Photo Credit: Adam Elmakias

I bugged Adam a bunch about getting this photo, little did I know he posted it to my facebook page 3 years ago and it must have gotten lost in the shuffle of things. I thought it was long lost. 

Adam, huge thanks dude. I had bigger plans for this photo back then but got more joy in finding it today 3 years later. Makes me miss those times and that summer.


Okay, it’s pretty cool that I get spammed pretty frequently- but my question is; hOW DO SOME OF YOU MANAGE TO GO SO FAR BACK JFC
also can I just say
I’ve gotten significantly better at edits- both video and pictures? Because holy fuck
Some of those old posts are bad 😂 I used to be damn obnoxious with my watermark 😂

Also, @snakearmy - here’s your throoowwwbaacck

#julietsimms #warpedtour2010 #automaticloveletter @thejulietsimms

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