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Ali Krieger as Wonder Woman

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Hey guys! I had an awesome opportunity to work with The Pride’s Crown for their Annual TWLOHA Poster for once again this year. 

If anyone is going to the game tomorrow, make sure to pass by The Broken Cauldron (it’s literally a 10 min walk from the stadium!) and grab one for $5 (or more if you want, as all proceeds go to TWLOHA), and say hi (I’ll be hanging out there)! If you can’t make it to the game, The Crown will be selling these online as well :)

Given the Huge Number of Injuries Incurred Playing Amateur Sports, Why Aren't Sports Among Preexisting Conditions?

Because AHCA aka “Trumpcare” is a full-scale assault on women.

I admire female athletes tremendously, but most weekend warriors on the soccer field, rec center basketball court, or golf course (or any number of other sports venues) are men.

You know how a certain kind of man grouses, “You women never forget anything?”

They’re about to learn how true that is.

Good luck in the midterms, assholes.

Hell hath no fury.

So I took my mom to see Wonder Woman

Let me preface this by saying that my mom isn’t a “movie person.” The last time she saw a movie in theaters was 2 years ago. She’s never watched a superhero movie in its entirety. That being said, I saw WW last weekend with my dad and tonight I convinced my mom to go with me. She LOVED it. She talked about it for the better part of an hour after we left the theater. She loved that the Amazons- including Diana- are built like everyday women. My mom is built a bit like Etta, so she also loved seeing a character like her on the screen that wasn’t just the butt of a fat joke. She liked seeing women her age portrayed on screen as badass warriors instead of just soccer moms. She said she left feeling so empowered she “could take on an entire army of men and kick their asses to the ground.” She’s excited for Justice League to come out so she “can watch Diana be a badass again.” The reason I’m putting this out there is because WW isn’t just important for young women who can look at Diana as a role model (which I certainly did as a child) but this is a movie that GENERATIONS of women have been waiting for- my mom is 49 years old and until tonight never left a movie feeling like she would belong in it as someone independent, strong, and powerful. This film was a long time coming, and it’s about damn time!!!

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U.S. WNT Gives Back in Oahu