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Z Nation meme | four relationships [¼]  —– Murphy and Warren

I’m counting on you.

A day in the life of Mare Barrow
  • <p> <b>Kilorn:</b> I think I have feelings for you...<p/><b>Maven:</b> YOU WILL BE MINE<p/><b>Cal:</b> I love you<p/><b>Mare:</b> Haha nice one guys, I choose no one<p/><b>Cal:</b> Why you always lying *winks*<p/></p>

Sometimes the only way to defeat your enemy, is to b e c o m e your enemy.

A Little Death - Warren Worthington III

words - 1,659

pairing - warren worthington iii x fem!reader

warnings - pure smut, daddy kink, bondage, oral (fr), thigh riding, edging

a/n - this is the kinkiest thing i’ve ever written (inspired by a little death by the neighborhood) and now i need to bath myself in holy water :))))))

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Your breath came out in short gasps, goosebumps raising on your skin as you squirmed, pulling your arms against the pieces of pink silk holding your wrists to the bedpost. Warren’s fingers trailed themselves up your thigh, avoiding the area that craved them most, and worked his way up to your lips. His thumb stopped on your lip, parting your lips slightly, your tongue darting out quickly, before taking the tip of his finger into your mouth.

He groaned, tilting his head to the side a fraction, before he pulled the finger away from your mouth, the warmth of his body leaving yours. He laid on his stomach between your legs, which were tied to the other side of the bed, the same pink ribbons adorning your ankles. He dragged a knuckle from your knee up to your core, lightly brushing against the neglected bundle of nerves at the top. Your breathing hitched as your fingers wrapped tightly around the soft ribbons, pulling slightly.

A low chuckle left his mouth, his breath fanning across your thighs, sending yet another shudder up your spine. You whimpered, jaw clenched tight as his thumb hovered slightly over your clit, but never put the slightest bit of pressure. “Warren, please.”

“‘Please’ what babydoll?” He said, a smirk gracing his angelic features. “You’re going to have to be a lot more specific than that.”

“Please, touch me. You’re being such a tease.” You drew in a sharp breath as his hand rested on your inner thigh.

“Touch you like…this? Is this what you want?” He ran his hand up and down your thigh, the side of his thumb barely brushing your aching core, but not enough to give you any relief. “If you want something, you gotta ask for it.”

You took a deep breath, trying to steady your shaky voice. “Please, touch me. I-I want you to make me feel good, daddy.”

His eyes darkened as he drew his bottom lip between his teeth. His hand stopped on your upper thigh, before traveling down to your sex. His thumb pressed down on your clit, before making small, slow circles around the sensitive nub. He grinned at you before ducking his head down, lips trailing over your inner thigh to where his thumb was currently working. He slowly slid his index finger down your lips, before circling your entrance.

You moaned, legs already shaking and straining against the smooth ties. His mouth devoured your core as his finger slowly slipped in, pumping in and out a few times before curling it in a ‘come-here’ motion.

The feeling of his fingers and oh-so-sinful mouth of his working you at the same time sent you spiraling. He felt your walls clench as you teetered on the edge of euphoria, before pulling away quickly, leaving you dangling on the edge. You whimpered, hips bucking in a futile attempt to gain some friction. “Uh huh, little girl. You’re not coming that easily. You gotta work for it.”

He climbed off the bed, walking around to the end of it, before gently untying your ankles. He stood at your feet, rubbing slow, soothing circles into the skin of your ankles before moving up to your head and repeating the same actions with your wrists. He carefully pulled you up into a sitting position, thumbs rubbing small circles on the back of your hands. He sat at the edge of the bed before gently lifting you up and placing you on his thigh, the denim rough against the smooth skin of your inner thighs. He placed his hands on your hips, gripping them tightly, as he pressed you firm against the muscle of his thigh. “Fuck yourself on my thigh.”

Your breath caught in your throat as your eyes immediately locked with his.

“You heard me right, kitten,” he chuckled, fingertips digging into the skin on the side of your hips. He used his hands to move them back and forth on his thigh, causing you to gasp at the friction. He stopped, but his hands stayed where they were. “Fuck yourself on my thigh.”

You placed your hands on his shoulders, gaining leverage before you began to drag your core along his thigh, breathing hard and ragged. You started out slow, but you gradually gained speed, leaving a line of wetness along Warren’s jeans. He groaned as your hips stuttered against his thigh, legs shaking, the wetness practically dripping from your core seeping through the fabric. Your body began to heat up as you neared your peak, the knot beginning to form in the pit of your stomach. A few more drags along the ridges of his thigh and You broke, back arching, pressing your chest against his, as your body trembled, fingers digging into his shoulders.

He grunted as he hauled you up and placed you back on the bed before stepping away from it once more. The bulge in his jeans prominent as he undid the belt, taking his sweet, sweet time while giving you a little show. He draped the belt over the end of the bed before unbuttoning his jeans and pulling down the zipper. He smirked as he saw your eyes dart to that little patch of skin peeking out from under his briefs.

Youn one slow, yet fluid motion he began to pull down his jeans, his wings lightly brushing the wall behind him, his briefs lowering with his pants. His member stood at attention, tip red and dripping. A small moan left the back of your throat as he motioned for you to go to him. You got up and took a couple steps towards him. He grabbed your forearms, turning your back to him, before pushing me face first on the plush bed. He kept your arms behind your back as he shuffled around behind you.

You soon felt the cold leather of his black belt wrap around your wrists a few times, before he secured it tightly. He gripped his cock, brushing it against your folds, before prodding your entrance. A choked-off whimper left your throat, as your fingers tried to grab onto him despite knowing he was out of reach. “Warren p-”

A resounding smack landed on your ass, a moan erupting from your half-open mouth, your body already shaking. “What was that, princess?”

You took a shaky breath, trying to regain some semblance of your composure and dignity, before speaking. “Daddy, please, daddy. I need you.”

“I told you before, babygirl, you gotta use your words. What is it you want?”

“I-” You paused, clenching your jaw as he shifted his hips, hard member rubbing against your wet core. “I-I need you to fuck me, daddy. Please, daddy.”

He let out a shaky breath, the grip his hands had on your hips tightening.”As you wish, princess.”

He buried himself in you in a single, plunging stroke. He stilled, groaning as your walls clenched and constricted his cock, the sound causing another aching wave to travel straight to your core. He slowly began to thrust, in and out, making sure you could accommodate his size. As he felt you loosen slightly, your body more relaxed, he began to piston his hips against yours vigorously. You moaned loudly as his hand made contact with your ass once more before grabbing a handful of it and using it to pull you closer to him.

“No coming until I tell you, right babygirl?” He ground out between gritted teeth.

“Y-yes, daddy.”

You felt that familiar heat travel to your lower stomach, your grip on your fingers tightening, as you let out a choked-off moan. He thrusted hard, then stopped, grinding his hips against your ass. He pulled out and quickly undid the belt before flipping you over and plunging into you once more. He fucked in and out of you, your colliding hips causing the obscene skin-to-skin sound to reverberate through the room. He trailed his hand up your chest, finger flicking quickly over your nipple, before wrapping around your throat, tightening slightly.

His hips stuttered against yours as he tilted his head back. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, the combined pressure of his cock moving in and out and his hand around your throat sending endorphins to every inch of your body. He released your neck, allowing you to draw in a breath, as you desperately tried to postpone your orgasm.

“Daddy, I-I can’t-”

He growled, hand landing hard on your ass once more. “Go ahead, princess. I’m right behind you.”

You cried his name as your orgasm hit you hard, body convulsing and back arching off the bed. He leaned down, burying his face in your shoulder as he growled. He quickly pulled out and jerked himself, his come landing across your abdomen and breasts. His wings stretched out behind him, longest feathers barely brushing the floor, and he worked himself through his orgasm. You laid on the bed, chest heaving, body tired and spent. You heard his groan before everything was still, the only sound in the room being your combined pants.

You felt the bed dip and him kiss your forehead before he padded out of the room, feet thudding along the wood flooring. He came back with a wet washcloth and slowly and carefully wiped away the mess on your torso, before making his way down to your core.

When he was done he threw the washcloth in the wash basket, opened your drawer and grabbed a pair of panties and one of his old band shirts. He slipped the pink lace up your legs and over your hips, before helping you sit up and slipping the shirt over your head. He put on a pair of sweats and climbed in the bed beside you, wrapping his arm around your waist while pressing a kiss to your shoulder.

“You alright, princess?”

You nodded, turning around to face him in his arms and pressing a soft kiss to his lips, before burying your face in his chest, your breathing evening out.

I am obviously really glad that Moonlight ended up winning Best Picture, but as an Old Hollywood fan at the same time I feel really sorry for Warren Beatty. He’s a legendary actor and director, and his directorial comeback was completely disregarded by the Academy. Even aside from that they made a point to hype up his Bonnie and Clyde reunion with Faye Dunaway, and again it was overshadowed. I’m obviously not positive but I think he read what was on the envelope and felt too embarrassed to admit that any mistake was made in front of millions of people, so he stalled until Faye Dunaway read the name. What upset me the most though was that after everyone realized that there was a mistake, no one let Warren or Faye, the PRESENTERS, read the correct name themselves. Someone from the crew of La La Land  LITERALLY SNATCHED THE CARD WITH THE CORRECT NAME FROM HIS HAND and with it took Warren’s chance to redeem himself away from him too, and I find that really upsetting. After the lack of acclaim for Rules Don’t Apply, he may never get the chance to step on that stage again, and I find it really heartbreaking that he may very well go down in history as the guy who read the wrong Best Picture winner (when technically he didn’t even read the name himself).

Warren Worthington III Bird HCs

@v-writings​ I’m living for all these Warren hcs, especially the ones that emphasize the bird-like qualities & quirks!  It’s also nice since my presentation today was :/ alright. So! I’ll also bring in some little birdy things too like how:

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Mare at some point
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Mare:</b>  It’s over, we won.<p/><b></b> [Cal, Kilorn, Farley and Julian motion to warn Mare about Maven's army behind her]<p/><b>Mare:</b>  No. We won. I’m not turning around and looking at it. We won.<p/></p><p/></p>
Take Flight

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

Take Flight

Author: Morgan

Prompt(s): “So I was thinking of a Warren Worthington imagine where the reader is a mutant with blue jay wings and doesn’t know how to fly so she is teased a lot. After noticing, Warren decides to teach her how to fly?” and “Angel request! Please do one where the reader has wings as well but they’re more tiny and frail than his. He’s very excited to see someone similar to his mutation but the reader isn’t too happy with her wings and constantly hides them? They have a soryt of connection right off the bat when they meet in the school.” and “Hey! Can you do an Angel (XMA) x Reader where you just got your mutation and its wings so Angel teaches you how to fly??”

Note: Awwwwwwwww this is cute

Warnings: Minor swears.

It had been three weeks since you got your mutation. Three weeks since a pair of blue feathery wings had torn through the skin on your back. It still hurt like hell. Every time you touched the skin, it felt like it was on fire.

You shook your head, ignoring the thoughts of the others around you. They thought it was funny you couldn’t fly. They teased you for it. Even in a school full of mutants, you still didn’t belong.

“Hey there,” you looked up from your book, meeting eyes with a very handsome stranger. He had fluffy curly blonde hair, clear blue eyes, a strong jaw. Behind him stretched a pair of magnificent white wings. They looked strong, like they could carry him through the sky effortlessly. Your wings paled in comparison. “I’m Warren,”

“(Y/N),” you introduced, offering a shy smile.

“I couldn’t help but notice your wings,” he smirked, flexing one of his own wings.

“Yeah, well, don’t be too impressed. They don’t work,” You replied, picking at the grass.

“What do you mean they don’t work?” Warren asked, taking a seat in the grass in front of you.

“I can’t fly.”

“Do you want me to teach you?” he offered after a pause. You nodded. He took your hands and helped you to stand. “I couldn’t fly for a long time either.”

“But your wings are so big,” you whispered, reaching out to touch one. He held it closer to you, letting you stroke his soft feathers.

“Size has nothing to do with it. Trust me.” he stated, looking into your eyes. You felt your heart flutter. God, he was hot. “Let me see your wingspan.”

You spread your wings as far as they would go, but even then, the feathers only reached the tips of your fingers. His were twice as long as yours.

“They’re not strong enough.” you shook your head. “I haven’t even had them for a month.”

“Late bloomer?”

“You could say that, yeah,” you shrugged. “I just…I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Follow my lead, okay?” he told you. His wings shook, rising and falling as they lifted him off of the ground. Great gusts of wind blew your hair around. He was powerful. Much more powerful than you.

But nonetheless, you tried. At first, nothing seemed to happen, but after about thirty seconds, your feet left the ground.

“Move them faster,” he instructed. You did. You rose further from the grass and closer to him. “That’s it. Easy does it.” Soon, you were flying right in front of him, facing him. He reached out and pressed his hand to yours. “I am so proud of you.”

“I’m not some little kid, Warren.”

“I know. But look at how high we are. You did that in one day.” you looked down at the courtyard, so far below the two of you.

“Well, I had a great teacher. Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.” he smirked.


Peter looked up at the pair of you from across the courtyard.

“Hey, it looks like Wings has a soft spot for the new girl,” He poked Scott in the arm.

“Warren? Being nice to someone? That’s new.” Scott laughed, watching as he taught you to fly.

“Maybe he’s in love,” Kurt suggested. “I mean, he has been making googly eyes at her from across the courtyard for zhree veeks now.”

“True,” Peter stated. He stretched, cracking his fingers. “Now it’s time for this silver-haired cupid to get to work…”