warrior queen of my heart

So imagine that even though most of the goblins adore Marianne, there’s like some old faction of goblins who do not approve that their King has fallen for a Fairy ‘cause “fairies are notoriously weak and we need someone who can battle and how can a soft butterfly creature lead goblins?”

And then they see Marianne in a fight.

And after that they’re all “CONGRATULATIONS, SIRE” to Bog.

And he’s all “I KNOW, RIGHT?!”

  • me in 2014: man i'll never ship anything in my life as hard as ______!
  • lexa the lesbian warrior queen: *waddles onto my screen and gives heart eyes to the dirty space bisexual*
  • me: i-
  • Favorite female character: esteemed beautiful warrior goddess queen of my heart I cannot look at thee
  • Favorite male character: you little shit head we both belong in the dumpster together