warrior... princess... tramp


The name’s Zena. That’s Zena with a capital ‘Z.’

2x06 “Warrior…Princess…Tramp,” like its predecessor 1x15 “Warrior…Princess,” gives Lucy Lawless a chance to send up her own performance by playing a Xena impersonator. But Meg is a very different character from the pampered Princess Diana, whose cartoonish femininity served as an important contrast to the assured hardiness of Xena in 1x15. Xena and Diana are two different versions of femininity; Meg presents a third. She’s a promiscuous down-on-her-luck gutter rat far more psychologically fleshed out than Diana, whose damaged self-esteem and complicated relationships are both products of her traumatic upbringing. 

Here Meg performs in front of the mirror and embraces the physical power and intimidation her new identity as Warrior Princess offers her – so different from what she usually has to put up with as Meg. She slashes the air, holds her sword like a penis, and has a full-on macho Travis Bickle moment, becoming not only her image of Xena, but also mimicking the men who have abused her.