‘Lost in the Wasteland’
by Anja LivingDreadDoll

This picture is from 2016, forgot to upload it. 
I Made the top from innertubes. Bracelet on the left is made of an old Dutch Car Licenseplate. owww I really miss my long hair..why did I cut it off…

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Illustrating Wikipedia

Right now, over 400 Wikipedia articles feature images uploaded by @bodleianlibs of items from our collections. Here are just four of our many favourites.

Firstly, here’s a page of Opusculum de ratione spere, an anonymous, four volume Latin compilation on astronomy, geography and astrology.

This wood engraving of Elizabeth Gurney Fry reading to prisoners in Newgate Prison, London, comes from the John Johnson collection of ephemera.

This is The Descent of the Holy Ghost from the Illuminated Armenian Gospels with Eusebian canons.

And finally, a spotted jaguar warrior-costume and shield shown in a detail of folio 20r from the Aztec Codex Mendoza.

A week ago we were at OldTown in Poland. Just for 2 days unfortunately, wish we could be there earlier. But we still did meet some really sweet wastelanders that gave us a warm welcome. Thank you for that
We didn’t get a lot of sleep there..you OldTown people know how to party :D 

Some more pics will follow. So stay tuned.

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bl-ake  asked:

Hey Aaron! Would you maybe have a pic of Devon? Jasper will be highly missed. (PS: Still in awe of the warrior costumes in for 4x10)

Jasper Jordan (and Devon Bostick) will be greatly missed, you are not wrong. It was a heartbreaking story, but one that we knew we had to tell. 

Here’s a pic from S3, Devon and Paige rehearsing a scene. 

It is time again to update one of my shoulder pieces. So this is my “before” picture. I made it lightweight, for the plane trip to America. And now it is time to add stuff. I have some ideas for it. For example: I want to incorporate some of the things that I’ve received at Wasteland Weekend.
Stay tuned cause next year I will post the “after” picture, though it could take a while. Making outfits takes time.

My bat just had a baby….😁 now it needs a name. Suggestions?

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