warrior braids

some pipercy headcanons because @lovespoken and i can’t get over our kids and their bromance. BRAID BROS FOR LIFE

  • Percy trusts Piper with his appearance, so he lets her cut his hair since it’s free.
  • Because Piper values her Cherokee heritage, she won’t cut her hair. So she lives vicariously through Percy’s undercuts and trendy cuts and styles. 
  • Piper is not at all afraid to use her charmspeak, paired with strategic knowledge of Percy’s weaknesses gained from long chats with Annabeth, to get that boy to take a break. 
  • Percy likes to hear the old Cherokee stories. Piper tells them to him, but Percy still doesn’t know how some of them end because sometimes Piper will use story time as a vehicle to make him nap.
  • Piper has painted his nails. Percy doesn’t really mind, but a lot of the time he’ll screw them up because he’s too impatient and can’t sit still long enough for the polish to dry.
  • He also hates the smell of acetone so he’s a baby about taking nail polish off. 
  • She has put him in winged eyeliner. Percy was terrified the entire time.
  • Percy’s helped her learn to surf better, and they skate together too.
  • She’s jealous of his eyebrows.
  • He’s jealous of her ability to dress herself well without trying.
  • Sometimes they’ll compare notes on relationships – if Percy needs help on what he sees as a “girl thing” or if Piper needs input on something that she sees as a “guy thing,” or in her specific case, a “Jason and Percy have both been through so much and I want to help” thing, they become extremely close – almost as much trust between them as with Grover or Leo, respectively.
  • Piper is a lot more to Percy than his girlfriend’s best friend, or his bro’s girlfriend. Their similar personalities and shared interests became more and more apparent after the Gaea War aftershocks died down, and they really do enjoy and value each other’s company. 

So, because I have 0.00 chill, I took @percyyoulittleshit ‘s idea for Jason Momoa as Hawaiian Poseidon and a young Momoa as Percy Jackson, did my research for accurate Hawaiian and Polynesian tattoos and I made ^THIS^; Percy Jackson the Hawaiian. 

Geckos are a symbol of divinity, as gods often take the form of geckos to speak to mortals. The dolphin is a common symbol of Poseidon. The shark-tooth motif symbolizes protection, guidance, and adaptability. The spear motif symbolizes warriors. The braid motif represents connections to the past through ancestry. The fish-scale motif is particular to Hawaii and represents protection. 

Do you know how hard it is to find a GOOD resource for non-Western symbolism? 

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