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✯ warpspider

My muse wakes up in the middle of the night, only to find yours standing over them. Send ✯ for my muse’s reaction.

Something pulled at Radcliffe’s consciousness. He rolled over in bed, trying to force the feeling from his mind. Instinct wouldn’t let him. His eyes opened.

The Eldar was standing by his bed, looking down at him. Radcliffe’s body snapped into motion before his mind registered what he was doing. He rolled out of bed, tossing his sheets up as a distraction. His archeotech revolver shifted in its holster hanging from the wall, jerking suddenly to fly into the Inquisitor’s outstretched hand.

Radcliffe landed on his feet, pistol coming around to level itself between the Warp Spider’s eyes.

“What?” Radcliffe asked flatly.


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Warpspider (oi are you getting any of my messages about me responding in fan mail)

((No, I’m not, sorry man,))