warped tour st. louis

I was pacing between Juliet’s bus and the bus at the end of the line BVB’s bus was parked on (and I REALLY wish that I hadn’t been too afraid to ask for a pic with the other guys because we walked right past the bus and I saw Jinxx through the windshield.) when I saw Juliet and Andy walking to her bus. AND I FREAKED. I clammed up and I was shaking so hard and I kept telling my dad that I was terrified and he was telling me to ask them for a picture. And then when they got to the bus, before my dad could say anything, Juliet noticed me and was all like, “Aw….” And then my dad said, “My daughter’s too scared to ask, but can she take a picture with you two?” And Juliet’s like, “Absolutely!” And Andy said, “I like your shoes (they’re hightops with Joker on them).” And we took the pic and Juliet said that her t-shirt looks great on me and Andy said that it was nice meeting me. 

I mean, I look disgusting.



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On July 27, 2015, I attended Warped Tour in St. Louis for the third time. Now, I had never done a meet and greet in the past, like at all. This year I was well aware that the Warped YouTuber gang was going to be there. I had walked by the tent like 80 times, trying to see if anyone was there. (And debate when to buy a shirt, cause that was happening.)Well, then flash forward to about 4 pm where my gaggle of friends were sitting on the hill near the tent. I kept looking to the line, wondering if I should even bother getting in line, I could see the guys in it. At one point I said screw it and said the worst that could happen is I don’t see anyone. So, I hiked my happy butt up the hill and stood in line. Well, I made two friends while in line, and I kept thinking I wouldn’t make it through. I got to the front of the line and was told no one else could go through. I was disappointed, but thought there was always next year. But what surprised me was when Jordan walked over and said they couldn’t just leave when we were there in line still. I was beyond words at that point. Bryan had walked up but was ushered to his class, but I got a hug from Jordan, Damon and Johnnie. I kept thinking “They’re real. I’m not dreaming.” It was through Bryan that I learned of the others.I ended up with pictures with all of them, because you guys make me smile on a daily basis. The best part was when I was taking a picture with Johnnie and he was complaining about his hair and I turned to him, fluffed my bangs out and said “Do you SEE this ratchet mess?” It made my day. Their videos are the reason I’m going into film and being a communication major. But know this, I will get you next year Bryan. You guys, please never change.