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Some things I found in Fury Road that were rather neat.

See that symbol they used in Fury Road?  It represents V8, as in, the mighty V8 engines used in most high-powered cars, and was a salute to honour the reason these War Boys and other fighters serve under Immortan Joe.   Eight fingers, positioned in a ‘V’ formation. 

You might also think Nux was a bit of a loony, a nut-case, fervent and dangerously obsessed with finding his Valhalla.  In a way, he was.  “Nux” is Latin for ‘nut’.  :)

He’s also a mechanic of sorts, and the raised white pattern on his chest is a scarified image of a car’s engine block.

Half of the reason he has Max strapped to the front of his 1932 Ford coupe, is because they are still joined by a chain and blood transfusion tube. The sheer terror experienced by Max floods his blood with adrenaline, which Nux literally absorbs to improve his own elation and fuel his maniacal drive to complete his mission, seemingly fearlessly.

Coma the Doof Warrior?  In the story, he was blind from birth, and in a society where capability meant survival, he found music as a way to show his worth, and worthy he is, as Immortan Joe’s War Crier, where his job was to send out the music to rally the troops in battle.  You may wonder about his brown, tied-back mask… what he’s wearing is the tanned skin of his mother’s head.