sleeping warrior

hey sewn, i was thinking about doing a sleeping warrior fan fic, just wanted to see how many of you are fans of this too. like or reblog, also if you guys have any ideas, ive included them in a storybrooke setting for one of my swan queen fics, so, enchanted forest? or storybrooke? maybe with malificent, im leaning more towards the ef, since the possible settings would be more elaborate, and fancy. if you do reblog just add, ef or sb. love, and smootches. :)

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Immortal Fake AH Crew headcanon: Immortal!Griffon was literally an Amazon warrior. Possibly even an Amazon warrior QUEEN, because she's just THAT awesome, and she was NEVER bested by a man in combat. What do you think?

:O I love everything about it. I was considering her having been burned as a witch or hunted during the Salem Witch Trials or something, but Amazonian warrior queen? Nice.

~Warrior Queen~


Anyway y'all, when I started this behemoth of a PSD file, I had this one idea. It was of a globe-trotting Nilotic warrior woman who defeated a shit load of armies and collected the armor and accessories of her conquered opponents. This is what came out! *u*

The reason that this damn thing took so long was because of all the layers I was using. My poor computer couldnt handle it and Im just so impatient. Fortunately, I found a way around that and it’s done so enjoy! 

I used my sister’s face as a reference. Roughly inspired by the aesthetic of the orientalist art movement.


Re-Spun Tales; Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty’s sleep is self-induced. A she-warrior born in the wrong century, she hides her ambitions beneath slumber and spins a tale of a mere damsel. Her enemies underestimate her and she bides her time and waits, making herself a martyr and timing her sleep to a revolution in her name. And when all who stood in her way are dead and gone, she awakes, regarded as a miracle, as heaven-sent, as the rightful queen. And she retakes her kingdom.


“Warrior Queen” is my personally selected unreleased and live retrospective of Gaga’s work in the span of her still growing career. I chose songs from her career that I feel showcase the growth from a young girl playing clubs in New York City to the larger-than-life pop goddess of today. The title is a reference to Gaga’s song “Marry the Night”. She truly is a warrior queen for her music and her fans.

Warrior Queen (32 track .rar file) DOWNLOAD

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