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My opinion on public breastfeeding

I, myself, would be uncomfortable seeing a woman feed her baby, but that is MY problem, not the mother’s. If I am too uncomfortable in her presence, then I will leave, not her. Mothers have every right to feed their baby in whatever location they please and anybody who would feel uncomfortable with that should leave without disrespecting or approaching the mother in a negative way. The fact that I am uncomfortable seeing breasts in public is MY issue and the mother should not feel guilty for feeding her baby in a public place instead of an unsanitary bathroom. Being uncomfortable around breasts and leaving without disturbing the mother DOES NOT make me a bad person. If anything it makes me a person who respects other people.

I Do Not Stand with Amber
  • Because I'm not going to blindly believe someone who takes an out of context photo and puts them online and doesn't provide any evidence. If you want to accuse someone of domestic abuse, you better have some strong proof. Sick of people posting stuff online and allowing the court of public opinion to decide. Do not stand with Amber unless she has concrete proof that Johnny Depp has done this

I’m sure it’s been said many, many times before, but I feel like some of you may need a refresher, especially on a site like this that loves to breed hatred.

Hating someone because of their race, gender, sexuality, or whatever is a really, really dickish thing to do.

This includes hating cis people for being cis, heterosexual people for being heterosexual, white people for being white, men for being men, and so on. Being part of a minority group does not exclude you from being a resist, sexist, prejudice asshole.


“Everyone should believe in something; I believe I’ll go fishing,” H.D. Thoreau famously said. With that spirit, BLM Eastern States employees, along with dedicated  volunteers, host fishing on public lands events throughout the east!

This past year, the Jupiter Inlet Outstanding Natural Area in Florida held their first annual Veterans fishing event. 65 wounded, injured, or ill military veterans and their families on a shoreline fishing expedition. This event provided the Wounded Warriors an opportunity to fish, relax, and enjoy camaraderie. David Hu, Washington Office Fisheries Biologist said, “This event is great because it brings together several agencies to help connect Wounded Warriors to our public lands through fishing. What better way to spend the day?”

A Statement Regarding Clark Gregg's Comments about Ward's Warriors

Today, an article was written by Terri Schwartz from Zap2it that included a comment from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actor Clark Gregg. While we do not condone any hate to be sent to any actor or crew member of this series (or anyone else for that matter), we do understand that his comments have left many fans feeling disappointed and upset. We want you to know that his comparisons are his opinion, which he is entitled to have. Nevertheless, that does not make his statement true.

The Ward’s Warriors and Stand with Ward team does not, nor has it ever, considered itself a cult. We do not condone any of Grant Ward’s crimes, nor do we seek to find excuses for them. We do try to understand him and choose to continue supporting him though.

However, Stand with Ward is about so much more than just Grant Ward.

This is a community of very creative and remarkably passionate fans that have come together to stand, not only with Ward and Brett, but with each other. Throughout the last year, we’ve been able to accomplish so much from kick starting all of our social media outlets to getting merchandise out there for charity. We’ve also been recognized by executives in Marvel as well as the cast and crew of this series (and other Marvel shows for that matter).

Mr. Gregg did send us an apology today and for that we are grateful. We appreciate his public apology and we sincerely thank him for it.

We do want you all to know that we are not going anywhere though. No amount of negativity for our wonderful community can keep us from accomplishing all that we’ve set out to do this year, regardless of where it is coming from.

We kicked off the year with a very successful “Ward Week” in honor of Brett’s birthday and followed up with delivering his birthday gift on behalf of all the fans. Now, we’re looking to the future and what’s next for Ward as a character, Brett as an actor and us as a community. We’re hoping for this year to be even bigger and better than last year was and we sincerely hope that you will stick with us to see it through.

We love you all and we thank you for continuing to Stand with Ward. Most of all, we are proud that you all have continued to stand with one another. We are so much more than a group of a fans. We are a family. And we take care of each other. That is what Stand with Ward is all about at its very core.

If anyone was hurt by Mr. Gregg’s comments and is looking for someone to talk to, please reach out to us however you feel most comfortable. We will be more than happy to pair you up with a Stand with Ward leader that is there to listen. If there are any of you who want to volunteer to be a sounding board for other fans, please contact us as well. We could always use more volunteers.

As always, just ignore the negativity. Try to stay positive by keeping in mind that we are still keeping this well oiled machine going. Let’s continue looking ahead. Good things are coming and we are always here for you all.

Stay strong, Warriors.