Paris - Scenic Route to Alaska

So today, I had a chance to go see Scenic Route to Alaska for the third time.  This band reminds me of so much.  I recall walking down the sunny streets of Vancouver in July.  I recall standing by myself at a venue that was once a skatepark.  I recall warm weather and cool breezes.  So so so much.

Tonight, I sat perched upon the back of a stool in a bar and jammed along to their music.  There was definitely a good chance that I was going to fall backwards onto the stairs, but I survived to tell the tale.  It is no surprise that I love Canadian music but I have a little extra love for local bands.

I am very excited to acquaint myself with their newest album and I hope you all give them a listen!


Your “Ugh…Really?!” Story Of The Day: Florida resident Roy Middleton is currently recovering in the hospital after several Escambia County sheriff’s deputies opened fire on him in the driveway of his mother Ceola Walker’s home early Saturday morning. Neighbors called 911, after seeing Middleton searching for a loose cigarette inside Walker’s car, because they did not recognize him. Middleton says he complied with all of the deputies’ orders when they arrived; however, that didn’t stop them from firing at least 17 shots at Middleton. Several bullets struck his mother’s car and home, and also shattered Middleton’s thigh. Those responsible are currently on paid leave, pending an investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. (Photo via Pensacola News Journal) source

January 18th - Day 18

So many websites are protesting the American SOPA and PIPA today that the feeling of protest was already in the air by the time I left the house this morning. On the way into work, that feeling was exemplified passing the Unilever plant, with workers picketing the entrance.

With the economy still in trouble and layoffs happening all the time nationwide, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing more strikes like these in the coming months.