A post from Cloe’s Boyfriend Andy….

“Set It Off. I wanted to post this in memory of my love. From pass due to a massive heart attack due to blood clotting on July 3 at the age of 22. Probably the worlds biggest Set It Off fan. It funny becoming a fan by accented, trying to listen to someone else and then falling in love the the song of the band, Cloe Rose has been a huge from from almost the begging. Going to every concert she could. From Warp Tour in Chicago to concerts in Washington. From jumping for join when Uncontainable playing at Kauffman Stadium #RaisedRoyal when preparing for The MLB All-Star game. Introducing the band to many more people, including me. Managing a Set It Off blog on tumblr.

Guy I know you have fan all over the world. Will u do anything special her in her memory. I was planning on purposing to her this year. And one of my ideas would of been to see the band would help. But in her memory will the band do anything. The smallest thing would of made her the happiest girl in the world”


Yesterday’s Warped Tour was, simply put, amazing!

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MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

On July 19th 2014 at Vans Warped tour in Chicago, I got to meet Of Mice & Men. It was amazing! I told Austin how much their music means to me & how it saved my life. He just listened & told me to keep going & keep listening to music. I was almost in tears because I was so happy to be meeting my idols. I kept apologizing to them because I was about to cry & they just said “don’t worry about it” & “I love you” & other stuff like that. It meant so much to me to meet some of my idols, people who I look up to for so long, people who make music that save my life each & every day. They are always there for me. Then as I was walking away from the tent they were at, I saw you, Damon & Johnny walking to your tent & Yall waved & said hi to me!! That was awesome & I was so happy because the line was so long for the youtubers meeting I didn’t get to meet Yall, but seeing you guys acknowledged me made me so happy!! I love you & bands so much I hope to meet the youtubers at warped this year along with my favorite bands that are going (like set it off, Pierce the veil etc.). I’ll be at warped tour this year on July 25th in Chicago so if you see a short 17 year old with purple hair with black underneath say hello. Love you & thanks for listening if you read this! :) <3


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I got to meet Bryan Stars and Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade over the summer at Warped Tour in Chicago. I actually got my wristband to meet Derek while waiting in line for Bryan! Meeting these two made this the best day of my life. I had only watched Bryan’s videos for a short time but I instantly feel in love with what he dose and he always was able to but a smile on my face. Same goes for Derek and Mayday Parade. I had only started listing to them about half a year before Warped Tour. But I instantly feel in love with their music. Whenever I was having a bad day listing to Mayday Parade or watching Bryan’s videos will always fix it and that’s why meeting them was the best day of my life.