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CONFESSION - If Elain and Azriel ever got together… 

They’d be all quiet kisses and shy glances. Elain would take him to her garden and show him how the most beautiful flowers bloom in the shadows. And he would wrap her in darkness and wings and safety every night, never letting the nightmares of the war touch her. They’d share toothpaste kisses every morning, and whenever they’d accidentally touch in public, they’d both blush and look away from one another. And sometimes in their garden, Elain might pick a flower and run its petals over his wings. And Az would shiver and blush and close his eyes, and Elain would only giggle and kiss him and marvel at the tendrils of shadow that escaped his skin. And Az would sit in the sunlight and never tell her what it actually felt like to have his wings touched and because no one ever told Elain, she’d have no idea, and she’d keep doing it for eternity. And Az would let her because sometimes the quiet whisper of a touch is better than the real thing.


On April 30, 1793, the French Revolutionary Government’s National Convention passed the Law to Rid the Armies of Useless Women, barring women from the military.  The Fernigs had, probably coincidentally, escaped this decree by mere days, having followed orders to accompany General Dumouriez. Discovering too late that he was not under orders himself but was, in, fact, defecting to the Austrians, the Fernigs fled to return to their role as soldiers for the French, but were seen as fellow traitors and refused entry.  
Some women continued to fight after the law was passed, but whether the Fernigs would have been among them is a purely academic question as they were barred from their homeland for much of the war.


At last the BBC has picked this up! Cheers to my sisters in arms who are kicking arse and taking names internationally. This doco covers a few of the great women in this fast-growing sport of full-contact, armoured medieval battle, including several close friends. Fight on, all!

  • You can love one Stark sister without hating or undermining the other
  • You can love and appreciate both the Stark sisters equally 
  • You can understand that just because they are fighting different battles doesn’t mean one of them (most likely Sansa) isn’t struggling as much remember suffering isn’t a competition     

you CAN’T however hate the Stark sisters because literally what the fuck is wrong with you ??? What is not to like about a smart and sarcastic survivor queen and her kickass and bold warrior princess sister ??????  

So I had a dream about Galra Keith

Team Voltron finds out there is a rebellion. They finally meet Keith’s mom - who turns out to be the very badass intimidating General of the resistance. Keith is still kinda weirded out by having a set of parents who are suprisingly disgustingly domestic with eachother 

[”That’s what having parents is like, dude” says Lance]

When he finally feels a sense of happiness at the idea that he has a family, he finds out his mom has a handfull of warrior sisters [aunts who are very vocal about the violent things they want to do to Zarkon if they ever get their hands on him “Well look at that? Your violent tendencies aren’t galran at all, it just runs in the family” “Lance


Remember when Xena sang the feminist anthem “Sisters are doing it”?

Almost cried.

Stir Crazy

Anon: Please can you write a fanfic about an overprotective Castiel or Gabriel , they are protecting Dean and Sam’s little sister the universal prophet

Okay, this is heavily influenced by the facts that 1) I was watching Moana clips last night and 2) I live where it’s very cold and I don’t like cold that much. So, to the Nonnie who asked, I hope that this works for you! Like always, feel free to send me any suggestions, tagging requests, and whatnot.

Summary: Reader, the Winchester’s sister, is a prophetess who is still learning from the angels charged with protecting her: Castiel and Gabriel. She is going absolutely mad from cabin fever.

Warnings: Fluff (NOTE: I tried to make the relationship between the reader and Gabriel platonic, not romantic.)

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @the-third-winchester-warrior @jensen-jarpad @sister-winchester-imagines

An ancient television set in the corner of the room flickers to life as you mess around with the knobs. For the three-billionth time. You pace around the motel room, bored completely out of your mind. The research books that Cas had provided supplied nothing for your curious mind and you couldn’t catch any type of signal on the black and white tv. Your phone and anything electronic was currently off limits in case anyone tried to trace the signal back to you. Could you understand why the ‘house arrest’ was necessary? Yes. Could you deal with it? Not in a thousand apocalypses.

You sigh as you lie back down on a rickety bed and kick off your boots. The springs squeak gently as you lower yourself onto it. Cas promised that he wouldn’t be gone for long. Just enough to make sure that everything was okay with your brothers Sam and Dean. You look at your watch. Well, apparently over an hour qualified for the ‘long enough’ category. You pick up a mythology book and stare at the text. You the open book fall on your face.

“Why me?” you say exasperatedly. Course, with the pages on your face, it probably sounded like, “Fmrhmph mphhhh!”

You hear a flutter of wings; your adrenaline spikes. Under the musty pillow, your fingers curl around the knife you hid. You take the book off your face, almost welcoming a battle to happen. As soon as you see who has entered your room though, you disappointedly let the knife go.

“I have returned, Y/N.”

“Yeah, I can see that Cas. How’s life at the bunker?”

“Sam and Dean are fine. They are actually doing some work on a vampire case in Tennessee currently.”

You jump off the bed. “So what are we waiting for? Let’s go chop some heads and let blood fly!”

Cas looks at you with a mixture of concern and disgust. “Why would you get excited at the prospect of decapitation?”

“My bros need me. You know it’s not safe if they go take care of stuff on their own! C’mon Cas! Please let me go with them! Just this once?”

The angel shakes his head. “Allowing you to go on a dangerous hunt would be violating protocol.” You throw your hands up in the air and begin to pace the room. Again. Cas tries to console you. “If anything happen to you, your brothers would kill me. I have been charged with protecting you.”

“You’re not the only one who’s supposed to be watching our girl.” A sly voice pops into the conversation. You hide a small smile from Castiel as your buddy the archangel appears in the room. “Afterall, it’s not like she’s jonesing around doing all kinds of immoral stuff, right?” Gabriel winks at you.

“Shut up, Gabe,” you smirk.

He puts his hands to his heart sarcastically. “I am offended! Here I am, coming to bestow upon you a treasure for which I have searched far and wide to discover and you treat me like a simple peasant!”

“What treasure? Tell me!”

Gabriel makes a zipping motion across his lips. “Mmh-mm.”

“C’mon! Please!”

Cas sighs in the corner. “Theatrics…” he mutters disdainfully.

“Is that the way this is going to be? Fine then.” You grin as you get into medieval character. “My most humble apologies to the guardian of my honor, a knight of the highest chivalry, the protector of-”

“All right, all right. You’re milking it now.” He grins and tosses something to you.

“Finally! Something besides rabbit food!” You crack a real smile as you tear vigorously shred the wrapper off a Three Musketeers bar. “Cas over here doesn’t seem to understand the importance of chocolate in a daily diet,” you gesture to the sullen angel in the corner with your prize.

“I promised your brothers to keep you safe and in good health. There is nothing healthy at all about candy.”

Gabe raises an eyebrow teasingly. “What are you now, Doctor Dismal? Even the Aztecs knew the importance of chocolate during the day. Let the kid have some fun!”

“She’s more than a child, Gabriel.”

“Yeah, yeah, we all know. The Universal Prophetess Supreme!” He makes jazz hands on the last words. Gabriel turns to address you. “So, what’s all this about still being on house arrest?”

You shrug. “Dean and Sam are on hunt without me and I’m done with these books. Again. I guess I’m just…stir crazy.”

“All right then.” Gabriel turns to his angelic brother. “Cas, I’m taking her out for a one-on-one archangel/prophet training session at the library. I’ll keep in touch.”

You groan on the bed, but Castiel nods. “Very well. You have been here for some time. It would not hurt to take training to another location.”

“Great. More dusty scroll reading! Just what I need!” You gripe sarcastically. Gabe puts a hand on your shoulder before you can protest anything else. You blink as the archangel teleports you away. You expect the little library smells and sounds. Minor talking in the background, turning pages perfuming the air with that “old book” smell, pencils scratching on paper, and creaking of shelves being passed.

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Instead, you smell the beautiful combination of dead fish and salt spray. You hear gulls crying and gentle waves slapping against the side of a sandy shore. Your toes sink into petite grains of sand. Sunlight beams down on your face and heavy hunting clothing. The sky is radiantly blue against an even bluer ocean. Tinted sea foam rolls onto the ground next to your feet. You turn around in absolute amazement. While the view you first saw was all blue, behind you is various shades of green so bright and vivid, you pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.


“Ahem.” Beside you a little ways sits your guardian angel, sipping on a soda can under a cabana umbrella. In a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts. He smiles and points to the waves. “Aren’t you gonna jump in?”

“I-I-I’m not dressed…”

“Psh. That’s what you’re worried about?” He snaps his fingers. No longer in jeans and flannel, you’re in a cherry one piece swimsuit decorated with white dolphins and small hibiscus flower outlines. A simple turquoise wrap skirt is knotted around your waist. “How about now?”

The child inside you leaps for joy. You rush towards water, your bare feet slapping the damp sand. You rush into the salty waves and dive. You shake your wet hair out of your face when you come up. You laugh blissfully, splashing and swimming in the glorious tropical ocean.

“Best! Research! EVER!” You cannot contain your happiness.

Gabriel smiles at your laughter, allowing for some pride to swell in his heart for his young friend. After a while, he pulls out a beach towel from thin air that matches your wrap skirt. You haul your soaking wet self out of the water. You sit down by your friend.

“Does that satisfy your stir craziness, Miss Prophetess?”

You grin and roll your eyes at the teasing name he gave you. “Thanks Gabe. I needed this today, especially after that hideous weekend studying ancient writing forever.”

“Don’t mention it kid,” he states waving his hand dismissively. “You looked like you needed some sunshine.”

“So, where are we then?”

“Some island I found in the Bermuda Triangle. I call this place ‘Gabriel’s Ultimate Island of Food, Happiness, and Hakuna Matata’,” he pauses as you laugh. “But, I think you might enjoy it as somewhere to study. Become a prophetess.”

You stare surprised. “Really? You’re serious?”

Gabriel nods. “There’s a cabin up there on the other side of that bend. Cas and I would come here to help you instead of cooping you up in some ratty motel. Plus, it’s pretty much unapproachable by anything evil ever since I set up the warding line in the reef. And man has yet to invent something to get past this angel power shielding the island.” He raises an eyebrow playfully as you glance everywhere, taking every little detail in. “So. Whadda’ya say?”

“What about my brothers?”

“Dumb and Dumber? Sure, I mean, if you wanted, I could have them come check in. Don’t think their flannel culture would fit in, but, hey, that’s between them and the fish.” He points out a pod of dolphins leaping past in the distance. “Now, this ain’t all fun and games. You’d be working hard, reading texts, doing prophety…things. But would this be better?”

“Anything’s better than that motel in the middle of Iowa,” you readily reply. “I’m in. On one condition”

Gabriel shrugs. “Anything, kid.”

“I get to change the name.”

“Wow. I provide a whole island for you, complete with water slide from the room in your cabin to the ocean, and you want to change the name?”

You laugh. “Picky, aren’t I?”

“Fine, fine, you rascal. Island’s all yours. And what do you plan on calling my awesome island?”

You take a deep breath, inhaling all the tropical and nautical scents. You smile at your best friend. “Filemu.”

The Hunter and The Hunted- Scott McCall (TWxSPN)

Part 2http://imaginingfandomsxox.tumblr.com/post/149752757425/the-hunter-and-the-hunted-2 Part 3http://imaginingfandomsxox.tumblr.com/post/151112734455/the-hunter-and-the-hunted-3 Part 4


A/N-This is the first part of my Supernatural/ Teen wolf crossover! I hope you all enjoy this part and the other to come! This is also on my wattpad (imaginingfandomsxox) Let me know what you think.

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Word Count- 1,391

Warnings- None

You had lived the most unordinary life, having you older brothers look after you as you grew up due to the fact your father was out, trying to find what killed your mother. You rarely ever saw him and the rare times you did, he was putting you through endless training. You were raised a warrior.

You and Your sister had never been close. You might have been twins but you were polar opposites. She was loud, bubbly and popular. While you were quiet, kept yourself to yourself and you had only a few friends; quality, not quantity.

Which was, for the most part, why you got on a whole lot better with Sam than you did with Dean. Dean was always much rougher with you than Sam ever was, when training you, he made sure not to go easy. From your perspective, he was being harsh, to him though, he was training you to protect yourself, as he knew he wouldn’t always be there to do so.

Sam had always been the one to comfort you, ice the bruises you earned while training, made sure to clean the rope burns around your writs after you had gone through a particularly tough training day, the type of day that included you trying for hours to get yourself untied from that chair.

Dean was always far closer with your sister, Maddie, she would always sit in the front seat and Dean even let her pick the music, their personalities matched like yours and Sam’s did. You eventually started walking to school from a young age.

However, as today was your first day at Beacon Hills High School, Sam and Dean insisted on taking you to school, meaning you and your sister sat in the back of the old Chevy Impala. You all got out the car, slamming the doors behind you “You’ll do great” Sam assured, a hand on your shoulder, you only sighed “I was doing great at the last school, had good friends too” you mumbled, gripping your backpack straps tightly with your shaking hands.

“Hey” Sam started, raising his eyebrows at you before pulling you into a hug “ You’ll make new friends, I promise we’ll stay here until you graduate, even Dean doesn’t, then I promise I will, I love you, have fun”.

You took a deep breath before making your way through the doors, your sister not far behind you, you only had a few seconds before you heard your name being squealed. “Y/N” Lydia exclaimed “Lydia” you replied, extremely happy you knew someone here. “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you since we were fourteen” she squealed, pulling you in for a hug before turning and facing a group of people.

“Guys, meet Y/n, we went to summer camp together since we were like seven” she explained, a smile bright on her face, your sister had already managed to become part of the popular girls group on the other side of the corridor. “Y/n, this is Scott, Stiles, Isaac and Allison” she introduced, pointing each of them out

Scott with the lopsided jaw, Stiles with the warm, honey-like brown eyes, Isaac, who towered over you and Allison, who you recognised to be another hunter, her family and yours had only crossed once and thankfully on good terms.

The bell rang and you pulled out your timetable. “What’ve you got first” Stiles asked, obviously oblivious to the term of personal space as he peered over your shoulder. “Urm, Art” you said, swallowing thickly. “AH, you’ve got art with Scott and Isaac, they’ll take you” Lydia announced before walking off with Stiles and Allison at her heels.

You, Scott and Isaac walked silently until you were all seated in class, the teacher talking you through what you were to do when you felt a light tap on your shoulder. “Y/n, I’m Scott, you already knew that didn’t you, urm, I’m making a fool of myself again dammit” Scott had started out confident and ended in a blushing mess, causing you to giggle, hearing him mutter to Isaac “why do I always embarrass myself infront of the cute ones”.

That statement caused you to blush and Isaac to not-so-discreetly nod his head in your direction. “Oh, you heard that uh, yea, I think your cute and uh, was wondering if you wanted to sit with us at lunch” he smiled, his cheeks still tinted red. You couldn’t help the smile that slipped onto your lips.

“Of course”


When Lunch did come around, you were nervous, however, your eyes soon met Scott’s welcoming eyes and warm smile and soon enough, you saw Stiles jump up and shout your name, waving his arms around in the air causing Isaac to over exaggeratedly roll his eyes and everyone else to sigh.

You just giggled and waved, weaving your way through the sea of students until you got to their table and took the empty seat next to Scott.

“So, how’re you liking Beacon Hills so far, aside from the fact Allison’s dad called you here to help with the supernatural problem” Stiles said, obviously without thinking as Lydia slapped his arm and Isaac smacked the back of his head. “Stiles” Allison hissed “She might no-” “No, No, I know why my brothers are here, I know everything. It’s totally okay” you interrupted with a small smile.

“So, you know everything” Stiles asked, putting an emphasis on the word ‘everything’. You just raised your eyebrows. He sighed. "You know, about Isaac, Scott and Lydia" he added, causing you to giggle.

“Of course I know Stiles, Chris explained everything to me over the phone, Sam and Dean only know their after some killing werewolves and a dark druid, so I’d steer clear of them for now” you told them. “So you’re here to help with the Alpha pack and the Dark Druid” Isaac asked hopefully, knowing you were almost a fully qualified hunter. “Yep, as well as graduate next year” you answered with a slight smile. “Good” Lydia started “well, looks like you’re done for the day, you could use those free periods to study in the library, or you could come with us to Derek’s loft to meet him” she finished, standing up and throwing trash in the trash can, everyone, including you, to follow suit “I’ll go for the second option”.

It didn’t take long to get to Derek’s and as you sat on the back of Scott’s motorcycle, your arms wrapped around his stomach, you were 110% sure that if your brothers knew what you were doing and where you were going, they would be so angry that they would have taken you away and left you with some trusted friend or family, it gave you a sick feeling in your stomach, this was the happiest you’d ever been and you already loved the pack.

When you did pull up at Derek’s, Scott tugged off his helmet and helped you off, all while staring into your eyes sweetly.

“Does this guy know we’re here” you asked quietly. “Well..” Stiles begun “No, he never really does, we usually just show up, he’s usually pretty cool with it though, as long as we don’t piss him off too much” Isaac cut in as you all squeezed into the elevator.

You piled off the elevator and into Derek’s loft. “God dammit, does anyone in this town know the meaning on privacy” he exclaimed as he spun around. A woman you didn’t know stood behind him, trying to quickly pull her jeans up to cover her bottom half as Derek’s shirt covered her top.

“EW, I’m never going to un-see that, Miss Blake, what would you want with Derek” Stiles gasped in horror. It became clear to you that the woman standing there was the one who was meant to be teaching you today but called in sick, she didn’t look very sick to you.

“First Peter, then you lot” Derek sighed before pinching the bridge of his nose and sighing once again. “I was summoned” Peter hummed as he descended the spiral stairs at the mention of his name, that’s when your breath hitched in your throat, you kept your back to him.

“Y/n” he breathed, his mouth falling open, causing everyone to turn their attention to you as you gulped. Peter began walking closer, causing Scott to growl protectively "It’s you-It’s really you" he questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

“You’re-You’re Alive”……


My sister lives far away with her BF whom we barely know. Well my sister sent my mom a text last Friday saying she wanted to leave ASAP and we haven’t heard from her since. It’s not unlikely that we go maybe a week without hearing from her but I’m still worried. Any prayers for my sister would be appreciated. She’s young, naive, and can be unpredictable and I just worry so much about her. Thank you.


Help I have a problem

I can’t stop drawing Mad Max characters in cheesy novelty T-shirts

This all started when what-a-nuxy-day mentioned that Morsov probably wears “Keep Calm And Chrome On” shirts, aaand… it kinda spiraled from there. Here’s the monstrously long original post.