warped tour va

Trace Cyrus is truly a beautiful human being, during warped tour at Virginia Beach this guy was physically fighting a girl over a free shirt tossed in the crowd and in the middle of his performance he jumped out into the crowd threaten to beat the shit out of the guy, which I know violence isn’t the answer but honestly he’s amazing.

hey look at this picture of jack that I took at warped tour in VA beach in 2012!!!

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So I kinda wanna go to Warped Tour this year… But I don’t exactly wanna go alone. So at this point I’m looking for someone to go with me. Uhh I’m thinking we’ll stay in Va Beach two days. Get there the day before, hang out, site see, then go to the whole jank, stay over night in a kinda cheap overnight joint then leave in the morning. Of course, things will have to be smoothed out and I need to find out if I can actually go, buuut I really want to, so hit me up if you wanna go. Like seriously. It’s July 25th.