warrior tattoos

pattonpending  asked:

I'm so glad your mom's surgery went well. Prayers that the next one is just as smooth. She's the original warrior girl. I actually thought about getting a warrior girl tattoo. Love you! -- Ashley

Thank you so much, Ashley. She’s in recovery now and has to be back at the doctors first thing tomorrow morning, so hopefully she’ll be up and awake for review lol For me, I was hardly awake this morning haha. One more surgery on her other eye and she’ll be in the clear as far as cataracts are concerned 🙏

“why I get this tattoo?”
…maybe there was just some space left for more? Maybe he was drunk? Maybe the warrior piglets would have harm him when he refuses? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Looking through the journal again and didn’t remember to see any drawing of Ford getting tattooed… but I like the headcanon that he has lots of (random) tattoos and enjoy fanarts with his tattoos X3