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lunchbreak yoga for beginners 

Make the most of your lunchbreak and get some movement in! This straightforward sequence is perfect for any level, and just what your stiff limbs need after a morning of work.

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I think I need to take another run back through, at a minimum, Marozzo’s spada sola and daga sola. My dude here is in a slightly contracted Warrior pose from yoga. Yoga was originally a means of strengthening fighters and teaching them breathing techniques to deal with stress, and Marozzo looks like a great place to start integrating the body mechanics into my fencing practice.



Hey everyone!

Here are some of my favourite Virabhadrasana II (Warrior 2) Variations! Click on the links below to read the HOW-TO! :)

Original Variation

Bound Warrior

Humble Warrior 


Downward Warrior

Gomukasana Arms

Click HERE for benefits on virabhadrasana II!

Do you have your own Virabhadrasana Variations!? I want to hear all about them! :) Message me HERE and I will try them out/post a few! :)

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