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I STILL get shivers. Legends.



Now that I’ve stopped crying a little bit and after I read the lyrics xD I actually think this is more of an “we’re finally free” song. Hear me out: 

 1. Jongup walking in an open garden maybe signifies that he’s finally able to do what he always wanted which is to SING and he’s getting A LOT more lines than ever.

 2. Himchan with the pills… we all know that he’s had eating disorders in the past plus depression, so I believe that him throwing and steping on those pills is a way of telling that that part of his life is over and he can continue. 

3. Daehyun with the fish. I actually think that the fish is him. He was trapped all this time in a fishbowl, being limited by what he could do but he was not allowed to do. Now, he has done LOTS of new stuff, more programs, more MCing, his solo, and NAPOLEON.. by throwing away the fish, releasing him to the ocean, he’s also dipping into a new world open with lots of opportunities for him. 

4. Youngjae standing in front of the bast ocean with strong tide(which looks pretty savage) makes me thing that he was afraid of dipping into that same world that I talked about above. 

 5. Yongguk… Seeing his hands covered in blood, I actually though about YAMAZAKI, you guys now that he hid the video and deleted it from his soundcloud and everything. So I think that that Yongguk “killed” the people that were harming the group. I’m not saying that Yamazaki Yongguk is bad (like c'mon yamazaki was PURE ART and everybody can fight me on it) but if you read the lyrics you can see that he was also talking about Tshit, and the things they made to the group, he says “Mannequin like role model; you do it instead yo. For the fear of the old bastards; we take a shot” and a lot of other things, and then on Honeymoon he says “But i’m freer than I’ve ever been” so i think they got rid of harmful people and now they can do whatver the f they want to do, hence HONEYMOON. 

6. Zelo is in a dark place and i believe that he was inside that coffin, that’s why we see him first in that dark room with a little light and then we see him out of the coffin which, i believe, signifies he is also free now. By being the youngest I think that he was the most hurt about what happened (not that the other members weren’t) because he was just SO YOUNG to even understand what was happening. He was trapped inside a dark room, not being able to do fulfill his dreams, being only 15-20 years old and now he can finally do what he does best! 

 This is a not a new B.A.P… this is the REAL B.A.P


B.A.P  //  Through the Years  // 2012-2017

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