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No ones gonna see this but for all Bernie supporters: please stop. I understand and believe everyone should stand up for their opinions, but not voting for Hilary Clinton and writing in Bernie Sanders’ name or voting for a third party candidate will ensure a trump victory. Trust me when you aren’t voting Clinton, you are voting for trump. We saw this in 2004 with John Kerry. The DNC clearly crossed a line with those emails, but as it is shown through those leaks, Clinton had no part in it. She ultimately won fair and square. We need to join together for the sake of our country. If you really believe what you’re preaching about and you all are really so woke, do what’s best. The only way I see voting against Hillary for the sake of supporting Bernie is selfish. I can’t stress this enough… A VOTE AGAINST CLINTON IS A VOTE FOR TRUMP. Let’s be realistic about this. Hillary isn’t the best but we can all agree she’s much better than Trump.

This is what I was in DC to support and these Senators just voted NO! They voted for the Rich instead of helping the next generation of home owners, car owners, employers, small businesses, and parents to be able to refinance their student loans. This type of actions will be felt for a long time. We must stand up and demand the passing of the Warren Bill. It is important to all current and future students… Don’t let their inaction be forgotten. Send a strong message!

So, comiXology is having a Vertigo sale, and I thought that I would chime in on it with some recommendations of my favorites.

The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, Kelley Jones, Charles Vess, Shawn McManus, Colleen Doran, P. Craig Russell, Jill Thompson, Marc Hempel, Michael Zulli and a host of others - This is still my favorite work from Neil Gaiman, and one of my favorite comics of all time. I’m sure I can’t say anything about this book that hasn’t been said before, so I’ll just say that it’s wonderful and I love it and you should read it. I’ve bought this series in five different formats so far, because I keep loaning the books out and never getting them back. At least the digital editions will be mine forever.

Preacher by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon - A tale of love and friendship … and religion and murder and betrayal and even a guy with a face that looks like an arse. Also it has some of the best dialogue I’ve ever read.

Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Steven Bissette and John Totleben - Alan Moore’s run on this book was groundbreaking and redefined the character. I also recommend the later run by Mark Millar and Phil Hester.

Fables by Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha - This book never failed to entertain me and I loved it when I encountered new literary characters through this series. Also, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha produce some of the best art of their careers together here.

Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Flex MentalloThe Invisibles and We3 by Grant Morrison, Chaz Truog, Richard Case, Frank Quitely and many others - Doom Patrol, Flex Mentallo, and The Invisibles will blow your mind. We3 will break your heart. And Animal Man will make Buddy Baker one of your favorite characters. Read them all.

Astro City by Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson and Alex Ross - In my opinion, the best series about superheroes EVER. Kurt Busiek tells superhero stories here in ways you’ll never read anywhere else. Also, he consistently makes me care about his characters in every story, which is not an easy feat. I recommend this book to new comics readers all the time.

I’d love to write more about these series, but instead I’ll just recommend some more with a few words:

iZombie by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred - kooky stories involving a cute zombie gravedigger

The Losers by Andy Diggle and Jock - action and intrigue and awesome art

The Unwritten by Mike Carey and Peter Gross - a must-read for literature majors

The Sheriff of Babylon by Tom King and Mitch Gerads - wartime crime drama in the middle east

American Vampire by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque - a vampire story set throughout the history of the United States

Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra - a man and his monkey are the last males on earth

Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson - journalism and politics in the near future and the writing is amazing

Clean Room by Gail Simone and Jon Davis-Hunt - Gail Simone at her darkest

Shade, the Changing Man by Peter Milligan, Chris Bachalo and many others - a Steve Ditko creation gets totally reinvented

Sandman Mystery Theatre by Matt Wagner, Steven Seagle and Guy Davis - excellent crime stories featuring Wesley Dodds, the original Sandman

Congratulations Trump voters,

You made Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren incredibly relevant on a national level again.

You made Hillary Clinton into a martyr.

You made Barack Obama look like a God in comparison to our future President.

We’ll see you in 2018 and 2020,
‘Whiny’ Liberals

On Wednesday, Republicans blocked Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bill to provide much-needed relief to anyone with a student loan. If the Bank on Students Act had passed, borrowers could have refinanced their loans just like homeowners, paid for by a tax on millionaires.
—  From an email I just received. Sad. Let’s make our voices heard about this tumblr. ..this effects amost all of us on here.

President Obama Signs an Executive Action on College Affordability

This comes after receiving unrelenting pressure from Elizabeth Warren and her allies on the issue of student loan reform by the way. After a long and tumultuous battle in the Senate over the Bank on Student Loans bill which Senator Warren authored and first introduced in 2013, it was ultimately filibustered by Senate Republicans in 2014, but the fight for college affordability moves on…

Once and for all: Hillary Clinton is NOT corrupted by Wall Street
On numerous occasions, Bernie has mockingly said he would release the transcripts of his paid speeches. He then proceeds to flail his arms in the air, proud of the fact he has never been offered money for his thoughts [probably because he is rather...

On numerous occasions, Bernie has mockingly said he would release the transcripts of his paid speeches. He then proceeds to flail his arms in the air, proud of the fact he has never been offered money for his thoughts [probably because he is rather ineffective at achieving progress]. Point is — those that are in Congress are not legally allowed to give paid speeches due to conflict of interest. Hillary Rodham Clinton never gave a single paid speech while she served as First Lady, New York Senator, or Secretary of State.  

The “Wall Street speech” attack is nothing more than a McCarthy-style smear. Character assassination. Innuendo.  

Bernie was unable to give even one concrete example of how these speeches corrupted Hillary Clinton, proving this Wall Street attack is nothing more than an artful smear. Designed to raise questions where there are none. Innuendo at its finest.

However, some Bernie supporters use Hillary’s bankruptcy vote as an example of her supposed “corruption.”

“My experience has been that whenever you closely examine the attacks on Hillary, whether they come from the left or the right, they break apart under scrutiny.” ~Zachary Leven

Hillary voted for a version of the bankruptcy bill after working with Congress to include amendments directly addressing Elizabeth Warren’s concerns about the bill — specifically those regarding women and children. The bill then went to the Republican-controlled House, which removed the amendments protecting women and children. When the bill was sent back to the Senate, Democrats [including Hillary] filibustered the bill. Later, a finalized version of the bill passed without Hillary’s support.

Voting for one version of a bill that never passed is not proof of corruption. The bottom line is: Hillary voted for one version of the bankruptcy bill which addressed the exact concerns that worried Elizabeth Warren — concerns regarding women and children. A finalized version of the bill, which removed the provisions protecting women and children, passed without Hillary’s support. Period.

Fundamentally, though, Bernie doesn’t believe you can take money and not be bought, which is why he has consistently mocked Hillary Clinton for forcefully telling Wall Street [prior to the crash] that their behavior regarding mortgages and derivatives needed to change.

Here is Hillary’s speech warning Wall Street on derivatives:

But isn’t it the height of irony and hypocrisy that Hillary is criticized for only “talking” to Wall Street about their risky behavior? “Talking” is about all Bernie Sanders has done during his entire career with regards to income inequality and corporate greed. Hypocrite?

Point is — when Hillary was First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, she never gave paid speeches. However, after she left public office, she *DID* give paid speeches — just as other successful men and women have done. Hillary should wear these speaking fees as a badge of honor — her brilliant career should be given the same worth as successful men who charge similar and often much larger amounts. Is the root of this attack sexism? 

At the end of the day, the Clintons paid a 35.7% tax rate [40 million in total taxes] over the last 7 years. They built their success from the ground up, dating back to their days together at Yale Law School. Both Clintons embody the American dream of using their own talents to achieve success — but they have both never forgotten their roots and they both pay their fair share to a country that has given them so much. The Clintons want to pay their success forward to the next generation of Americans.

Mitt Romney, a man who was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth, paid a 14.1% tax rate. The Clintons, who came from humble beginnings [Bill came from a widowed single Mother and Hillary’s Father was a small business owner] paid a 35.7% tax rate [40 million in total taxes] over the last 7 years.

Why wouldn’t the Clintons hold Wall Street and others to the same standard they hold themselves to?

Ironic, isn’t it?

Hillary’s plans have been deemed by experts to be tougher and more comprehensive than Bernie’s. Hillary’s plans go right after the root causes of the 2008 economic collapse: shadow baking and *DERIVATIVES*, something Hillary drew attention to back in 2007.

Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders, saw the writing on the wall in regards to the 2008 economic collapse — especially with regards to derivatives, something Bernie voted to deregulate in 2000:

Bernie voted to deregulate derivatives in the year 2000, one of the direct causes of the 2008 financial crash. Hillary Clinton, on the contrary, addressed derivatives prior to the crash:

Clinton said she “called for addressing risks of derivatives, cracking down on subprime mortgages and improving financial oversight” early on in the financial crisis.

The crisis hit a peak in summer 2008, though it started to gain traction in 2007. Clinton began addressing the subprime mortgage issue in her appearances in March 2007. Later that year, she took on derivatives. She also proposed specific plans for solving these problems and increasing oversight of financial institutions.


Rated by PolitiFact as TRUE.

Hillary Clinton has since called for the “Buffet Rule” and ending the “Romney Loophole.” I sincerely hope Bernie Sanders will endorse both of those ideas.

We also know Hillary fought for unions and a higher minimum wage as New York Senator despite corporate contributions, similar to President Obama passing Dodd-Frank despite having a super-pac and receiving corporate contributions.

Personally, I have no doubt in Hillary’s commitment to take on corporate America just as President Barack Obama did. Both have used super-pacs and both have received corporate contributions. Both have also never given paid speeches while in office, and both pay their fair share in taxes.

Hillary Clinton wants all wealthy people like herself to be held to a 35% tax-rate. In-fact, the Clintons tax-rate has averaged almost 40% over the last 10 years.

Having created hugely successful companies that have generated almost unimaginable wealth, Zuckerberg, Gates, and Buffett are sending a powerful message to Wall Street hedge-fund managers, Russian oligarchs, European industrialists, Arab oil sheiks, and anybody else who has accumulated a vast fortune: ‘From those to whom much is given, much is expected.’
A Final Debunking of Progressive Attacks on Hillary Rodham Clinton
First and foremost, despite Karl Rove and Republican super-pacs spending millions painting Bernie as “too liberal” [to build him up among progressive voters] and millions more linking Hillary to Wall Street [trying to vilify her among...

First and foremost, despite Karl Rove and Republican super-pacs spending millions painting Bernie as “too liberal” [to build him up among progressive voters] and millions more linking Hillary to Wall Street [trying to vilify her among progressives], let us remember Hillary and Bernie voted together 93% of the time:

Hillary also had a more liberal voting record than President Obama when they both were in the Senate.

Many of the videos you see of Hillary opposing gay marriage were posted by right-wing groups to turn liberals against her. Ironically, the clip most commonly used is from a speech Hillary was giving *AGAINST* amending our constitution to ban gay marriage — saying that though she opposes gay marriage in principle, she opposes amending our constitution. Context is everything.

Let us also remember President Obama, Vice President Biden, *AND* Bernie Sanders evolved on gay marriage. Bernie officially evolved on gay marriage in 2009. For Hillary to be vilified for her gay marriage evolution more than her male counterparts is the very definition of sexism. It is also proof Karl Rove is hurting Hillary among the very people that should be enthusiastically supporting her:

“The other party doesn’t want to run against her. And if they do, they’d like her as mangled up as possible.” ~President Bill Clinton

This is politics 101 — hurt your enemy from within. Karl Rove loves it. Remember — he was the mastermind behind electing George W. Bush. Don’t let yourself be used by Karl Rove again and become the Ralph Nader of this election! Always remember Hillary and Bernie voted together 93% of the time and that Republicans don’t hate the Clintons for nothing.

The last thing Republicans want is for the Clintons to get back in the White House. Even Bernie remembers the 1990s fondly:

Iraq War:

One of the most common attacks against Hillary from progressives is her vote on Iraq. Given that Donald Trump is attempting to use this vote against Hillary [despite Trump being on audio initially supporting the war], it is important to remember a few key facts.

If Bernie thought the Iraq war was such a mistake on Hillary’s part, why did he confirm her as Secretary of State?

It appears as though Bernie blamed Bush’s war on Bush when he confirmed Hillary as Secretary of State. However, like a typical politician, he is now blaming Bush’s war on Hillary for political gain. Fact is — Hillary gave Bush the authorization to go to war as a *last* resort. Bush went to war as a *first* resort. Bush did not allow the U.N. inspectors to finish their job, something he said he would allow them to do.

Hillary has stated countless times that she regrets giving Bush the authorization for war. But as the Senator of New York, she trusted him in the aftermath of 9/11, something most Americans regrettably did. Patriotism and trust was at an all-time high after 9/11/2001, and no one thought Bush would go into Iraq before the U.N. inspectors were finished. The authorization vote was being portrayed by Bush as nothing more than a tool of leverage against Iraq.

Hillary Clinton on the Iraq War:

“Well, I have said repeatedly that if I had known then what I know now, I never would have voted to give the president authority.

It was a mistake to trust George Bush that he would do what he told all of us he would do. … Now, I do not think that that is a necessarily wrong judgment at the time.

What was wrong is the way this president misused the authority that some of us here gave him. And that has been a tragedy.”

It is also important to look at Hillary’s full record, which includes being one of the few to advocate for the successful raid against Osama Bin Laden. It also includes imposing the toughest sanctions on Iran by convincing the Chinese and Russians to agree to them. Both the sanctions on Iran and killing Osama Bin Laden are two things the Bush Administration couldn’t get done. Furthermore, Hillary’s START treaty with Russia still exists today and she improved U.S. favorability worldwide by over 20 points. Without Hillary, the Iran nuclear deal would not be in existence today, something that is actively *PREVENTING* war.

At the end of the day, Hillary didn’t vote for the Iraq war. She gave Bush the authorization to go to war as a *LAST* resort, and only after the U.N. inspectors finished their job. The authorization vote was simply meant to be used as leverage against Iraq.

Given that Bernie confirmed Hillary as Secretary of State, it is obvious he is using the Iraq war for political gain. Anyone who closely followed history after 9/11 knows that Bush lied and people died. Period. Stop placing Bush’s war on Hillary for political gain.

Furthermore, invading Iraq wouldn’t have even been on the table if Al Gore had won in 2000 [thanks Nader]. And let us remember the Clinton Administration warned the Bush Administration of a Bin Laden air strike. Shortly after, George Bush ignored a memo titled “Bin Laden determined to strike inside U.S.”

If the Iraq war was such a huge issue, why did Bernie confirm Hillary as Secretary of State?
Bush lied. People died. Period. 

Trade Agreements:

Though Hillary supported her husbands trade agreements, as Senator of New York, the only trade agreement Hillary ever had the opportunity to vote on was CAFTA [Central American Trade Agreement]. Hillary voted *AGAINST* CAFTA. This important fact is often overlooked by the media and I’m not sure why.

But if we are going to have a liberal war on the 1990s, let’s us also remember what President Clinton did for American workers overall — the full record:

~23 million new jobs

~Incomes rising at every income level

~A balanced budget and surplus

~More Americans lifted out of poverty than at any time in U.S. history

Democrats always have to clean up Republican recessions:

  • Reagan/Bush Senior —> Clinton
  • Bush Jr. —> Obama  

Bernie has lots of blame for Democratic Presidents, yet Republicans are the ones that cause recessions and then halt recovery through *UNPRECEDENTED* obstructionism.I’d take a President Clinton or a President Obama over DUBYA any day of the week.

Minimum Wage:

Hillary supports legislation to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour. Bernie uses this against Hillary, saying he is in favor of a $15 dollar minimum wage. Basically, Bernie is using the argument of, “my number is higher than yours so I win!” But what Bernie is doing is exactly what a typical politician does: promise what will win you votes rather than tell the truth about what you can actually achieve. Hillary is being honest with voters in supporting the $12 legislation, while simultaneously supporting states such as California and New York that want to raise it to $15 on a state-by-state basis.

Th minimum wage is the perfect embodiment of the fundamental difference between Hillary and Bernie: Hillary is pragmatic about what can actually make a *REAL* difference in people’s lives. Meanwhile, Bernie seems as though he is “$15 or bust.” But the core point is Hillary has *ALWAYS* supported a $15 dollar minimum wage for certain places such as New York City. However, she simultaneously supports what Democratic women are trying to accomplish in Congress by submitting legislation to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour.

Bernie and his supporters don’t realize we have an obstructionist GOP Congress, and that many Southern voters would punish Democrats from conservative states if they voted for a $15 dollar national minimum wage. $12 is still a huge step forward, and will help 40+ million Americans get a raise. And if we amass a Democratic Congress from winning elections in places such as the South, we could likely get a $15 dollar minimum wage in the near future. Unfortunately, Bernie doesn’t think Southern states matter in taking back control of our government. Maybe that’s why he has been ineffective at passing any of his progressive goals over the last 30 years. Bernie is a changetalker. Hillary is a changemaker.

And for anyone that doubt Hillary’s authenticity and commitment to raising the minimum wage, here is Hillary supporting a minimum wage increase in the year 1992:


What has changed since Hillary first advocated for single-payer healthcare? The Affordable Care Act. Given the new circumstances, I’m glad Hillary will defend Obama’s legacy instead of going back to square one. In the current political landscape, the last thing we need to be doing is going backwards instead of forwards with regards to healthcare. 

For those too young to remember, Obama’s signature achievement is the Affordable Care Act, something the Democratic Party has been fighting for since Harry Truman. As evidenced by the Bernie campaign posting a vintage photo of Hillary fighting for universal healthcare in 1993, Hillary has the scars to show for this battle. Hillary Clinton knows firsthand that the Democratic nominee should be defending the Affordable Care Act, not going back to square one.

Remember: we barely passed the Affordable Care Act with majorities in both chambers of Congress. Let’s build on the Affordable Care Act instead of relitigating healthcare, a battle that isn’t wise to do in the current political environment. 

NANCY CORDES: “Secretary Clinton, back in 1994, you said that momentum for a single-payer system would sweep the country. That sounds Sandersesque. But you don’t feel that way anymore. Why not…“

“Well, the revolution never came. And I waited and I’ve got the scars to show for it.”

As Hillary noted, pandering to young voters with empty promises on issues such as healthcare will only further erode trust in our government:

“In my case, whether it’s healthcare, or getting us to debt-free tuition, or moving us toward paid family leave, I have been very specific about where I would raise the money, how much it would cost, and how I would move this agenda forward.

I’ve tried to be as specific to answer questions so that my proposals can be vetted, because I feel like we have to level with people for the very reason, Gwen, that you are mentioning. 

There is a great deal of skepticism about the federal government. I’m aware of that. It comes from the right, from the left, from people on all sides of the political spectrum.

So we have a special obligation to make clear what we stand for, which is why I think we should not make promises we can’t keep, because that will further alienate Americans from understanding and believing we can together make some real changes in people’s lives.”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

On the topic of healthcare, Hillary proves she possesses the political skill to take on the Tea Party whack-jobs, while also having the best plans to continue Obama’s progress. Meanwhile, Bernie’s over there talking about starting over from square-one, ignoring that we barely passed Obamacare with a Democratic majority.

Both Hillary [Hillarycare] and Obama [Obamacare] have the scars from fighting for universal healthcare. Maybe because Bernie doesn’t have the same scars, he doesn’t t understand the political realities of a GOP obstructionist Congress — a Congress progressives created by not helping down-ticket Democrats get elected, and by writing off places as the South as “too conservative to matter.” Luckily, the Clintons hail from Arkansas and know how instrumental the South is to creating the coalitions needed for the success of a progressive agenda in Congress.

The environment and fracking:

As Secretary of State, Hillary supported fracking as a transitional method to cleaner energy. Fracking is a temporary ‘bridge fuel’ that allows poorer nations to transition away from even worse pollutants. Yet again, Bernie doesn’t understand the big picture — the actual ways in which progress is actually made.

For instance, Obama and Hillary put together the strongest international agreement on climate change that has *EVER* been created: the Paris Agreement. Bernie is quick to criticize the agreement for not going far enough — an agreement which includes over 120 countries and took many years to put together. Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Paris Agreement during the Obama Administration’s first term.

Recently, Vice President Al Gore said this of the Paris Agreement:

"No agreement is perfect, and this one must be strengthened over time, but groups across every sector of society will now begin to reduce dangerous carbon pollution through the framework of this agreement.”
~Vice President Al Gore

For those that voted for Nader, just think of how much further along we would be on climate change [Al Gore’s signature cause] if he had become President in the year 2000 — if we had elected a 3rd consecutive Democratic President. But after 8 successful years of a Democrat in the White House, progressives felt comfortable enough in thumbing their nose at Al Gore, ultimately giving us George W. Bush. This progressive betrayal of the Clinton Administration destroyed any chance of *REAL* and *LASTING* progress in regards to climate change.

Furthermore, what about Bernie dumping Vermont’s toxic nuclear waste on a poor, latino Texas town?

If we are going to talk about the environment, let’s talk about each candidates *FULL* record.

Obama and Hillary put together the strongest international agreement on environmental protection ever: the Paris Agreement. 120 countries joined this agreement, yet Bernie loves to criticize the accomplishments of others for not being 100% progressive, for not going far enough — yet he has little accomplishments of his own to speak of. It’s easy to diagnose a problem, it’s even harder to fix a problem. It is also worth noting Bernie’s hands are far from clean when you take into account dumping Vermont’s nuclear waste on Sierra Blana, a poor Latino town in Texas.

Israelis vs. Palestinians:

Many love to criticize Hillary when she defends Israel, but the closest we were to achieving peace in the Middle East was under the Clinton Administration:

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, United States President Bill Clinton, and Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat

If we are going to launch a liberal war against the 1990s, let’s remember *EVERYTHING* that happened during the 1990s.

Personally, the photo of President Clinton with Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat speaks a thousand words. I remember seeing it in elementary school and thinking if only President Clinton could have remained in office and continued working towards peace and prosperity around the globe. Instead, however, we ended up with George Bush [rather than electing a 3rd consecutive Democratic President and continuing the progress of the Clinton Administration]. I guess progressives just got too comfortable after 8 years of a Democrat in the White House — 8 years of peace and prosperity.

1994 Crime Bill:

Ironically, Bernie cites his pragmatism when trying to explain away his 1994 crime bill vote. He says the Violence Against Women Act is one of the reasons he voted for the ‘94 crime bill. But if Bernie is able to use the Violence Against Women Act as a pragmatic excuse for why he voted for the bill, President Clinton also gets to use the same excuse for why he signed the bill.

If Bernie gets to use the Violence Against Women Act as an excuse, so does President Bill Clinton.

At the end of the day, Bernie is the only 2016 candidate that actually *VOTED* for the 1994 crime bill. Hillary supported her husband but then gets vilified as if she voted for it or something? Talk about a sexist double standard if there ever was one: Bernie, a man, votes for the actual bill that did the damage to African American communities. But Hillary, a woman, gets vilified for using one word she has since apologized for? Time and time again, there is one standard for Hillary Clinton, and another standard for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders voted for the ‘94 crime bill and needs to take ownership of that. And if he is going to cite pragmatism for why he voted for the crime bill, he is by definition endorsing the very same philosophy he says “ let progressives down.”  

You can’t have it both ways, Bernie.

Gay Marriage:

President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Senator Sanders all evolved on gay marriage. Why is Hillary, a woman, vilified more than her male counterparts? Bernie officially evolved on gay marriage in 2009.

Hillary Clinton worked closely with the Human Rights Campaign over the years on a variety of issues. Hillary was the first First Lady to march in a gay pride parade.

Here is Hillary marching in a few gay pride parades as Senator of New York:

Hillary fought for stronger hate crime and anti-discrimination laws as New York Senator:

In the U.S. Senate, Hillary championed hate crime legislation, fought for federal non-discrimination legislation to protect LGBT Americans in the workplace, and advocated for an end to restrictions that blocked LGBT Americans from adopting children.


As New York Senator Hillary has worked closely with the Human Rights Campaign, which is why she [and not Bernie] was invited to speak before them:

The applause is deafening. 

Hillary enacted lifesaving policies as Secretary of State to save LGBTQ lives around the globe:

As Secretary of State, Hillary advanced LGBT rights abroad and enforced stronger anti-discrimination regulations within the State Department, declaring on the global stage that “gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.

”She led the effort to pass the first-ever U.N. Resolution on LGBT Human Rights, launched the Global Equality Fund, ended State Department regulations that denied same-sex couples and their families equal rights, helped implement LGBT-friendly workplace policies, and updated the State Department’s policy so that transgender individuals’ passports reflect their true gender. 


Hillary’s Global Equality Fund is revolutionary and groundbreaking.

Hillary’s actions speak for themselves.

Don’t let Karl Rove brainwash progressives against Hillary. We can’t let them give us Trump like they gave us Bush. Never forget:

“Once and for all: Hillary Clinton is not corrupted by Wall Street”

Hillary is a changemaker. Not just a changetalker.

Go Hillary Go!!