You got on the wrong gaming board, filthy monkeigh.

(Imagine this table with 6 more jetbikes of conclave and heroes, two jetbikes looking like hoverboards, 8 incubi, 1 falcon that I’ll maybe convert into firestorm, 1 vyper, 1 venom, 10 scourges that will have a corsair look, 20 guardians to get corsair jump packs too, the triumvirate, at least 15 wyches, a FW avatar of Khaine and then a collection of oldhammer warpspiders, banshees and other few stuff that I can’t remember precisely and you’ll have my entire army including back log on there. It will never fit.)

[Possession] - Widowmaker x Tracer

I was in the mood for something a little different than my usual FFXIV sketches, so I thought - why not some dodgy Overwatch art?

Better even, this one has a story behind it - written by the lovely @alicienacorvin - so please go read below (and reblog)!

———————————————- <3

“Do not squirm so much, cheri,” Amélie said in a murmur.

Her voice was low and breathy, a purr that made Lena writhe even as she was told not to. Goosebumps raised across Lena’s skin as Amélie’s cool breath fanned across her neck. Lena huddled back against the taller woman, back arched and head bowed forward. Amélie’s lips brushed along her neck, up to the sensitive skin just behind her earlobe, and Lena let out a low groan.

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