warrior u stuff


so like might as well say all the Ashfur stuff is because I’m working on a video, so yeah um…

also speaking of botw (no spoilers–except for what’s Not in the game, I guess): I’m absolutely loving it so far and trying to pull myself away from it long enough to do some fanart, but my only real criticism thusfar is why has Nintendo yet again relegated Ganon’s role just to some Vague Evil Presence??? We already had that with SS (sort of) and once was enough tbh. Like his characterization started to get good with OoT, peaked at WW, was still decent but I felt lost some of that good direction by TP, and now we’re back again to the villain of the series being more of a concept than a character. (unless of course there’s something I don’t know about later in the game, but I haven’t heard anything, so…) For a game that’s making so many positive strides towards more well rounded storytelling (the memory cutscenes, lots more npcs, more dialogue, etc), and especially in one with some more mature themes, the neglect of one of the three central characters is killin me, man. How you gonna finally bring back Gerudos and not have a well developed Ganondorf ))): BOO


Welcome to the wasteland. Welcome to the After. Welcome to a feral burnt-out fetishscape filled with dust-up drifters and bondage berserkers. Welcome to the road, welcome to the Thunderdome, welcome the hell to MAD MAX, my new home.


Doodles!! Finally trying to draw Sheik’s pose and the Cherry Boy and why not Apron Caesar while I’m at it?

I’m beginning to realize one thing – It doesn’t really matter what kind of style I really want to go for, as long as I’m having fun. I mean, that is the reason why I started drawing in the first place! :’DD