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The WWA and OTRA tours as well as many of the promotional One Direction dates have been a very colourful success for Rainbow Direction and we could fill several books with the memories all of you made during your shows and beyond. Therefore, we felt it would be a great idea to keep the rainbows and pride colours coming while One Direction as a band is enjoying a well deserved hiatus. And after bringing the rainbows to Niall’s Jingle Ball shows last December, what would be more fitting than filling the venues of Harry’s Live On Tour shows with colours, pride and visibility?

Are you going to one of Harry’s Live On Tour shows? Want to bring your rainbows or pride colours with you and make your fellow LGBTQ+ Harry Styles and One Direction fans feel welcome and safe? Then you should represent Rainbow Direction for your show and do exactly that!

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Rainbow Direction concert FAQ (everything you need to know!)

We hope to see many of you joining in and can’t wait to see the rainbows return to the venues along with your joyful faces and happy hearts!

thank you to everyone who bought tickets to Tour One. the hope with these gigs is simply to be closer to you, in an atmosphere which we have not hung out together in a long while, or never before. 

the demand has been so overwhelming and these shows are now completely sold out in the UK. for anyone who did not get a ticket, we advise that you don’t try to purchase one through any secondary ticketing sites. original purchaser ID will be needed to get into the show and without it we cannot guarantee entry!