warrior variation

10 Essential Yoga Poses to Strengthen Athletes.

1. Triangle Pose

2. Extended Side Angle Pose

3. Downward Dog

4. Low Pyramid Pose

5. Warrior I

6. Lunge Variation

7. Low Lunge with Quad Stretch Variation

8. Pigeon Pose

9. Shoelace Pose

10. Reclined Spinal Twist

Yoga also helps make athletes(especially runners), more flexible.

Try to do each pose for 3-6 breaths (or 30-60 seconds) at least twice a week.

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Hey everyone!

Here are some of my favourite Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) Variations! Click on the links below to read the HOW-TO! :)

Original Variation

Bound Warrior

Humble Warrior 


Downward Warrior

Gomukasana Arms

Click HERE for benefits on virabhadrasana II!

Do you have your own Virabhadrasana Variations!? I want to hear all about them! :) Message me HERE and I will try them out/post a few! :)

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Hosted by your valentines, Savannah (assquat) and Jo (sunandstrength)

We are hosting together this month and each day will have a beginner/intermediate pose and an intermediate/advanced pose. Feel free to do one, both, everything at once, it’s all up to you!

For those of you who want to tackle the advanced poses but are a bit nervous, don’t worry! I will be posting modifications and preparation tips for your practice!

*Optional Journal* Tell us something you love each day!

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  1. Sun Salutation /// Downward Dog Twist
  2. Shavasana /// Grasshopper Prep
  3. Half Wheel /// Chakrasana Prep
  4. Thunderbolt Pose /// Horse Face
  5. Uttanpadasana with Both Legs /// Side Crow
  6. Locust Pose /// Locust Pose Advanced
  7. Mountain Pose /// Standing Mermaid
  8. Lord Vishnu Pose /// Flying Warrior Pose
  9. Plow Pose /// Unsupported Shoulderstand
  10. Wind Release Pose /// Urdhva Mukha Paschimottasana
  11. Bow Pose /// Bow Pose Variation
  12. Warrior Pose /// Standing Splits
  13. Unsupported Cobra Pose /// King Cobra
  14. Scale Pose /// Bhujapidasana
  15. Ferocious Pose /// Flying Lizard Pose
  16. Drum Pose /// Firefly Pose
  17. Kite Pose /// Chopasana in Ardha Chandrasana
  18. Camel Pose /// King Pigeon Prep
  19. Fish Pose /// Matsyendra Virasana
  20. Side Plank Pose /// Vasisthasana Advanced
  21. Half Crow /// Koundinyasana
  22. Pigeon /// Cow Face Pose
  23. Wild Thing Pose /// Hollow Back Prep
  24. Thread the Needle Pose /// Fallen Angel Pose
  25. Standing Side Stretch /// Bird of Paradise Pose
  26. Sphinx Pose /// Low Lunge with Backbend
  27. Tortoise Pose /// Upright Seated Angle Pose
  28. Lion Pose /// Wide Squat Twist

day 28: #sun
- extended mountain pose and warrior II

I saw many people do extended mountain pose with the backbend and it looks so absolutely beautiful (very much inspired by Stef. <#). I decided to do that too. I also threw in a warrior II as it is part of surya namaskar (sun salutation). I really do not like all warrior variations. I find them very difficult and I feel like I do not have enough strength for them. There’s a saying that goes along the lines of: the pose we often avoid are the poses we need. I am trying to practice my warriors lately since I don’t gravitate towards them (my instagram doesn’t have a single warrior pose…). But check out that calf muscle! lol

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