warrior woman

A little drawing gift for my two amazing friends here on tumblr . They are also mine great tumblr sisters. ^^

Purplejane, Elizabeth and Lisyndra in their Hallow Ends costumes.

Lisyndra as Wonder woman

Elizabeth as a Witch

Purplejane as a Vampire

Lisyndra belongs to @ladytheron

Elizabeth belongs to @warcraftnanime

And Purplejane belongs to me

I hope you like it, and also i wish you all to have a great and wonderful Halloween. :3

                                          Unleashed the dragon

                                                As a Demon
                                                  She rises


Perfect Warrior

Shahaf Yefet


Graphic - Leo Hao


Kurdish Warrior Women Fearlessly fighting the evils of ISIS at every turn. Made especially fierce by the knowledge of what ISIS will do to them if they are captured. And made an especially effective due to the fact that ISIS fighters believe that if killed by a woman they will be chastised in the afterlife.