warrior's weekend

It is time again to update one of my shoulder pieces. So this is my “before” picture. I made it lightweight, for the plane trip to America. And now it is time to add stuff. I have some ideas for it. For example: I want to incorporate some of the things that I’ve received at Wasteland Weekend.
Stay tuned cause next year I will post the “after” picture, though it could take a while. Making outfits takes time.

The temperature may have dropped 30 degrees or so since yesterday but that won’t stop us from having a wonderful weekend. Join me on Saturday and Sunday to warm up from the inside out with plenty of detoxifying twists, deep hip openers and balancing poses to make you soar into the rest of your day. Times and studios listed below.
Sat 11am - @sanghayogashala
Sat 4:30pm - @lucentyoga
Sun 5pm - @sanghayogashala

Wasteland weekend 2016 was awesome

I have no idea how to describe how epic this was to me. Beautiful people, beautiful vehicles, loved the scenery, loved everything. I Smiled so much my face hurted and talked to so many people that I lost my voice. Met so many new people, going to miss them. Hope we ever meet again.

It’s time for Trilobite Tuesday! The various 460 million year old Ordovician outcrops of Ontario, Canada– which include such formations as the Chazy, Bobcaygeon and Verulam– rank high on any presumptive list of the World’s Leading Trilobite Sites. During over a century of exploration and excavation by both professionals from the nearby Royal Ontario Museum and legions of weekend warriors, these varied locations have provided the trilobite community with some of the most impressive, fascinating and scientifically significant “bugs” of all-time. Such notable trilo types as Gabriceraurus dentatus, Isotelus gigas, Ectinaspis homanolotoides (photo) and Hemiarges paulianus hail from the diverse formations of the region, and are usually preserved in a thick, black or chocolate-brown shell that has long made them favorites among enthusiasts. Unfortunately, in recent years many of the quarries in this area have been closed to collectors for “safety” reasons, making the already available trilobite material even more precious.

It is almost time for my first event of this year: Dutch comic Con. Can’t wait!
This picture is from DCC 2015.

What events are you going to this year? And what are your costumes going to be? 

I think you can guess mine. For DCC I’ve made a wastelander outfit. And I want to make 2 new outfits for Elfia, a kind of renaissance fair in April. One inspired by Waterworld and I want to make a more Tribal look for the second day.