warped tour st. louis


I’m gonna take a good while to talk about this. The Story So Far. The band I wanted to see most at Warped Tour. This was the moment I had been waiting for all day. I had anticipated this for so long, and it was finally happening. I heard the first strum of a guitar through the loudspeaker and my heart almost jumped out of my chest because I knew that this was really happening. The band that got me through so much shit was finally about to be in front of me, playing the songs that I always listen to in my room to cheer me up while I’m crying and to keep me from doing really stupid things to myself; the songs that got me through the lies, the cheating, the heartbreak. These five men that saved me were on this stage; Parker, Kelen, Kevin, William, and Ryan. I didn’t have the greatest spot to watch them perform; I was kind of on the side of the stage toward the back, where nobody felt close enough to jam out. That didn’t stop me. I jumped, I screamed every single word of their songs, I closed my eyes and threw my hands up in the air, while everyone else around me pointed and laughed at me with their friends. None of that mattered to me. Even with all these people around, I felt like the only one in the crowd; alone with this band. I felt a deep, emotional connection with every word, every note, every song. Nobody could take that feeling away from me. During every song, I screamed my lungs out to every damn word because I felt every damn word in my heart. By the time their set was over, I had lost my voice. I was perfectly fine with that, though. No offense to any other bands, but The Story So Far was, without a doubt, my favorite band at Warped Tour this year.

I met Travis from We The Kings, too! He was in the parking lot playing soccer with Derek from Mayday Parade and he kicked the ball over the fence, almost hitting katie6598. She brought the ball back over to him and he was just like, “I’m so sorry, oh my god! I love you!” Then went back over to Derek and continues playing. About two minutes later, the ball comes flying over the fence again! This time, we started talking to him and he’s like, “I can’t help it! You know, I played soccer at Harvard for a semester. Then, I dropped out to join this band!”

So now I know that Travis Clark, lead singer of We The Kings, attended Harvard University for a semester! I also think it’s pretty cool that we both have the same facial sunburn! wethekings