warped tour virginia


PVRIS during Vans Warped Tour 2015 in Virginia Beach

Studio To Stage


Here is the latest Pit Blog update from Warped Tour in Virginia Beach! Featuring Seaway, Citizen, an acoustic performance from PVRIS, and more!

Trace Cyrus is truly a beautiful human being, during warped tour at Virginia Beach this guy was physically fighting a girl over a free shirt tossed in the crowd and in the middle of his performance he jumped out into the crowd threaten to beat the shit out of the guy, which I know violence isn’t the answer but honestly he’s amazing.

I found this picture of me hugging Denis Stoff/Shaforostov! I asked the girl who posted it if she knew who had the original but she didn’t and I’m really trying to hunt it down for keeps sake. I’m elated that someone captured this and I want the original. Please help me find it! This was taken at the AA signing at the Virginia Beach date. Please reblog this to help me find the original picture! If you do find it, please submit it to me or tag me!