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Grey’s Anatomy Cast attends The Paley Center For Media’s 34th Annual PaleyFest Los Angeles at Dolby Theatre on March 19, 2017 in Hollywood, California.

Dear Alex,
Don’t be an asshole and listen to Jo, let her finish, before saying any of your asshole-y words.

Dear Jo,
Just tell Alex already, come on, maybe your husband will get prosecuted too and grey’s can turn into a show about trials, that’d be fun.

Dear Meredith,
Tell Maggie you slept with Riggs, you just told her you won’t lie and then you lied after literally 2 minutes. Also, the least you can do is root for omelia, hours ago you were telling amelia she might be right and we can have more than 1 love, stop being so bipolar.

Dear Riggs,
Slow down, okay? And maybe stop being that attractive.

Dear Amelia and Owen,
CONGRATULATIONS BABIES and now give us actual babies, it’s time, you’re moving too fast already, and everyone on grey’s got babies at the v wrong time, you could too.

Dear Japril,
Continue being cute, don’t screw it up, thanks.

Dear Catherine,
I used to love you, stop being a stuck up bitch.

Dear Arizona,
You should be there to help Alex. I miss you. Hope you’re having fun in NY

Dear Bailey,
Nothing, I love you.

Dear Ben,
Man, stop being so irrelevant ???


“Who am I to say we only have one great love in our life” - Meredith

Grey's Anatomy 11x15 "I Feel The Earth Move" SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE

Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital felt the Earth move in this episode literally. An earthquake hit the hospital and the consequences gave us a great hour of television. I thought this episode was really funny, we got to see more of Maggie, who I found extremely adorkable, she’s awkward in a way that’s endearing. Callie is back to being the funny, sarcastic person we all love. We got some major developments in the Owen and Amelia ship, which was great because I really like them together. Finally Meredith, this episode was about her getting back to who she was outside of her marriage and now she realizes that she’s ready and she wants to share it with Derek, but (there’s always a but) turns out the Merder ship is sinking, if what we heard at the end turns out to be true I’m talking Iceberg/Titanic SINKING SHIP! Let’s hope the writers were only messing with us, but honestly this episode did make me realize that Amelia isn’t the only one living in the shadow of Derek, Meredith lives there too.Sometimes we forget she’s a fantastic surgeon and without Derek she truly shines as proven in this episode. Don’t hate me, I love Merder and I hope they can work it out, but things are looking pretty grim. Can’t wait to see this play out.

Here is my recap:

-First, Meredith is operating she was supposed to go to D.C to visit Derek but she put it off because one of her patients needed her.

-Jo is practically stalking Meredith, turns out Jo found out Meredith hasn’t lost a single patient since November.

-Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital IS HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE! 

-Maggie is stuck in an elevator with a cute doctor ( in grey’s anatomy world we all know where this is headed), Ethan is a radiologist who happens to be flirting with Maggie who looks seriously uncomfortable.

-Miranda is insisting Ben call his sister to check on her or go to the trans family support group so he can understand what’s happening to his sister. Ben doesn’t want to go and he snaps at Miranda.

-Aww Jackson is recruiting Ben to the Plastics Posse, I haven’t heard that name in a long time (me *cries* because I remember how much I loved Jackson and Mark together they were great). Jackson is keeping the promise he made to Mark that the Plastics Posse would live on!

-April is back!! She’s busy doing what she does best handling the E.R.!

-Callie and Maggie are treating a very sexually active elderly woman with a broken hip, I loved her she was HILARIOUS! 

- Karev and Meredith have two patients Brian (the Dad) and Micah (his soon to be stepson) also there Brian’s daughter Danielle and Karen (Micah’s mom) , okay now that I’ve explained the complicated family tree here it gets more complicated. Turns out this family was out on a skiing trip gone wrong plus the kids hate each other and they also hate their soon to be step parents.Needless to say this family is in TROUBLE!

-Arizona gives us an update on Herman she’s doing fine “learning how not to bump into things” she sends a special message to Arizona “don’t kill any babies” Sounds like Herman.

-Hunt takes a call from an 11 yer old girl, her mom is in serious trouble. Ruby tried to call 911 but it was busy, so now she’s asking Owen for help and he agrees.

-Hunt is on the phone with Ruby but people are being loud, a very feisty April tells let’s change that to yells “He said QUIET!” and everyone shuts up!

-Owen is transferring Ruby’s call to trauma 2 and he’s praying (so are we) that he doesn’t screw it up! He doesn’t and he practically tackles Amelia to get to the phone!

-Ruby’s mom isn’t getting any air and she doesn’t have a landline so 911 can’t trace the call.

- Brian (the Dad) tells Meredith that the kids aren’t getting along. Meredith says “Sometimes adversity can a family stronger” he responds “Or tear it apart”

-Awww Jackson is teaching Ben everything Mark taught him!

-They’re trying to open Ruby’s mom airway. There is nothing in her mouth and the Heimlich maneuver didn’t work. Amelia and Owen don’t know what to say to Ruby.

-Callie and Maggie’s patient has two fractures in her femur. Callie proposes to operate and change the “hardware” so she can have full flexibility, Maggie disagrees she thinks the surgery is to big of a risk. The lady asks Maggie “Are you getting laid?!” she adds “What’s the point of living if you can’t try something new”. She wants the surgery.

-Maggie is angry at Callie because she didn’t run the surgery plan by her, Maggie thinks the risk is too big. Callie says “She’s a healthy, vibrant woman she deserves the best quality of life we can give her if she wants a new hip it’s her call” Maggie responds “So she can get laid! Really, really?”. Finally, Callie decides to reevaluate and see if there’s another option.

-Ruby’s mom has a tension pneumothorax. Owen is going to ask 11 year old Ruby to insert a tube in her mom’s chest in order for her to breath but he has to hurry Ruby’s cellphone battery is running out.

-Micah is crashing, Meredith continues her streak by saving him. She orders Edwards and Wilson to prep and O.R.

-Owen, Amelia and Webber are walking Ruby on how to insert a straw into her mom’s chest so she can breath!! She does it but it doesn’t work, so now Owen is teaching Ruby how to do CPR (poor kid it’s going to cost a fortune worth of therapy to get over this)! 

-Ethan (remember him our flirty elevator radiologist) says “Yikes, that hip took a heck of a pounding” (me *laughed so hard*) a laughing Callie answers “Oh, Ethan you have no idea”.Callie finds another way to solve her patients fracture and she also notices Ethan flirting with Maggie.

-Ethan asks Maggie on a date. The conversation gets really awkward and a bit adorable. Maggie says no.

-Meredith tells Karen (Micah’s mom) that her son needs surgery, they need to remove his spleen now. Karen is angry at Brian for convincing them to go on that trip.

-Owen, Amelia and Webber are singing “Staying Alive” so Ruby can follow the beat and continues to perform CPR ( I was thinking REALLY! Out of all the songs you could have picked, that was the appropriate one?!)

-Ruby’s phone dies but a helicopter is on the way to help her. Owen is waiting for Ruby to call him back!

-Alex is telling Meredith her marriage is in a rut, Meredith retaliates by remembering his past relationships in front of Wilson: Izzie “the cancer marriage”, Ava “who peed on her couch” and the nurse “who had syphilis”.

-Meredith says “My world does not and should not revolve around Derek” Alex responds “Alright fine, you have a happy marriage with no husband in it”

-Callie is operating on her patient, she brings up Ethan, Maggie says he’s not her type. Callie calls Maggie a snob.

-Owen gets a call and Ruby’s mom arrives at the hospital. Owen meets Ruby she gives him a big hug (it was really sweet).

-Amelia is operating on Ruby’s mom but she’s crashing.

-Jackson tells Ben that for his patients change isn’t a choice it’s a chance. You have to talk to them and listen.

-Maggie tells Callie she doesn’t date, she’s fine on her own a little lonely but that’s okay. Callie answers “that’s a load of crap” and she tells Maggie that shes scared.

-Jo tells Meredith about her streak 89 surgeries in a row with good outcomes, 22 were traumas since November 14th.

-Meredith realizes she has been perfect, she hasn’t lost a single patient since the day Derek left. She tells Alex “You’re right I’m better off without him”

-Owen is hanging out with Ruby. Amelia comes out of surgery and informs Ruby her mom is going to be fine.

-Ben calls his sister and apologizes to Miranda for snapping at her.

-Callie and Maggie’s patient gives them some advice “You girls, you have healthy hips put them to good use”.Maggie decides to take the advice and she agrees to go on a date with Ethan.

-Owen and Amelia are hugging, then there’s some kissing, Oh and other stuff!!!

-Meredith tells Karev “I don’t need Derek, my kids are happy, my career is soaring.Derek going to D.C did what it was supposed to do remind me who I am outside of my marriage, which by the way I’m kind of amazing, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to share it with him”

-Finally, Meredith calls Derek and a woman answers the phone. WAIT A SECOND IS DEREK CHEATING!!! OH BOY!!

Can’t wait for next week!

totally uncool.

from uncool to bad to lamest of lame to almost crap.

as I was sadly expecting the code pink lasted about two seconds, not even long enough to justify the amount of build up it got. so disappointing.

I’m not even going to dignify how bad the first episode was because the other one happened right happened right after to make up for it (barely).

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it wasn’t intense and it wasn’t one that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it was one of those that just falls under the category of skip-during-marathons, so, in other words, worse than bad. it falls right with the musical and the the arc last year when Derek died - wait, this is the second two-hour thing they manage to screw up? it sure seems that way.

Ben Warren has always been one of those character that is just there for me, like, he’s not my favorite and I wouldn’t cry any tears if he died or left. he’s meh. now he’s become a bad doctor, an arrogant jackass and has come out of this astronomic mess with special treatment, again. (I believe he didn’t see the doors open, but two people died because of what he did and he shows no remorse at all - I would have quit and gone pet sea turtles had it been me.)

April was fired for a much lesser mistake that caused a woman’s life.

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but Bailey was amazing. as per usual

Maggie telling Owen off was much needed, she was kinda badass.

Japril is all rainbows and unicorns and I’m so proud of Jackson.

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the Riggs and Owen drama has overstayed its welcome. I mean, seriously, it was interesting at first and it was about time Owen got something going on of his own. BUT the result is that Amelia relapsed and got kicked out, also thanks to that she’s moved back in so that’s even. Meredith’s right, though, he’s driving himself crazy and it did cost him Amelia in the end (so far) as well as his credibility with a few people, cause he’s coming off as a madman. it seems Riggs lied by omission and Owen is hung up on it, blaming himself more than Riggs at intervals, and it’s destroying him, and we’ve already seen that with his PTSD and the plane crash, so writers, please throw in something new, like perhaps - oh, I heard he wanted babies? any chance that’s happening?

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also, go Arizona

seriously, how does Callie get off assuming Sofia is moving with her? they are her parents, both of them and it’s just not fair. I know this is build up for Calzona (and I’m glad), but damn. Callie has been so unCallie lately it’s uuuuuuugh.

and Callie and Penny had me throw up in my mouth, like, please staahp. Owen and Meredith have more chemistry than them and it was just uuuuuuuuuuugggggh.

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and when the grandma was talking about her son dying, her baby dying with Amelia standing right there, I thought, hey maybe they remember Amelia lost her son too and mentions something or maybe put in a fraction of a second where we see her face do something and we know, but naw.

grey’s sisters. nothing to add. they’re just awesome. (also, grey’s sisters + Alex is even better).

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and I want Shepwards back with aaalll the drama