warrior goddess of my heart

My Warrior Goddess (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wang Jung)

Type: Fluff

Request: Scenario with Wang Jung where a visiting warrior princess comes to the palace and she goads him into a swordfight pretending to bewbew terrible so he thinks he’s going to win and she kicks his butt and he falls for her pls, he’s such a cutie.

“Please” you coo to him “you really want to fight with me? You aren’t my sister-in-law” he spoke as you pouted. He sighed as he looked you in the eyes “alright” he spoke as you cheered. Jung and yourself were currently on the practice fields of the boarder of the kingdom.

He laid a sword into your hand and you held it “take the holder off” he told you as you made a sound and did as he said. You smiled as you held it out to. “Go on”he spoke holding his sword straight for you to hit you sighed before you swung lightly. The blades tapped. You were letting him feel manly before you showed him what you could do. He laughs as he swung hard knocking you to the ground “oh! I am sorry!” he apologized wide eyed that he actually hurt you. Your head was down “I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asks nervously.

You laughed before your legs swept his sending him to the ground, landing flat on his back he groaned. “Never let your guard down. Isn’t that the first rule?” you tease as he smiles. “You know how to fight?” he questions “my father’s a general is he not?” you ask twirling your blade in your hands. He quickly got up while you were spacing off ready to strike before your blade stopped his movement and with a simple twist the blade was on the ground. “I thought you were good at this stuff” you tease as he scoffs. 

An hour later you both were tired, almost completely out of breath before you gave up “I’m bored of this” you say as he looks confused as you dropped the blade to the ground. His eyes were wide at the fact he couldn’t take down a girl in fight. Soon Deok was the only other girl he knew could fight. He felt his heart rush lightly, unsure if it was the fact he was tired or he was starting to develop a crush on you. He smiled as he picked up the blade you dropped and quickly rushed to catch up with you.

Only months later was he your husband.


His elder brothers all listened as he went on about this warrior girl he claimed you were, his eyes were glued to his wedding ring as he spun it around his finger lightly. Baek-ah chuckled “you mean the sweet girl Y/N? No way. She was spending her day with the kids in the town. She taught them how to make flower rings and told stories” he informed. Jung scoffed at them all “I guess you guys don’t need to worry about it anyways” he spoke before he smiled.

Nicknames for Korra Characters

Korra: Buff Tuff Cocoa Puff
Asami: Beautiful Salami
Mako: Cucktuk, Ace Dick
Bolin: B-Movie Superstar, Mr. ‘No Damn Way You Learned Lavabending’
Tenzin: The Great Tenzinberg
Lin: Tanktop Warrior Goddess, Iron Chief of My Heart, Baefong