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My caretaker.. || Megstiel

Meg didn’t liked depending on people. She hated the fact that she needed help even with the most simple tasks like brushing her teeth or taking a shower.
She should’ve died when she was stabbed by Crowley, but unexpectedly, she woke up four days later in a hospital bed, with Castiel beside her. It took a while for her to grasp her new reality, forever stuck on a wheelchair due to some muscle damage the stab caused. She couldn’t hold heavy objects like a tooth or hairbrush or even a glass of water. She did had good days, days where she felt like she could hold everything, days where she pushed herself around on the wheelchair and even dared to stand for a few moments… And days where even lifting her head was a hard task… But she had her angel.
“Clarence..?” She held herself up on her elbows, knowing that would be a bad day when her arms gave up and she fell back against her pillow with a huff. “Can you….” She was still a bit sour about the fact she needed him for everything. “Can you help me with my clothes?” She asked as she tried to sit up, having herself held up by leaning against the wall behind her bed.

Starter for Koji-warrior-of-light


Pantheramon was bored. Koichi was at school and his mom is at work. He could bug Nocturnmon more, but his twin liked to sleep in. Besides, the older twin doesn’t like to disturb his brother when he was sleeping. As the lion cub paced back an forth, he began to come up with an idea. For the afternoon, Pantheramon took a ride on the train to Koji’s neighborhood. The younger twin was probably at school much like his partner. When the lion cub reached the school building he began to climb up the tree looking for Koji. Eventually, he did and began tapping on the glass lightly to get Koji’s attention.


Ultimate 1980′s Cartoon Hero Tribute [source]

I’m not sure which is more 1980s AMERICA: G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroRambo: The Force of Freedom, or Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines.

I’m also boggled that a Rambo cartoon was ever made in the first place: the movie’s pretty grim, and the novel it’s based on is even darker.