warrior of my soul


“An unhealthy INFP with a Fi-Si loop can experience extreme withdrawal from the external world, while having a Te grip can cause harsh, aggressive outbursts of negative emotion and is likely to happen if they’ve suffered some kind of significant emotional turmoil, particularly if that turmoil involved a prolonged disregard of the INFP’s values, emotions, or identity.” (x)

star wars personality types → kylo ren, as of the force awakens ( insp. )

What is love? It is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

Our souls are destined to be together.


Fan 1: Hey, speaking of the Warrior Princess and the bard, what happened when your boyfriend Harry found out he was Xena in his past life? Fan 2: And that your past-life counselor was none other than his beloved sidekick Gabrielle?
Annie(Joxer): They got hitched.

Some color theory and simple shading practice, also an attempt at stylizing, as I tend to draw too detailed/realistic.

So the other day I was looking at the dark souls tag, then I came across @otherwindow ‘s absolutely adorable Lucatiel x Solaire art… and I got hooked gosh dangit.

I know it’s impossible due to the differences in timespan, but dangit, I’m a sucker for optimists x broody ships, and this is no exception.

Just think of this as an AU where Solaire and Luca just adventure the world and meeting interesting people… Including the Covenant Leader of the Warriors of Sunlight himself, The Nameless King, who Lucatiel would suspect to be the Forossan war god Faraam.

Ilvermorny Sorting

So everyone’s been busy comparing the houses of Ilvermorny to Hogwarts houses, but I’d like to propose an alternative. I think Ilvermorny sorting requires asking a slightly different type of question. 

Hogwarts houses are chosen based on traits you consider important and value beyond yourself, e.g. Hermione thinks bravery is more important than “books and cleverness.” That’s because the founders wanted to see those values in others (i.e. the students they chose).

On the other hand, the characters of the Ilvermorny founders “leaked into the houses,” so it seems to divide along the lines of how you define yourself and what tools you prefer to use in your approach to life.

  • Horned Serpent: “I’m defined by what I think.” (Scholars, mind.)
  • Wampus: “I’m defined by what I do.” (Warriors, body.)
  • Thunderbird: “I’m defined by my experiences.” (Adventurer, soul.)
  • Pukwudgie: “I’m defined by what I feel (or maybe love).” (Healers, heart.) 

This could apply to a variety of Hogwarts houses. So, for example, a Wampus is defined by action, but why they fight (to defend the weak, to promote themselves or those they consider family, because it’s wise, or because it’s right) defines their Hogwarts house. Meanwhile, a Horned Serpent in Ravenclaw might think, “My mind defines me, because knowledge and/or creativity is important.” The Slytherin counterpart might think, “My mind defines me, because that is how I can achieve what I want out of life.”