My friend Katie and I were going to meet TSSF but we got there riiiight after they decided to stop signing for people. So we just stood there staring sadly at their tent til Kelen (their bassist) turned around and saw us. He made a lil pouty face back at us and Katie asked if we could have hugs. So we hugged him and it was gr8 (he smells nice k). 

Then later on we went by their tent again and Kelen was just sitting there and I was like omfg we gotta ask him to sign stuff now. So we diiidddd and he signed my paper all cute-like and he is officially my fave member of TSSF. I’ll post pics of the page but eeep he’s a babe.

so idk who i want to see on warped yet. like i know for sure i want to see attila and maybe motionless in white? but i’m also tempted to see neck deep, the story so far, and somewhat of mayday parade? maybe we are the in crowd? falling in reverse just bc ryan and i are friends?