warped tour md

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Warped Tour 2013 MD date I get in the venue and I head straight to the inflatable thingy to find out set times and the first one I’m interested in is Juliet Simms. I go to the stage and wait for her set and as the one band is wrapping up I see her on the side waiting for her set. I get all giddy and go over knowing that if I don’t I’d regret it. I go over and I call her name and motion for her and she gives me the “1 second” hand sign cuz she was in the middle of fixing her cup (like taping it cuz it was actually broken not like adjusting fixing). She comes over and I get a hug and I start talking loud (there was still a set going on) and fast cuz I was nervous. I was shaking as I told her about how my friend and I are fans of the guys (BVB) and how we adore her, and how my friend was being bullied for a multitude of reasons, one of those reasons being a fan of hers, by fans of bvb. She said that’s terrible and she thanked us for being fans and said she’d tell the guys what was going on for sure (which about a month later they released the unbroken t’s and sold them for the money for the bully project, now that’s either coincidence or she remembered to tell them) and I got another hug. I said how surreal it was meeting her in real life cuz I was so used to seeing her on a screen and asked her for a picture. She said of course and long story short I was so flustered I forgot phones had a selfie camera. She was so sweet and lovely and I got a lady boner watching her perform live (seriously if you get the chance see her live it will give you goosebumps) I absolutely love her and Andy is so lucky to have her. It was an amazing day. I also met Elliot Gruenburg (even though at the time I didn’t realize who he was) and John (BVB’s tour manager who scares the bajesus out of me) I’ll never forget that day.

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Hello! So at warped tour in Columbia, MD (7/18/15) I got to meet Set It Off and I got a poster signed by them. Since it was only a signing, there weren’t supposed to be any pictures, but my dad got a picture of hugging Cody (you can barely see him but whatever). They were all super happy and they were so nice. Maxx asked how I was doing and said that he hoped I had a good time that day, Cody hugged me, Dan said he liked that my hair was blue, and Zach was all smiley and it made my life pretty much. Set It Off has been the first band I’ve met; I was so nervous I made my friend go first! But overall, it was amazing; actually, beyond words. I love them so much!