumes
Corset by @castlecorsetry
Tiara by @mrpinski
Chakrum by @hokuprops
Wig by @outfitterswig

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Muhumusa was the first Nyabingi Priestess, a group of women who were known for fighting against white European colonial oppression in Eastern Africa. The first mention of her appears to be in the early 20th century as a widowed Rwandan Queen, who fled with her son and heir into the Ndorwa region, an area that is now known as South West Uganda. She did this after refusing to acknowledge King Yuhi Musinga as the ruler of Rwanda due to his collaboration with the Germans. In 1911, Muhumusa proclaimed that she would “drive out the Europeans” from Uganda and set about creating an armed resistance against the German occupiers. Her actions led the British to pass the 1912 Witchcraft Act in response to the spiritually based Nyabingi movement gaining political recognition in the region. She was defeated by the Germans in 1912, and detained by the British at a camp in Kampala, Uganda in 1913 where she remained until her death in 1945.  

The Nyabingi movement continued their fight against colonialism through the priestess Kaigirwa with her organisation of the Nyakishenyi Revolt in 1917, which was successful due to the support of the region.

Muhumusa was pivotal in the establishment of the Nyabingi Priestesses who were a reckoning force against German colonialism in Eastern Africa in the early 20th century and as such, is known in history as a successful warrior leader despite her capture.

“Hun Hunter” - warriot. I had A LOT of problems with her… Colors, pose .. EVERYTHING. But for now.. she is okay. Not great but okay. My scanner literally couldn’t handle the colors so they are kinda bright and some very plah, sorry. I made like 20 sketches of her, I hardly made even 2 of other ladies :–D I just wanna move on to next warrior ladies.

Her story: After saving the whole china she decides to find all the huns who are left and kill them all!!! Or something. I haven’t have time to think her story much.


Costumes by @castlecorsetry with Xena Armer by @toddscostumes
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Rani Laksmi Bai became one of the leading figures in the 1857 Indian Rebellion against the rule of the British East India Company. She was brought up at the Bithur Court of the Martha Peshwa where her father was an official and therefore enjoyed more independence than most girls of the time. Whilst at court Rani was well-educated. She also studied horsemanship, archery, and became expertly skilled with a sword.

In 1842, when only seven years old, Rani married the Rajah of Jhansi who would die eleven years later, leaving no direct male heir. Taking advantage of this situation, the British East India Company seized the kingdom and expanded their already growing empire. It was not long before the Indian Rebellion made its way from Meerut with many supporting the cause in the hope that the old Jhansi state would be restored. Rani was reluctantly forced to take action against the British. She raised a volunteer army of 14,000 men and women, leading them to victory, and then instantly set about strengthening defences. The British struck back on the 24th of May, 1858 with a force led by Major-General Sir Hugh Rose, and besieged Jhansi. Rani stood firm and fought to defend the city, but she was defeated. Jhansi was stormed and looted by the British with many of the rebels hanged for their resistance, including Rani’s father. Rani herself managed to escape with her adopted son and bodyguard. She met up with other rebel forces, including those of Tatya Tope, and advanced to Gwalior where they hoped to defeat the British. It was at this battle that the brave Rani attempted to stop her soldiers from fleeing by charging with a sword in each hand at the enemy with the reins for the horse held between her teeth. As she was charging, however, she was shot. Knowing death was near she ordered her supporters to burn her body.

Rani was an incredible woman who possessed the intelligence to lead armies into battle and rule her kingdom effectively, despite being only eighteen when her husband died. She was a brave woman who earned the respect of her enemies and conquered the hearts of the rebels fighting. In later times she was hailed as the ‘Indian Joan of Arc’ and would be recognised by Indian nationalists as the forerunner to Indian independence. Rani has become a national heroine in India, and in 1943 the Indian National Army paid tribute to her by establishing an all-female regiment in her name. What better way to remember such an inspirational woman who died fighting for independence?

Jasmine ”Red Tiger”  for my ”warrior-fantasy-soul Calibur-princess” project~~ I think everything went wrong in this one ::: D I’m not so happy about the pose, blades EVERYTHING. I mean it looks good, I like the colors. The shading of the blades looks so wrong and her left arm is just NO. But.. I still like it. I do like it. Her costume is based on Jasmine’s red .. “slave” costume because her blue on made her look like Talim from Soul Calibut : DDDD Name could better but I’m out of good names, sorry.

STORY TIME: She should be a thief. I didn’t draw any hood or turban for her ‘cause she doesn’t want to hide her identity, her face scarf is just a cover for sand and dust. She has two blades, cave of wonders and Rajah. 

For her I do not have HUGE bg story yet, it’s coming….

And for the watermark: Please, do not remove these descriptions. I have so many e-mails about “these aren’t historial costumes at all” “they look like game characters not real warriors!!” etc. My princess project is based on Soul Calibur games, those games are my inspiration not HISTORY. They aren’t supposed to look like historical, men, well armored, REAL warriors or anything like that. They are just fantasy-soulCalibur-inspiration-warrior-princess - pictures. And of course you can ask about them that’s not them problem but that people don’t read/know the descriptions and then send me an angry mail is kinda frustrating.

Thank you for reading. : )


Tringë Smajl Martini was an Albanian guerrilla fighter who fought against the occupation of the Turkish Ottoman Empire of Albania during the early 20th century. She was active in the Malësia region, which is now part of Southern Montenegro following the kidnapping of her father Smajl Martini, a Catholic clan leader of the Grudë tribe. She was in an interesting heroine for that region as she was known to wear male clothing.

Due to her valiant efforts against the Ottoman Empire she is widely known as one of the most heroic women in the Balkan region, and in 1911 was nicknamed the ‘Albanian Joan of Arc’ by the New York Times. There are several areas named after her in both Albania and Montenegro.

Alice “Pillar of Madness” aaaa… Well this picture is kinda mess but I’m very happy it is! It was SO hard to design this costume because everything I wanted to draw on her was old idea thanks to ‘Alice madness returns’ game! >:O They made amazing costumes for Alice and weapons too! I didn’t want to use any of their ideas so it was hard to make own :DD First I had an idea of dress made of chess pieces but they have done that too!! So I just ended up making very messy and colorful costume for her with broken tea cups, clock, shield and weapon the flamingo.

STORY TIME: She is about 15-16 years old and get stuck in Wonderland where her majesty the Queen decides to name Alice her guard. For what? Nothing I guess, Queen just said so, so she have to. Mad Hatter and March hare made her costume and Hatter even give her on of his shoes. (other one is from MR. caterpillar) She can summons Cheshire Cat with her shield, no one know is it going to work or not.


I love this so much! They made this perfectly! 😂 #Xena meets #LEGO