Here’s some Fluffish Headcanons! I’ll try and get some done for the 13 other’s on my little list enjoy :)


Hank is to shy and flustered to initiate much of anything, but when he’s to busy in the lab and forgets to take his serum on time and you find him all blue and fuzzy you drag him to a couch and demand he cuddle with you. (In the winter especially you’ll sometimes hide his serum because what’s a better way to warm up that cuddling with a soft ‘n’ fluffy Hank?)


Warren may always act tough, wearing leather, rock music, starting easily avoidable fights, but around you his tough exterior melts and he welcomes all your affections.  He will deny it if anyone asks, but he doesn’t fool anyone. he’s just a big softie when your there. Warren loves your hugs especially, always holding you tightly against him, burying his face in your neck and wrapping his wings around the both of you.

What Warren loves most is when he wakes up before you (which is most of the time) he will pull you closer cuddling you onto his chest, arms wrapping around you and his wings encasing you in warmth and soft feathers. Wrapping you in his arms comfortably and wrapping his wings around you, both hidden from the world.

Whenever Warren’s out for a flight and sees a field of flowers (or some nice potted flowers on their window sill) he always brings you a little bouquet


Once Kurt was used to physical contact he absolutely loved cuddling with you. His favorite cuddling position is laying down, him nestled into your side with his head on your chest and his tail always wraps around your waist. When you cuddle he's always smiling, and if you trace your fingers along his markings or play with his hair he’ll start purring in content. 


No one gives better back rubs than Peter, whenever your stressed he will come up and start messaging the base of your neck, shoulders, back wherever you hurt with his hands vibrating your stress away.


One thing Raven loved about you is that you didn’t make her hide her mutation, even Charles who preached to be ‘Mutant and proud’ would make her hide it, to look human. But whenever she was with you, you’d always tell her to ‘go blue’ as you put it, that’s something she truly loves, that instead of telling her to change you praise her beauty. And with her flexibility? she definitely shows you how much she appreciates it.

  • Bloody Shadows Drama CD Preview

There isn’t much audio but eh, it has nice atmospheric music.

Warren: Today’s a red full moon, Ailess.

Ailess: I know, you don’t need to say it, Warren

Warren: Now, I wonder who will be the sacrifice?

Masaferry: You look beautiful, the wedding dress suits you. If your like this at the fitting on the day of the wedding ceremony you will probably look as beautiful as an angel