Warren Worthington III Bird HCs

@v-writings​ I’m living for all these Warren hcs, especially the ones that emphasize the bird-like qualities & quirks!  It’s also nice since my presentation today was :/ alright. So! I’ll also bring in some little birdy things too like how:

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The Squad on a Road Trip Headcanons

To make up for that shitty imagine, feel free to add on!


  • Scott thinks he’s the leader
  • He’s not
  • Scott is the one to usually drive though
  • He also picks where to eat even if its always fast food places lmao
  • Scott also will try to be cool and go drifting or something
  • But as soon as he hears sirens (or thinks he does) he starts to drive like a grandma
  • He’s scared to get arrested and have Alex pick him up
  • Again
  • Scott also tries to put his shitty music on
  • But no one is having it and Scott is banned from the radio


  • Jean’s the actually leader
  • She sets timelines, picks where to go
  • And if its a really long trip she books all the hotels
  • Jean also loves to read so she’s like a mini tour guide
  • She’ll ride shot gun and tell everyone little facts
  • The squad agrees its really cute
  • Unless everyone is taking to long
  • “We have to go!!”
  • “Jean the waterfall isn’t going anywhere, it’s okay.”
  • Jean also has random stuff for the squad to do
  • Like she’ll just randomly give Jubilee a book to read
  • Where’d she get it from?
  • No one knows 


  • Jubilee is the second in commander (according to Peter)
  • Jubilee literally wants to stop and see everything
  • “I’ve read about that place lets go see!”
  • “Jubes we stopped six times in the past hour.”
  • She’s the one who usually notices when someone it missing
  • “Shit we forgot Kurt.”
  • “AGAIN?!”
  • Jubilee is also one of the Djs
  • Even if no one likes her music
  • Jubilee also is the one to make sure everyone has their seat belt on too
  • She slapped Peter once for not wearing it lmao  


  • Kurt takes pictures of everything
  • The squad, scenery, food, even more of the squad
  • He’ll just take pictures of the most random shit
  • Like that’s why the squad losses him half the time
  • He’ll just wander off to take a picture of a bird
  • You think the squad would notice when the blue dude with a tail goes missing
  • Kurt also defends Jubilee if she wants to stop
  • He’s really adorable, and wants to see everything
  • “Oh whats that?” “Have you been there?” “Can we try that?”
  • So everyone caves in and always ends up having so much fun at these unplanned stops


  • Ororo is the tired mom friend
  • She’s the one who has to break up arguments
  • Mostly between Peter and Scott
  • “I swear to god I will shock all your asses!”
  • But she’s lowkey a mess
  • She just throws wrappers and food everywhere
  • Ororo will also change the weather if it’s crappy
  • She’s the one who will drive at night if Scott is tired
  • She finds it calming, and its finally quiet
  • The only one whose usually awake with her is Warren


  • Peter is the MAIN Dj
  • He has made a bunch of road trip mixes
  • He always makes sure to put a few of the squads favourite songs on there too
  • Peter also literally asks to stop all the time (its hard for him to sit still)
  • “Guys I’m hungry.”
  • “Peter we just ate.”
  • “I have to go to the bathroom.”
  • Peter also pulls the whole ‘are we there yet?’ thing
  • That’s what Scott and him usually argue about


  • Warren just sits there in the back away from the loudness
  • Also it’s easier for him to spread his wings
  • Warren 'too old for this shit’ Worthington also helps break up arguments
  • He’s the one to threaten to call Alex
  • That shuts everyone up
  • Warren doesn’t admit it, but when he hears Peter put one of his fav songs on a mix Warren smiles like a dork behind his wings
  • Warren also may act tough but he buys everything, for everyone
  • Kurt always wants souvenirs and Warren is just here like $$$$
  • He pays for gas, food, hotels, if Scott gets a speeding ticket (which he does)  

The Squad

  • It just occurred to me they probably have to be in a van or something
  • Omg that squad in a mini van I’m dead
  • Scott and Jean are usually the ones in the front
  • Warren and Ororo usually sit together and Kurt will just bamfs around the car
  • Even if no one wants him too
  • Once there was an argument and he teleported onto the roof lmao (he stayed for a few hours)
  • The squad will often get food at like three in the morning
  • Its a funny sight seeing extremely tired mutants try to order food
  • And then they usually crash out at a hotel/motel
  • Once when they all had to share a small freezing room they ended up cuddling with Warren
  • Warren liked it, don’t listen to him, its true
  • Charles always freaks out when they all just disappear one day
  • “Where are these kids now?” He mumbles while turning on cerebro
  • “I think they are in Mexico.” Hank explains.  
  • It’s actual ends up being a really good bonding experience for them??
  • They get drunk in a different state (or country), sing karaoke or something 
  • Get to know each other while talking at three am as they drive god knows where
  • Play dumb games in the hotels and while driving
  • Lmao they all play eye spy just to fuck with Scott
  • “I spy something red.”
  • “Fucking hilarious Peter.”
  • They totally had to run away from the police at least once
  • That’s usually when their trip ends
  • The professor just flies the X Jet to the police station wherever they are
  • “I don’t want to hear it, just get in.”
  • “Okay…but is Alex here?”
  • The answer is no, and everyone can breathe a little easier
  • Just kidding Alex is there and is ready to kick Scott and all their asses

Get in sons we are going on a road trip!

~ MacKenzie

Here’s some Fluffish Headcanons! enjoy :)


Hank is to shy and flustered to initiate much of anything, but when he’s to busy in the lab and forgets to take his serum on time and you find him all blue and fuzzy you drag him to a couch and demand he cuddle with you. (In the winter especially you’ll sometimes hide his serum because what’s a better way to warm up that cuddling with a soft ‘n’ fluffy Hank?)


Warren may always act tough, wearing leather, rock music, starting easily avoidable fights, but around you his tough exterior melts and he welcomes all your affections.  He will deny it if anyone asks, but he doesn’t fool anyone. he’s just a big softie when your there. Warren loves your hugs especially, always holding you tightly against him, burying his face in your neck and wrapping his wings around the both of you.

What Warren loves most is when he wakes up before you (which is most of the time) he will pull you closer cuddling you onto his chest, arms wrapping around you and his wings encasing you in warmth and soft feathers. Wrapping you in his arms comfortably and wrapping his wings around you, both hidden from the world.

Whenever Warren’s out for a flight and sees a field of flowers (or some nice potted flowers on their window sill) he always brings you a little bouquet


Once Kurt was used to physical contact he absolutely loved cuddling with you. His favorite cuddling position is laying down, him nestled into your side with his head on your chest and his tail always wraps around your waist. When you cuddle he's always smiling, and if you trace your fingers along his markings or play with his hair he’ll start purring in content. 


No one gives better back rubs than Peter, whenever your stressed he will come up and start messaging the base of your neck, shoulders, back wherever you hurt with his hands vibrating your stress away.


One thing Raven loved about you is that you didn’t make her hide her mutation, even Charles who preached to be ‘Mutant and proud’ would make her hide it, to look human. But whenever she was with you, you’d always tell her to ‘go blue’ as you put it, that’s something she truly loves, that instead of telling her to change you praise her beauty. And with her flexibility? she definitely shows you how much she appreciates it.

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Are you planning on doing anymore Warren headcanons by any chance?

A/N: i am now ;)

comic warren

  • Warren is the worst person to share a bed with. Not only will he take up ¾ of the bed, he talks in his sleep. And not quiet whispering, he’s almost yelling. 
  • He’s a real charmer. He grew up in a very wealthy family so he almost had to be. However, once he does have an interest in someone, the charm stops, replaced with the real, goofy Warren.

xm:a warren

  • Warren would have major trust issues after Apocalypse. It might take a while for anyone to break through his shell, but when you do, he’s never going to let you go.
  • Who needs airports when you have a boyfriend with wings? They make Warren take them everywhere. It’s more efficient and cheap than any other transportation. (Plus, his metal wings can’t get through airport security).
  • Anyone who messes with his s/o is in for a bad time. Sure, he may be a lover but he’s also a fighter.
  • Warren’s insecure about the scars on his face he got during his fight with the X-Men. His s/o assures then that they’re fine, and that he’s still ridiculously hot, even with them. (He doesn’t completely believe them, though).
  • Warren likes to bury himself in his s/o’s neck when he’s really tired. It’s what helps him fall asleep the fastest, breathing in their scent, listening to the quickened pace of their heartbeat when he’s around. That’s the closest to at peace he’ll ever be.

@warrenwarren and @onemakebodytune tinkering on warren’s 4age-t miata rear end swapped corolla. drift union invitational 2015. penticton, bc

these two shots turned out the best out of the entire roll. they really took on the infrared traits and needed no touch up. even the dust and water marks seemed to be less apparent on them. the skies are dark and the clouds look wild in it.

canon ae-1 - 50mm f1.8 / konica infrared 750nm

Business!AU Headcanons for The Squad

I have no clue what this is, but I love this so enjoy. (I also know Alex usually isn’t apart of these, but hush it makes sense)


  • The company is owned by Charles Xavier
  • His business partner is Warren Worthington ii
  • Who is also an investor
  • And their is attorney Erik Lensherr
  • He doesn’t stop by that often
  • While Charles practically lives there
  • He likes to see his company thrive
  • Almost like a father


  • Alex is the Office Manager
  • And honestly, he hates his job
  • Alex always has to stop the younger employees from doing dumb things
  • But his job is also to punish them??? its contradicting
  • There have been so many times when Alex saved them from getting fired
  • He cares but just acts like he doesn’t
  • Alex is done with everything, and no one even cares when he falls asleep in his office
  • Give this man the promotion he was promised
  • And a hug, he needs it


  • Scott is work in the I.T Department
  • Actually he’s the whole I.T Department and by Department I mean closet filled with wires  
  • Everyone is pretty sure he only go the job because of Alex
  • ….It is
  • He’s good at his job even if he’s done with everyone
  • “Peter stop eating and using the tablets you’ll ruin them.”
  • “Warren that’s not what a mouse if for!”
  • “Ororo look, I know the new system sucks, I’ve been trying to fix it from a fucking closet!”
  • Scott does like helping Jean set up her presentations
  • He usually says behind to make sure there are “No technical difficulties.”


  • Jean is totally going to be the next CEO
  • No one ever sees her leave the building
  • Sometimes her and Charles will have late night conversations since they are both still there working
  • Honestly Jean works so hard, and everyone loves her
  • When there’s a new employee everyone tell them to talk to Jean
  • Jean has an office, which Warren let her have
  • He didn’t use it anyways, but “Jean don’t tell anyone…”
  • “Okay Warren, but thanks.”  
  •  Jean actually likes to spend most time of her time the main officer area
  • She likes it better than being alone 


  • Jubilee is the bubbly Human Resources Manager
  • She’s also like the part time therapist and she always knows the gossip
  • Jubilee always tries to have those group retreats
  • And team building exercises
  • “We need to work together! Guys c'mon, please.”
  • No one usually goes, except for Kurt and sometimes Warren
  • Jubilee also knows everything that’s going on
  • It’s kind of scary, she just knows everyone’s problems and random personal facts
  • No one knows how she does it, but its useless to keep a secret from her
  • Jubilee always find out


  • Kurt is one of the interns
  • He is so overworked it isn’t even funny
  • He’s been there for so long yet no promotion and he doesn’t even have an office
  • Just a shitty cubicle beside Peter 
  • Everyone makes Kurt do everything
  • Getting coffees, helping fill out paperwork
  • He delivers the mail, even though there is a mail boy Kurt just does it better
  • Everyone jokes they never see Kurt sit down
  • He just does everything  


  • Ororo works in finance
  • She rarely leaves her office
  • It’s far away from everyone and quiet
  • Peter started a rumor she isn’t even real
  • Most people thinks she’s mean, but she’s really nice when you talk to her
  • Jean and her often bond over spreadsheets
  • Even Warren likes her, he tends to hide in her office a lot
  • Ororo is very composed and professional but everyone remembers the time she got super drunk at the Christmas party


  • Peter is also an intern
  • But he does nothing
  • Everyone wonders why he isn’t fired, but there is a scandal that he’s Erik son  
  • Peter often just pulls pranks, but can be helpful when needed
  • Which is rare
  • He likes to fuck with Scott the most
  • “Okay who tied all my wires together?”
  • But if Kurt asks Peter to drive him somewhere Peter will 100% do it
  • Which is good (or bad) because Peter drives super fast
  • And Peter uses any excuse he can get to leave the office


  • Warren has a job, but no one really knows what it is
  • He really only works there because of his dad
  • But Warren can actually do his job really well but he’d rather not
  • He’d just rather be the office hottie
  • Which he knows
  • Warren does keep a flask in his desk
  • Some people wonder why Alex hasn’t reported him to H.R
  • Rumor has it they were a thing…who knows………….  
  • Warren will definitely stand up for the little guy 
  • Someone once got pissed at Kurt for bringing the wrong coffee and Warren totally didn't get them fired
  • Or slash their tires

Sorry I forgot to post these yesterday, I was busy, but enjoy!!

~ Mac

Bloody Shadows Drama CD Preview

There isn’t much audio but eh, it has nice atmospheric music.

Warren: Today’s a red full moon, Ailess.

Ailess: I know, you don’t need to say it, Warren

Warren: Now, I wonder who will be the sacrifice?

Masaferry: You look beautiful, the wedding dress suits you. If your like this at the fitting on the day of the wedding ceremony you will probably look as beautiful as an angel

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How about Chloe and Max inviting Kate and Victoria to pretend to be pirates about to take over Arcadia Bay?

Max - Look you two……Chloe and I…….


Max‘groans’ Thank you Chloe ……

Kate - But Chloe ‘starts twiddling fingers’ Don’t pirates……. ‘whispers’ sin ?

Chloe - Uhhhhh well

Victoria - ‘crosses arms’ This should be good…..

Chloe - ‘whispers to side’ Help me out here Max……

Max-Look Kate, we don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to

Kate - ‘looks up’ Really ?

Max- Uh huh. You don’t even have to be a bad pirate if you choose to play, we just want to spend some time with you, and share a precious memory…….

Kate -'thinks about it’

Chloe - 'bursts in front of Max, shocking both Max and Kate with her eagerness ’ YEAH KATE !You can be like our…..moral compass or some shit

Kate - 'sighs’ Ok…..I’ll do it…….

Chloe - 'jumps up victoriously’ YEAH ! We did i…..

Kate - 'says quickly’ Only if Victoria plays too !

Chloe -'fucks up the landing out of shock and falls on her butt’ Oh……….

'Max and Chloe both turn to Victoria with big puppy dog eyes’

Victoria - 'annoyed’ You are NOT trying that shit with me

'Max and Chloe falls on their stomachs, grabbing each of Victoria’s legs’

Victoria - 'growing ever angrier’ What ?! 'starts struggling to release herself from Max/Chloe’s grip’ Both of you ! 'pulls’ Get off !

Max and Chloe - Please Victoria ! PLEASE ! We never ask you for anything !

Victoria - That’s a lie ! Just last week you asked me for…..'trips and lands flat on her back’

'Max and Chloe take their chance, crawling up Victoria’s body until they reach her top half, proceeding to hug and nuzzle her affectionatley as they continue pleading’

Victoria - 'getting flustered , the combined effort causing her face to go red from embarrassment’ I SAID NO ! COME ON GUYS THIS IS TOO MUCH! Kate ! Help ! Please!

Kate - 'turned away from the sin’ Actually Victoria…..I thought about it…..

Victoria - and ?

Kate - and…….

Victoria - 'critical mass of embarrassment’ aaaaaand ?!?!?!?!

Kate - I want to do it =O

Victoria - D=




-Mr.Jefferson’s class-

Mr.Jefferson - Ok Class’ grabs book off table, gingerly flipping it to a random page’ Turn to page 304, and read….

Chloe - 'outside door’ YAR 'kicks door in’ HAAAAARRRRRR

Mr. Jefferson - This AGAIN ! This must be like the 3rd door this week Miss Price ! Why do you

'Chloe punches Mr.Jefferson off the table, knocking him off the table’

Chloe - 'calls out door’ Come in ya scalawag and gather that fine beauty

Victoria - 'rushes in wearing unusually authentic pirate gear’ Excuse ME Price, but you need to concentrate on Max’s booty, not Taylor’s

Taylor - 'coughs’ She actually said beauty……'blushes’ you think my booty is fine ?

'Chloe impishly shrugs’

Victoria - Shut up Taylor …….. 'turns to Chloe’ Well ?

Chloe - Wait for it ya scurvy dog

'PA crackles on’

Max- 'on PA’ Hey guys !

Everyone - Hey Maxi

Max- Who wants to play pirates ?

Warren - 'gasps somewhere in the school’

Max- Not you  Warren

Warren -'cries’ NOOOOOOOOOO !



-Front steps of Blackwell Academy-

Chloe‘bursts through the front doors, landing majestically in the sunlight’ Blackwell Academy is OURS ! Onward me hearties ! To glory !

'Various girls run out the front door, piling into the city’

Victoria - 'walks out door in disbelief’ I thought we were supposed to be playing

Chloe - Oh Victoria ‘pats Victoria on the cheek with pity’ You should know that I never pretend  ‘let’s out a ferocious battle cry’ ARCADIA BAY WILL BE OURS ! ‘runs off to join her crew’

'Kate walks towards Victoria from inside the crowd, carrying a bible’

Victoria - ‘surprised’ Kate ? I thought you were at the

'Kate forces Victoria into a sitting position, quickly joining her’

Victoria - Kate ?

'Kate thrusts a bible into Victoria’s hands’

Kate - I’ve heard that you’ve been sinning

Victoria - What ? Who said…..’narrows eyes whispering menacingly’Chloe…….

Kate- Taylor’s booty is NOT fine . Open to Proverbs 10:9

'Victoria sighs and opens the book’

Drawing and Writing requests are open

(I hope this is the kind of thing you wanted)


Now that I am finally home, clean, well fed, and have access to internet that isn’t mcdonalds wifi… (though still extremely lacking in sleep)


I initially joked about driving down for 2 Bash 2 Future, but when the stars aligned, I received a raise and my tax return at the same time, I figured “I’ve been living the broke life this long, whats another month of it gonna do?”

Every penny. Every minute of lost sleep. Every damage done to myself or my car. Totally worth it.

What I initially thought would be an 11 or 12 hour drive took closer to 15 and 16 on the way back… and the drive was far from uneventful. Burnouts in traffic, pretty sure we saw a dead body under a sheet at a motorcycle accident, weaving through I5 traffic with some random bmw sticking on us for a solid 45 minutes, thumbs ups from random cars, legit street racing pulls on some acura, ricer flybys by some audi… I know there was more but my brain is so fried from lack of sleep. Ended up getting into medford at 4:30am and slept in the walmart parking lot because we were too tired to try and find wifi to find the track.

Maybe I’m just sheltered by having only driven Penticton and Western, but this track was wayyyyy too much fun. I didn’t think I could have this much fun driving while not being in tandem anymore. I had a little trouble with that first sweeper, my short gearing made 2nd just teetering on the edge of unuseable, and the single cam (unless nailed the line perfectly) didn’t have the power to make use of third… other than that, long course isso perfect for the little ka car. The super tight manji’s down the straight were super exciting. The short course was pretty difficult to link up but still a fun challenge and even moreso with tandem, I loved the two lap layout we were having where you could pass on the straight to trade off lead and follow.

OR the short course into the long course! I got to do that with Joe chasing me down a couple of times. Ssosososososo good! AAHHH I WANT TO GO BACK ALREADY.

Met so many nice and cool people, and like the asshole canadian I am, have forgotten a ton of names. Got a bunch of rad stickers, I need to get off my ass and make some more ‘intransit’ and 'bucaroos!’ decals, I definitely owe you guys something back. 

The only thing I wish was that I asked more people to tandem. But it was tough with the neckbrace rule. So many people wanted ride alongs and not many of them had neck braces, I turned down a few people for rides and felt terrible every time. But rules are rules, whatever it takes to keep tracks like this staying running I am all for it. 

warrenwarren you would have a blast on this track. Really anyone would, but I was thinking of you while I was out there for sure. Definitely a fun corolla track.

So who’s going down next time?

Photo: Joey Plume (https://www.flickr.com/photos/119163527@N06/)