warrior's weekend

It is time again to update one of my shoulder pieces. So this is my “before” picture. I made it lightweight, for the plane trip to America. And now it is time to add stuff. I have some ideas for it. For example: I want to incorporate some of the things that I’ve received at Wasteland Weekend.
Stay tuned cause next year I will post the “after” picture, though it could take a while. Making outfits takes time.

trimax-na-boken  asked:

But WBC is real with actual documented incidents. What has a real SJW ever actually done besides make stupid people feel uncomfortable on the Internet

There is no such thing as “a real SJW”.  “Social justice warrior” was always a negative label from the beginning, created to designate those that are not representing social justice as it should be (kind of like how the term “weekend warrior” is used to describe someone who’s normally boring from Monday through Friday, but goes out of their way to indulge themselves irresponsibly on the weekends in an attempt to compensate).  Wearing that label unironically is like publicly proclaiming that you’re a bigot.  You’re utilizing the No True Scotsman logical fallacy here.  Also, the fact that you said “make stupid people uncomfortable on the internet” really doesn’t reflect well on you, especially when the majority of anti-SJWs are liberals, LGBTA people, minorities, etc. that are simply “uncomfortable” with how you’re poorly representing what we believe in.  The fact that there even is a divide between people that all desire equality just goes to show that someone is doing it wrong (hint: It’s not the anti-SJWs).  If anything, you’re just showing people exactly the kind of attitude that people hate about SJWs.  It’s the fanaticism.  It’s the extremism.  There are people who simply have faith in a higher power, and then there are people like WBC, who actively use that faith to try to harm others.  This is why they’re really the perfect analogy when discussing what SJWs are to activism.

In any case, are you sure you want me to answer this?  Because I don’t think you’re going to like what you see.

What has tumblr done, you ask?:

    Meanwhile, the sane people of tumblr mocked the shit out of them for intentionally kicking the hornet’s nest, and then whining when they got stung.

    Why?  Because 4chan contributed over $23k to it. 

    I’m sure all of this doesn’t even come CLOSE to what SJWs have done overall.  I could probably spend weeks finding all sorts of bullshit to put on here.  I openly invite others to add onto this, as I’m sure there’s a lot that’s been left out (@takashi0 might have a list on hand).

    This is why people are against “social justice warriors”.  They are NOT representing social justice.  They are NOT supporting equality.  They are only giving liberals, activists, women, minorities, and the LGBTA community a bad name.


    Here is video 1/3 for the Kingsmen!
    The Kingsmen are my faction in Weekend Warrior- an experiential live action event that will be filmed, documentary style, and challenge you in a new form of medieval-style outdoor adventure.
    For more, check out our Weekend Warrior Kickstarter!

    Alexandre Lemay
    Camil Benoit
    Émilie Vallée-Manseau
    Gabrielle ‘Biquette’ Bergeron
    Genovefa Clerica
    Jérémie Hrycak Leclaire
    Marc C.
    Peter de Bracebrigde
    Samantha Swords

    Director of Photography/Editor: Simon Gilberg
    Director/Producer//Production Management: Samantha Swords
    Production Assistant: Ariane Lafrenière
    Props Department: Peter de Bracebrigde and Genovefa Clerica Featured Props: Samantha Swords
    Drumming: Peter de Bracebrigde

    Conner Morgan
    Ben Cummings
    The Forge Studios
    L'Auberge de Dragon Rouge
    La Ville de Montréal
    Ville de Québec
    Hostel International Québec
    VIA Rail
    Marie Brisbois
    Marie Bellerose of L'Atelier des Cache-Mis
    Le Dogue du Montréal
    La Baronnie de l'Île du Dragon Dormant
    Charles of Syn Studio
    Gaffer Tape

    Jason VandenBerghe
    Lisa VandenBerge
    Jaydee Ruiz


    Some days you just need to put yourself into autopilot and tell yourself to push! As I said earlier I felt lethargic this morning and didn’t want to leave my bed let alone my room, yet I pushed myself forward! Some days you don’t focus on the end goals, just tell yourself to take one step at a time and that’s what I did today! From that it got me to do 25km on the bike, some strength training and burning a hella amount of calories! So I’m gonna take this moment to be proud of myself for getting in the gym today and pushing myself to cycle a distance I’ve not done in one go in a long time✌🏼👍🏼👌🏼😅🔥💯

    Be proud of yourself for the small things, no matter how little or insignificant they are. If doing it makes you feel good or happy or just makes you smile, be proud!



    Wasn’t feeling motivated for an intense workout but I couldn’t stop myself once I was in there which explains the 2 hour workout ha 😅👌🏼🔥💯

    😅25km on the bike
    😅3x10 pec dec fly at 120lb
    😅3x10 shoulder press at 80lb
    😅3x10 chest press at 120lb
    😅3x10 shoulder shrugs at 20kg
    😅3x10 chest extensions at 10kg
    😅3x10 triceps extensions at 75lb
    😅3x10 triceps dips with 10kg kettlebell

    Im pretty happy with all of that for a Saturday workout! Check out Instagram for videos from the workout, username is Jonpunshon90 ✌🏼💕💛🌻 #weekendworkoutwarrior

    Wasteland weekend 2016 was awesome

    I have no idea how to describe how epic this was to me. Beautiful people, beautiful vehicles, loved the scenery, loved everything. I Smiled so much my face hurted and talked to so many people that I lost my voice. Met so many new people, going to miss them. Hope we ever meet again.