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wARREN OR PETER GETTING FLUSTERED WHEN THEIR S/O IS AFFECTIONATE WITH THEM (if u choose Warren: his wings get poofy and his face gets red) ((if u choose Peter: he has leg twitches and tries to laugh it off - nervously so)) —- actual goddess Pascale

I wrote this in attempt to avoid my problems (lol oops) so it’s probably shit, I guarantee it.


“Warren your face is red.”

“Shut up Scott.” Warren grumbled, his face burning as you slid your fingers in his, leaning up to press your lips against his cheek.

“Yeah, shut up Scooter.” You laughed, arms swinging as you walked.

“I’m sick of you two.” Scott said, frowning at the concrete as he narrowly avoided stepping in gum.

“You love us.” You grinned, “And besides, if you’re so sick of us you wouldn’t have dragged us out here. We could be in the mansion, in our own rooms-”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Scott said, “Please, for the sake of my sanity.”

“-sleeping. In our own rooms, sleeping.” You finished, eyebrow raising “What’d you think I was gonna say? Fucking?”

“Well, yes actually.” Scott said at the same time that Warren said “Duh.”

“You’re both ridiculous.” Jean said, laughing as she plopped down onto the grass, unfolding a blanket.

Jean thought stargazing would be a good idea, that’s why you were all outside at 11:00 o'clock at night.

Warren almost dropped the blanket he was holding, casually tossing it onto the ground before sitting down and pulling you down onto it, wrapping his arms around you.

“You’re cute, you know.” You grumbled, laying back as he did, smushing you into his side and kissing your forehead.

“You’re one to talk.” He whispered, grinning as you slid your arms around him. “You’re the cutest person I’ve ever met.”

You could hear Scott and Jean talking to each other, about fifteen feet away from the two of you, Scott’s arm wrapped around her shoulder ‘casually’, you could definitely tell he just did the yawn then arm around shoulder move. Classic Scooter.

“That’s a lie, you’ve met Kurt.” You said, looking up at him, running your fingers through his hair and letting your hand rest at him jaw. “I like you.”

He looked down at you, with your eyes wide and bright, “I like you too, quite a lot.”

His face started burning when you kept playing with his hair, touching the feathers at the edge of his wings, sliding your fingers into his. He sat up, pulling you up with him, as his wings puffed up and made it hard for him to lay down.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, worried you crossed a line.

“Nuthin.” He grumbled, pulling you into his arms and holding you.

“You’re face is hot.” You grumbled, hands against his cheeks, “Are you feeling well?”

“Yes, ’m fine I swear.” He said, wings twitching slightly as you slid your hand between them, rubbing his nose against yours to make you laugh.

“Angel” he kissed you, “Are you blushing?”

He almost automatically said “No! Why would I be blushing?”

“Whys your face so warm then?” You asked, quirking an eyebrow.

“Maybe because it’s hot outside.” He said, knowing full and well that it wasn’t.

“You’re blushing.” You said, laughing as he groaned “Don’t even deny it, your wings are a giveaway.”

“I’ve been betrayed by my own body.” He groaned, quietly. “You know me too well.”

“Well of course I do, you’re my angel.”

His face burned at the name, his heart swelling, wings puffing, and his eyes crinkling, grinning he said “Yeah I am.”

“Would you guys shut up over there? I’m trying to flirt!” Scott shouted, making both you and Warren jump.

“Oh shut up, Scott.” Warren said, “Just make out already.”

Good Morning, Angel  ( Warren Worthington III x Reader)

Words: 1021

A/N: A little something that came into my mind. I hope you’ll like it, feedback is always aprreciated :)

You opened your eyes, only to be blinded by the light diming through the window of your bedroom. You instantly cover your head with your the sheets and patted the empty space next to you, hoping to find Warren, laying next to you. But as previously said, you only found the other side of the bed empty. You threw the sheets off of you and looked aound the room to find him. Sadly, the angel was nowhere in sight. Letting out a sigh, you laid back down on your bed, thinking about going back to sleep but the growl emitted by your stomach was the sign that you needed to get up.

You hopped out of bed and winced when your feet touched the cold floor. You put on some sweatpants and the shirt you wore the day before and left your room in the direction of th kitchen.

When you entered the kitchen you found your lovely boyfriend, standing in front of the counter with his back turned to you and his shiny metal wings were full on display. You silently walked up to him and hugged him from behind, placing yourself between his wings. He jumped a little at the sudden contact but when he realized that it was you, he stopped what he was doing and put his hands on yours, who were resting on his chest. You pressed your cheek against his back and a smile appeared on your face. Warren chuckled and turn around , into your embrace, to face you before hugging you back, resting his chin on the top of your head.

-“ Good morning, Beautiful” he whispered and kiss your head.

-“ Good Morning, Angel” you said as you pressed yourself further into his chest.

Hs wings wrapped themselves around the two of you, envelopping you with warmth. You let out a content sigh and lifted your head up to press a kiss to his jaw. A smile made its way onto his face and he grabbed your chin, tilting it up a little bit more. His blue eyes dived into yours and he kissed you, the hand that was previously on your chin was now on your cheek and his others hand was on your side, caressing it gently. You hugged him tighter and let your hands slide down to his butt and grabbed it. Warren let out a gasp into the kiss and pulled away from you. He looked at you suspisciouly, only to find you smiling widely. He then furrowed his eyebrows.

-“ What do you think you’re doing?” he asked.

-“ I don’t know what you’re talking about” you answered, squeezing his butt.

Warren brought you closer so there was almost no space between you two.

-“ Oh really?”

You bit your lip and nodded before squeezing Warren’s butt again.

-“ I really love your cute butt”

Warren’s expression soften and a smirk appeared on his face, he brought his face closer to yours, so close that you could feel his hot breath on your skin.

-“ Yeah?…” He brushed his nose with yours.“ And what else do you like about me?”

You chuckled and looked down, not wanting to look at Warren.

-“ I like your eyes, that are bluer than the sky and the ocean mixed. I like your smile that make me melt everytime you flash it to me. I like your hair, your golden hair that looks like a halo, and I like it even better when they’re disheveled, when we’re in bed.” Warren laughed under his breath at the mention of your intimate moments. A blush creeped onto your cheeks but you continued.

-“ I like your wings, even if they remind you of the mistakes you made in the past and that they aren’t the feathery ones you had before but I still like them. I also like your tattoos” You looked up and foudn him already looking at you intensely. You brought your hands to his face to lightly trace the tattoos caused by Apocalypse with the tip of your fingers. He closed his eyes when your skin made contact with his. You let one of your hand linger on his cheek while the other made it’s way to his butt. You squeezed it again and Warren open his eyes instantly.

-“ And I like your cute butt” you finished with a big smile on your face followed by a giggle.

Warren laughed and bit his lips before cupping your cheeks and kissing you passionately, and you made sure that your angel of a boyfriend felt all the love you had for him in this kiss. When you pulled away you looked into those beautiful eyes of his that you love so much to lose yourself into.

-“ And I love you” you breathed out.

Warren kissed you again, this time more briefly.

- “ I love you too. So much”

You started kissing again but got interrupted.

-“ Oh Warren, you have the cutest butt”

You broke apart from each other to turn to the owner of the voice and found Scott, Jean, Kurt and Peter all gathered next to the kitchen’s door.

-“ Oh,Angel. I would love to spank you, If you’d let me” Peter said, imitating your voice with a fake suggestive tone. He exploded in a fit of giggles, followed by the others.

The two of you blushed madly. Warren groaned and hugged you tighter, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. You caressed the back of his head comfortingly and looked at the other who wer still laughing. Yo ugave them a death glare but they didn’t had the time to see it because Warren wrapped his wings around the two of you to shield you from your friends.

-“ They’re never gonna let this go, right?” he asked

-“ I’m sorry angel” you giggled and kissed his cheek.

He whined and pressed a light kiss on the skin of your neck.

Poor Warren, him who wasn’t fond of PDA, well he’s had more than enough.

re·frain (requested)

Pairing: Modern!AUWarren Worthington iii x Reader 
Featuring: Alex, Jean, Peter, Scott 
Request: 9 for the heartbreaking prompts with Warren please
Word Count: 1556 Words
Warning: angst, swearing, fluff, overused tropes(??)
A/N: Since I’m so fucking original this is another song inspired imagine.This time it’s thanks to Sam Smith’s I’ve Told You Now.
Tagging: I lost my tag list so idk who to tag lmao. if u wanna be tagged hmu!! 

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((gif not mine, credit to owner)) 

 The sound of the door slamming resonated throughout your entire apartment complex. Warren stood in the hallway for a moment, staring at the shut door and listening to your shuffle around. He could hear you swearing from inside your shared apartment and part of him thought it would be best to leave. But instead he turned the doorknob slowly, the door creaking loudly on its hinges as Warren entered. He barely got the door closed before a shoe flew past him. You had missed purposely by a long shot, but Warren did take some offense.

You chucked your other shoe in the same direction, but this time the shoe just clattered on the floor a few feet away from Warren. He looked down at it before flitting his eyes to you. You were standing by the kitchen, your arms wrapped around you as you sniffled. Warren wanted to say something along the lines of ‘no one’s ever acted like this after I kissed them’, but it didn’t seem like the time. Instead he let a heavy silence fall between you two. Your eyes were fixated on the ground, while Warren watched your every movement. From the shifting your weight to the slightest frown tugging at your lips. It didn’t really help, seeing as your expression remained unreadable as you seemed a million miles away.

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Iron Bars // Warren Worthington

Guess who’s back, back again, Els is back, tell a friend

anyway I thought you might like this one and I was feeling really emo over Warren today so this happened lol:))

-Els x


Iron bars. Twelve of them. Perfectly aligned, reaching from the floor to the ceiling and covering the small perimeter of the cell. The metal was cold against Warren’s pale fingers as he gripped the bars tight as if his life depended on it, he had memorised every detail in the confined space he was forced into only hours ago. A plain white ceiling and a plain white floor, covered in dust and a large brown stain in the corner of the room that he had yet to discover what it was, but he was pretty sure it was blood. There wasn’t even a stool for Warren to rest his fatigued limbs. He wasn’t supposed to be there.

The deafening echoes of his cellmates yelling, screaming and fighting had now become white noise to him and the smell of sweat that clouded his senses every so often almost made him gag. Warren couldn’t imagine what he must look like now, his hair was a tangled, curly blonde mess on his head, with pieces if broken glass still digging into his scalp and his arms littered with fresh scrapes and angry red bruises. His wings that were once white were now crippled, with dried blood that was not long ago seeping from the skin on his back. He was sure he would never fly again. Not that they’d let him anyway, as far as he knew, Warren would be looking these iron bars for the next few years.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Warren had gotten into one of his moods, as you liked to call them. They usually occurred when you two would have a fight or late at night after a bad nightmare when he would reminisce his past, the iron cage in Berlin that he believed somehow looked the same as the cell he was locked in now had forever haunted his dreams and kept him awake at night. Some days were worse than others, but this time, he knew he had taken it too far.

It was a small fight that he had blown out of proportion, his insecurities getting in the way as they always had when it came to you. A small remark that Peter had made about your relationship suddenly had him questioning why on earth you were with someone as wrecked as him. He was the one with wings, but you were the Angel.

He had left you, just like that, and he did what he always did when he was angry or upset. He drank. It was a crowded bar, the memories of what happened were still vague when he tried to recall them. Warren didn’t even remember the face of the man that he had gotten into a fight outside the bar with or even why he had thrown the first punch, but he knew that the man had come off much worse than he did.

He hated himself for this, he hated himself for being this fucked up and insecure. Warren always tried to believe it was because of his past and the horrific images that would flash through his head very time he closed his eyes but now he was wondering if it really was his fault. You had always told him to open up, that maybe if he told someone about his past that it would help, you had even suggested a therapist, but being the asshole that he is, he always declined and shrugged it off before continuing to suck you into the shitshow that he called his life. It was always his fault.

Warren knew he had to get out of there. He knew that he had to find you and apologise for everything. He couldn’t imagine how you must be feeling now. He wondered if you knew where he was, he could practically see the look on your face when Charles would tell you, that they had found him. That he was in a bad state and was thrown in a cell without a choice. Warren imagined your face changing from hope to disappointment. He couldn’t even begin to count how many times he had disappointed you.

Suddenly, Warren was awoken from his trance when he heard loud footsteps coming from down the hall. His initial thought was to grab whoever it was that was about to pass him and strangle them until they let him out. But that was then he heard it.

The soft angelic voice that had soothed Warren since the moment he first heard it, he only had to hear a few words to recognise the voice immediately. Once the figure came into full view he straightened himself out, removing his hands from the bar and dropping them by his sides in shock.

You always seemed to look flawless, even with your tired eyes and stressed expression that was most likely caused by the man stood behind bars in front of you. Your hair was a mess, still in the same messy ponytail since he last saw you, the image of tears streaming down you face as he left you at the mansion’s front door still fresh in his mind. You studied each other’s faces for a moment, taking in both of your dishevelled features once again as if you were old friends before Warren broke the ear-piercing silence.


‘I know.’ You said softly, ‘Charles is outside, he’s gonna get you out of here, okay?’ You stepped closer and put your shaking hand on the railings of the bar, flinching slightly when he placed his bruised ones on top of yours and leaned his forehead against it, sighing quietly.

‘I probably should have listened to you when you said about the therapist,’ Warren whispered with a soft laugh.

‘Yeah, probably,’ You smiled ‘I’m just glad you’re okay. I really thought I lost you this time, Warren,’ You sighed and looked down, the pieces of hair that had fallen out of your ponytail covering your face, making Warren’s heart sink even more.

‘Baby, I’m- ‘

‘I know,’ You said reassuringly ‘But not now. Let’s go home first, I need a hot bath and some pizza,’ you smiled, and so did he.

‘Okay. Let’s go home.’

Heaven ( Warren Worthington III x Reader)

I write fanfictions since I’m 11 years old but I’ve never been brave enough to show my work to the world and  reading the other’s story gave me enough courage to post mine. I hope you’ll like it, feel free to give me feedback. Enjoy!😊

( Also, english isn’t my native language so, I apologize for any vocabulary mistake.)

It was a rainy day. The sky was covered by light grey clouds and it was somehow glowing white and hurted your eyes when you looked through the window. You were currently curled up on the couch in the living room of the mansion. A fluffy blanket was covering your body and pulled up to your chin to give you the warmth you needed on this cold day. Your head was resting ont the arm-rest and your eyes were closed, in a state near slumber, lulled by the noise of the raindrops hitting the windows. You almost had drift off to sleep when you felt a weight on your side. You slowly opened your eyes and saw Warren, sitting on the floor with his head resting on your side.

When he caught you looking at him a smile made its way onto his lips. A loose curl of his golden hair was covering one of his eyes, you brought your hand to his face and push the strand away. You smiled and ran your hand through his hair as he sigh in content and leaned under your touch. You changed your position so you were now on your back and facing the ceiling, when Warren felt you moving he removed his head and looked at you with a small smile still on his lips. Then he got up from the floor and climbed on top of you as you let out a small gasp of surprise.

It didn’t stop him and he settled himself on top of you. He put his left wing on the back of the couch while his right one was hanging low, the tip touching the floor. He tangled his legs with yours and rested his head on your collarbone, so his mouth was at the same level as your neck. One of his hands was on your side and he passed his left arm under yours and rested his other hand on your shoulder.

You instantly felt your cheeks heat up and your heart flutter at Warren’s closeness. He still had a smile  on his lips, he brought his face closer to yours and kissed your cheek before resting his head back on your collarbone. You hid your flushed face in the crook of his neck, tickling him in the process. Then you wrapped your arms around him, just under his wings and started caressing his back and he let out another sigh of content. A sudden rush of boldness came to you and you slide one of your hand under Warren’s shirt and put it on the same spot where it previously was.

You felt him stiffen a bit when your skin touched his but he relaxed when you started to rub the patch of skin between his wings. It was his turn to blush, the girl he loved was touching him in probably the most private area of his body. It meant a lot to him, the thing he was ashamed about so little time ago was appreciated by the person he loved the most. He relaxed more into your embrace, the feeling of your skin on his soothing him to the point where his eyelids became heavy.

He shifted closer to you and his nose brushed against the skin of your neck. You looked at him in the corner of your eyes and saw him smiling goofily. His happiness was probably contagious because you found yourself mirroring his smile. Warren made you weak in the knees and made a bunch of butterflies erupt in your stomach everytime you see him.

You turn your head toward his and press a kiss to his forehead while passing your hand through his hair with a cautious touch as if he was made of glass. Warren nuzzled his face even more into your neck and you let out a small giggle when he nose tickled you. Then the angel kissed the skin he brushed with his nose a moment ago. And with your hand still tangled in his golden locks, you brought him even closer that he already was. He took your action as an invitation and started kissing your neck gently, slowly moving up to the spot below your ear.

You were still caressing his hair and your other hand, that was rubbing his back was now making its way to the base of one of his wings. You caressed the spot , asking for permission and when he kissed your cheek, you start caressing the baby feathers at the base of his wing and going further and further. When you reached the bigger feathers, Warren extended his wing to give you a better access, his wing was slightly shaking from pleasure under your touch.

Then you heard it. The words that you thought you’d never hear. The words that made you weak, and not only in the knees.

-“ I love you” Warren let out as a whisper

You interrupted your movements to register what just happened and if it really happened. When you didn’t give any kind of reaction, Warren tensed up. You felt a wave of warmth spreading in your whole body and your stomach became infested by butterflies. Your face was probably scarlet and you felt yourself smiling even wider than before. Then you realized that the angel, laying on top of you, just confessed his feelings for you and that he was probably feeling rejected because of your lack of reaction.

So you took back the hand that was previously on his wing and brought it to his face. You lightly pulled on his hair and with your other hand you gently pushed his head off of you, he obliged and you were now faces only inches apart. You examined him; his golden mane was disheveled because of how many times you ran your through it, his cheeks were rosy and his eyes glossy. With your hand, still on his cheek, you caressed it with your thumb and smiled at him.

-“ I love you too” you whispered back, looking straight into his beautiful blue orbs. A smile slowly illuminated his face and the tears, that he was previously fighting, spilled out of his eyes and rolled on his cheeks, some of them falling on your face. Warren closed the gap between the two of you and kissed you, the kiss was as soft as his feathers and made of all the feelings he has buried deep inside of him. After he’d been rejected by everyone in his past, Warren finally found the person that didn’t even think about a world without her precious angel by her side.

Wings and Ash

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Requested by anonymous: If requests are still open can you write a Warren x Reader imagine where the reader has some dangerous mutation and tries to push everyone away, but Warren somehow ends up getting her to open up, love your imagines!

Pairing: Warren Worthington iii x reader
Warnings: insecurities, angst
Fandom: X-Men

A freak amongst freaks. That was the perfect way to describe you. Even for a mutant your powers were quite dangerous. Anything you touched with your bare skin turned to ash. You wore gloves sure and that helped but people still avoided going anywhere near you. You didn’t blame them but that didn’t mean you didn’t feel alone. You thought that coming to the school would give you a sense of belonging but you’ve yet feel that way. In fact you felt worse since coming here.

Today you were sitting under a tree reading a novel. You often did this. The stories were sort of an escape. However today there happened to be a lot of students walking around the grounds and you couldn’t help but overhear their whispers as they passed.

“Matt watch it” a boy hissed to his friend “go anywhere near her and she’ll kill you”.

“What a freak” whispered another girl.

“Kind of feel bad for her” said another “try getting a boyfriend with powers like that. She’d kiss a guy and he’d be a pile of dirt in seconds”.

Your hands squeezed into fists and angry tears formed in your eyes. You weren’t angry with the people around you, you were angry with the curse you were given. It was a painful truth but they were correct. Even if you did manage to find someone who cared for you you’d never be able to have your first kiss without killing someone.

All of a sudden it became dark. Strange it was only noon. It shouldn’t be dark already. When you looked up you realized a figure was flying up above. That’s what created the shadow. The figure soon landed a few feet in front of you and that’s when you got a good look at him. It was a boy about the same age as you, he had curly blonde hair, he wore a black leather jacket, and beautiful white angel like wings were attached to his back. You couldn’t help but feel mesmerized. Those wings of his made him look like he’s just come from the heavens.

You weren’t sure how long you had been staring but when his eyes met yours you started to panic. He smirked and you looked back down at the pages of your book, trying to pretend like you were reading. You were shaking as you felt the boys broad shadow appear over you.

“Like what you see?”.

You nervously looked up “what?”.

“Hey I’m use to girls staring at me” the boy continued cockily “but I don’t think I know you”. No wonder he was talking to you. He had no idea who you were or what you could do.
“What’s your name?”. “[Y/N] and I wasn’t staring at you” you insisted. However it was plainly obvious you were lying.

“Right… I’m Warren in case you were curious”.

“I wasn’t”.

Ignoring how cold you were acting Warren sat next to you on the grass. You tried desperately to look anywhere else but Warren’s face, you had feeling if you did you’d get lost in his eyes. Warren was silent for a moment as if he was trying to think of something to discuss.
“What’s with the gloves” he questioned pointing at your hands.

You started to fidget.
“I ah… I just like them” you lied.

You immediately felt bad after the fact. Anyone who was around you deserved to know the truth about how dangerous you were but it’s been so long since someone’s wanted to talk to you, much less be around you. Even if you didn’t want to admit it you didn’t want him to leave. You didn’t want him to run away from you like everyone else.

“What sort of powers do you have?” Warren went on to ask.

You gulped, a sickening feeling forming in your stomach.
“Why do you want to know. Why do you feel the need to interrogate me huh?”.
It came out nastier than you had intended.

“I was just curious jeez” Warren said looking away.

You sighed regretting how rude you had acted. Guess you weren’t use to interacting with others.
“Sorry it’s just… you don’t want to know about my powers”.

“And why’s that?”.

You didn’t answer but unfortunately you wouldn’t have to either.

“Ah Warren” you both looked over to see Scott Summers standing a safe distance away.
“Can I talk to you for a second?”.

Warren nodded than walked over to his friend. Cyclops talked to him a low voice, probably so you couldn’t hear but you already knew what they were talking about. Scott was warning him. Warren’s eyes wondered from Scott to you. A few more intense minutes went by before Warren walked back over to you. Scott had already hurried away so it was just the two of you.

You looked down sadly.
“So are you going to tell me I’m a freak or are you just going to run away?” You asked miserably.

Warren didn’t say anything right away.
“You could have told me”.

“What?” You relied wiping away the tears that had already started to drip down your face.

Warren chuckled.
“I’m not going to call you a freak or anything. I’ve seen a lot of freaky powers when I was in cage fights. You shouldn’t be scared of yourself”.
You blinked in surprise. It’s been so long since someone’s treated you like an actually human being. More tears started to form in your eyes but this time they were full of joy.
“Besides” Warren said another laugh escaping his lips “I like freaky girls”.

Synthesis (pt 1) ᶠᵒʳᵐᵃᶫᶫʸ ᵇᶫᵉᶰᵈ ᵇᵃᵇʸ ᵈᵃᵈᵈʸ

You stand, hands interlaced and resting on your swollen stomach. You weren’t showing that much yet, but just the bulge gave you a comfort that a few months ago, you would have thought was now impossible. But being pregnant also struck fear into your heart. It made you think of 10k. You didn’t know where he was. Whether he was even still alive. You were worried enough about giving birth and raising a child in the goddamn apocalypse, and you’d have to do that alone. You wished that you’d had a chance to tell him. Maybe he would have fought harder to get back to you, to both of you. With a shake of your head, you pull your jumper tight around you. You couldn’t blame it on him. None of it.

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The Dream

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Title: The Dream

A/N: This is a prequel to The Protector! I’m also having a hard time finding gifs for Warren from Apocalypse so I just picked this one. I hope that it’s okay? This was requested by @shimmer-cat

Pairing: Warren Worthington III x Reader

Words: 820

Warnings: Fluff!!!!!

When you opened your eyes you laid still for a moment, the arm around you combined with the weight of it and the feathery wings as a make-shift blanket proved that you weren’t having a premonition. How long had it been since you’d had such a peaceful nights sleep? Before you met Warren, that was for sure. Of course you had seen him coming, so that was at least a few months before you actually met. Rolling over you looked at his sleeping form. He looked so peaceful, so angelic. You played with his curly hair for a moment, thinking about the past few months living with him how much your life had changed. The two of you had clicked almost instantly, he was very protective of you the moment he found out about your ability. Always being sure that you were fine, that you knew the difference between the real world and your premonitions. Warren was the only person that you told how they made you feel. So trapped and alone, so unsure.

Until you met him you never could tell the difference. Even your parents couldn’t get you to believe which was real. Warren early on suggested a game for the two of you to play, you called it ‘Real or Dream’. It was simple enough, when you woke up from a really bad premonition or a very real one you asked him real or dream. If it was real he’d say so. You had met Warren in a premonition since you came up with this game, when you had asked him he merely smirked at you. Even with this game it was hard for you to really believe. You had to use your senses, things felt different in a premonition, had a different weight. Textures were also different, not gone completely but very faint. The only thing that didn’t seem to be hampered in a premonition was your sense of smell or taste.

Blinking a few times your eyes watered from being open for to long. To you it didn’t matter. You wanted to stare at Warren for as long as you could. Normally your mind was going so fast that you could barely keep up let alone pay attention to the details of the world around you. So every chance that your mind was calm you focused in on him. Always him. He was your light at the end of the tunnel. Pulling your hand down his face lightly you traced his cheek bones and jaw line, before resting at his neck. Breathing in deeply you filled you senses with him, letting your eyes close as you scooted closer to him basking in his warmth. The arm around you tightened, his wings stretching before wrapping around you again.

It took a moment before his eyes snapped open, before he was fully awake. But when they did he instantly went into full protective mode. “(Name). What happened?” Warren pulled back from you trying to look at your face. Groaning lightly at your loss of heat you cuddled right back into him. “Feather, what was it? How can I help?” Chuckling silently didn’t help the matter, because it looked and felt like you were crying. Warren quickly put a finger under your chin, lifting your head up to wipe away your tears stopped suddenly in shock. You weren’t crying, you were laughing. He didn’t understand. “Wha-”

“Nothing Warren. Nothing happened.” Giving him a sweet kiss you placed your forehead on his. “I didn’t have a premonition.” The joy could be seen clearly in his eyes. The arm around you tightening, crushing you against him. Warren feathered kisses over your face causing you to laugh even more. After a moment the two of you just laid next to each other, arms and legs tangled together, wings blocking you from the outside world. “I had a normal dream.” You voice was wistful like you couldn’t believe that you could have normal dreams. And in truth you couldn’t.

“What was it about?” Warren sounded so serene, like nothing could go wrong in the world at this moment.

“Us.” Running your hand through his wings you could feel them tremble. “When we first met.” You clarified. “The premonitions I had until we did. How I expected you to be.”

Warren chuckled, his chest rumbling. “Did I meet your expectations?”

A warm smile grew on your face, your heart hammering in your chest the way it did when you first met him. “You are that and everything more.” The two of you shared a smile before you wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. It was simple yet passionate and it caused you both to lose your breath. “You were my guardian angel before I even knew you. My protector, my savior, my light.” When your eyes met your breath caught in your throat. “My Archangel.”

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Just imagine this: Nathan trying to flirt with Warren, trying to be smooth while leaning against a door and then crashing through said door. Warren laughing and then leaning down to kiss his head. "That was sweet of you to open the door for me." "Shut it."

Another yawn built itself up in his throat and he tried to repress it. He tapped his foot in a rapid rhythm, tears forming in his eyes from swallowing back his yawn. He rubbed at his tired eyes before looking down the hall once more. He still wasn’t here.

Nathan had stayed up late last night again. He had been doing something productive, though. Well, sort of. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone, not even Warren, but he had been looking up pickup lines last night. Nerd pick up lines.
The very thought was embarrassing, but Nathan had a good reason. Warren was always using such clever lines, some so complicated that Nathan didn’t quite understand but got the gist. Nathan, on the other hand, wasn’t so good with words. He liked actions. He wanted to kiss? He kissed him. He wanted to cuddle? Nathan pulled Warren back to the bed to cuddle. He wanted to heat things up? He had Warren’s clothes off before he could say anything clever.

Yeah, words weren’t Nathan’s thing, but he wanted to get better. He wasn’t oblivious, and he knew that Warren wished that he’d be more open to talking. So, what better way than to smooth talk him with stupid pick up lines?

It’s wasn’t Nathan’s first choice, but he had to start somewhere.

The only issue was that nerdy pick up lines were hard to memorize. Like, the first one he found was about square roots and being unreal or irrational, but Nathan knew he would mess it up. He wanted to impress and flatter Warren, not make of fool of himself and earn a science or math lesson.

He eventually found one that was simple, short and easy to remember, and he would just have to find the perfect opportunity. Just as Nathan pushed off the wall and looked over at the doors, Warren came walking in with that small grin that always seemed to be formed on his lips. Nathan felt his own lips twitch up as his pulse quickened.

Warren approached him, pulling out his keys. “Waiting for me by my dorm? My, my, look who’s getting bold?” Warren teased. Nathan rolled his eyes.

“No one’s around.” Nathan bit his lip, wondering if he should just blurt it out. No, that’s not something that you just blurt out. Nathan sighed.

“Still,” Warren playfully slapped him with the lanyard that held his keys, and Nathan caught it. Warren unlocked his door, gently tugging the lanyard, but Nathan kept a firm grip.

Nathan swallowed harshly, figuring now was a good time. Nathan jerked the lanyard, and Warren allowed himself to be pulled forward, cautiously glancing around the dorm. Nathan ducked down and pressed a light kiss against his jawline. Warren sighed, “Bold.” Nathan hummed, pressing Warren back against the frame of the door, heat surrounding them. God, Warren was always so damn warm.

Nathan pulled back, locking their gazes. “You know something Warren…” Nathan murmured.

Nathan leaned his side lightly against Warren’s door before pushing back his embarrassment and whispering, “You turn my software into hardwa- ah!”

Nathan had put his full weight into leaning against the door, and he hadn’t realized that Warren had unlocked and opened it. Warren’s warmth was gone, and he was greeted by the cold hard ground of Warren’s bedroom. At the realization of what happened, Nathan froze. Even his heart stopped.

The heavy silence was broken by Warren’s soft chuckle. His chuckle wasn’t mocking, and for that Nathan was grateful. Though, it did nothing to salvage the remains of Nathan’s nonexistent pride.

Nathan didn’t move, he just kept his face buried uncomfortable in Warren’s carpet. He felt Warren step over him, and kneel beside him. A comforting hand ran through his hair, and kiss was placed upon his head.

“That was sweet of you to open the door for me.”

“Shut it.” Nathan’s muffed voice grumbled.

“What? The door? You’re feet are in the way.” Warren teased.

“Your face.”

“Don’t tell me your hardware has softened, because that would be very disappointing.”

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College AU where Nathan is a writer who shares a flat with the aspiring scientist Warren and both are fascinated with each other. Warren spoke in concrete terms while Nathan tended to talk in abstract, however both could understand what the other was saying. It wasn't long before their fascination with each other moved to the fascination of the other's body and the exploration of it.

Oooo, I like it.
It starts out simply.
Warren asks Nathan, one day, if he can proof read his research paper and something about making sure the unscientific mind understood it- to which Nathan took offense to but said nothing.
He reads it, handing back the paper, covered in red ink and suggestions. Warren is shocked and vaguely irritated. Last time he asks a fucking English major to proofread his paper, Amirite. The irritation melts away, though, when Warren reads over the corrections and suggestions and realizes they make way more sense. He edits his paper as he sees fit, handing the new draft off to Nathan when he feels satisfied.
Warren gets it back the next morning, only a few punctuation errors corrected, when Nathan slides it across the table at breakfast, commenting that it was much better and that his “unscientific mind understood it perfectly.”
Warren thinks that’s that, until a distraught Nathan, at three in the morning, knocks on his room door and hastily shoves a very long draft of something into his arms. He doesn’t even have to ask, knowing that Nathan is insecure in his latest work - he’s seen this behavior before but is surprised that it’s now directed at him. Nathan demands he read it /now/, standing there in the door way, where Nathan can watch him. Nathan won’t hear of anything else, “i /need/ to see the emotion on your face, Warren. I need to know.”
So Warren does. It takes him a half hour to read and his feet are aching from standing in the same place for so long, but he’s shocked that Nathan could feel insecure in this body of work. Written there is the story of a girl, a mother, driven to the brink of insanity by her abusive husband. It’s very reminiscent of the Yellow Wallpaper, the influence of Nathan’s favorite short story clear on the work, but written in much, much more romantic prose. Warren wonders if the work is vaguely autobiographical, finding the father figure to resemble the picture of Sean Nathan had painted in late night drinking sessions. Warren tells him it’s perfect. Nathan, seemingly finding comfort in Warren’s emotional reactions, remarks that no body of work is perfect until the author is dead, because only then can changes cease to be made.
Warren laughs at how poetic Nathan is, telling him to go the fuck to sleep.
And thus starts a routine; Nathan proofreads Warren’s papers and reports, and Warren offers commentary in the margins of Nathan’s latest manuscript. At first they ask, careful to intrude on the other’s time. Then, they don’t. Warren finds a copy of Nathan’s latest piece, an uncharacteristicaly erotic stream of conscious piece of prose which Warren vaguely feels is about him, sitting on his desk with a sticky note asking him to detail his reactions on the paper. Warren does this, returns the paper to Nathan with a copy of his latest research paper.
A sort of bond is formed in this; Nathan being so trusting of Warren to read his first drafts, where his emotions dominate the work, and Warren being so trusting of Nathan to not fuck him over.
One day, they’re sitting at the table at breakfast; Nathan is drinking tea and reading some book while Warren reads through his latest draft when Warren pauses.
“Hm?” He asks, without looking up.
“Do you…” He hesitates here, sounds unsure, causing Nathan to look up, “do you write about me?”
Nathan is silent for a minute, lips pursed. “Who else would I write about?” He finally answers, as if it’s the simplest thing in the world.
Warren is surprised, not having expected Nathan to have actually been referring to him of all people in his latest body of (largely homoerotic) work.
“… Y-you want to fuck me?” He stutters out after a moment, face flushing with realization.
“Why are you acting surprised?”
“I didn’t realize I was your type.”
“You’re not.”
Warren scoffs, “thanks.”
“Does it matter if you’re my type? I want you to fuck me, I want -..” He trailed off, for once at a loss for words.
Warren is silent, waiting for Nathan to finish his sentence. He doesn’t.
“Okay.” Warren states.
“We can fuck.”
So they fuck. Not then. it doesn’t happen right away. It’s spontaneous, Nathan grabbing Warren by the collar of his shirt while he’s studying for an exam one evening. Warren, later, wished he had protested after getting a C on said exam, but ultimately didn’t regret the decision.
They started sleeping together often, getting drunk together on the couch and fucking on the floor. It’s messy and Nathan is, unsurprisingly, passionate and rough in his actions. Warren is, surprisingly, rough in his.
It is Warren that asks the Question, the what are we question?
Nathan remarks that he didn’t know Warren was /that/ guy.
Warren tells Nathan not to avoid the question.
Nathan is quiet, thinking.
“What ever the fuck you want us to be.”
Warren smiles, a big dorky grin on his face that Nathan struggles not to smile back at.
“Cool. You’re my boyfriend then.”
“I’m your boyfriend.” Nathan affirms, going back to his book.
And thus started their very long, very passionate relationship.