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Introducing the Wheel of Events! Except it’s not a wheel, it’s a form. This will give members the chance to plan and run their own events!

For the past couple of weeks we have been working towards this new system in choosing events so that it is more fair. Instead of having to speak directly to a mod, you will fill out a form. We will talk to members to perfect their events and then when it’s time to spice things up in rp we’ll choose one and let that member go nuts. 

Your event can be pretty much anything! A small prophecy surrounding your cat, a wildfire, or even just a bunch of fireflies lighting up camp. Note that giant events will probably be few and far between so you may have to wait a bit for yours to be chosen if you submit a big one. They will also need the most tweaking. We can’t have three apocalypses back to back after all. You can submit as many as you want but we’ll try to spread things out so nobody monopolizes things. 

This is still a new system so we can’t be sure how well it will work out but we are extremely hopeful. The link will be shared in the Skype chats and put in the charts as this is for members only and we cannot allow the form to become public. Have fun planning!

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I follow you everywhere I possibly can. Your art is so amazing. How did you learn to paint like that? I'm a graphic designer and cannot wield an electronic paintbrush as amazingly as you can... damn. So impressed. Your Sk8er Boy Jared Padalecki is amazing and one of my favorites.

Hi anon ^^

Thank you for enjoying my drawings so much and following me everywhere! It’s so nice of you ♥

How did you learn to paint like that? 

Like all the digital artists that you can see on this site or on Deviant Art: little by little. Lot of practice, lot of failures, lot of books about CG art read, lot of tutorials followed. Rome wasn’t build in one day believe me, it took years. People who have followed me since I joined the Supernatural fandom on Live Journal (or since I started on French website Gamekult) have seen my art improve and my technique change whether it’s for pure CG paintings or for “line work + coloring” drawings, as you can see below:

(Black line work + coloring)

(Pure CG painting. Don’t ask me how I found in my computer a fan art that dates back 2005 but I did!! The character is Jayce from Jayce and the wheeled warriors. My age is showing xD)

Anyway, all this to tell you that 1) I may make it look easy but believe me, it took me years to reach the point I am today. 2) I still fail, (yes,it happens!) and 3) you WILL get there too. It will take time and patience but it’s perfectly possible! I mean, I don’t have a gift or any particular talent, I just worked.

I’m a graphic designer and cannot wield an electronic paintbrush as amazingly as you can 

As you said you are a GRAPHIC DESIGNER, not an illustrator. I’m sure I can’t do half of the things you do when it comes to graphic design. I can’t create logos, I can hardly use Illustrator, I can’t create animations (or just simple gifs). It’s two different fields. It’s like a lung specialist saying to a heart surgeon “I’m not good enough to understand how the heart works and to do an open heart surgery, I suck”. Dude, you’re a lung specialist, of course you can’t do an open heart surgery, it’s not your field! Exactly like it’s better for a heart surgeon to stay away from a patient’s lungs xD

Don’t feel down for not being able to do what I do (yet!) because it’s really two different things but as I told you, with time you’ll get there! Good luck to you and thanks again for enjoying my art ♥

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a kitten is born in thunder clan on one of the hottest days of newleaf. they are named hotkit, soon to be hotpaw. then they attempt to do battle with a resting monster off of the thunderpath, and bring back shreds of it's mighty paws, which the twolegs called "wheels". this warrior is given the name hotwheels

i don’t agree but i like it


Ultimate 1980′s Cartoon Hero Tribute [source]

I’m not sure which is more 1980s AMERICA: G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroRambo: The Force of Freedom, or Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines.

I’m also boggled that a Rambo cartoon was ever made in the first place: the movie’s pretty grim, and the novel it’s based on is even darker.