warped tour 12


unfortunately whenever i think about all time low i’m also plagued with war flashbacks from 2012 bandom, warped tour ‘12, fuckign taylex and the several months of hysteria before dont panic came out. oh and the peak of jalex fanfic dont forget that

I just wanted to repost this with a story. 

After the car accident that made me lose my leg, Taking Back Sunday was contacted by one of my close friends, who informed them of how much I loved them. 

Taking Back Sunday has been my favorite band for almost a decade. They are hands down, the most consistent thing I have had in my life. I could always turn to them whenever I needed comfort, something to relate too, something to jam and dance around my room too, something to soothe nightmares, something to jam too on long drives, etc. 

With that information, let me formally tell the story for the first time on Tumblr.

Also, before I do, a BIG thank you to Michaela for bringing this to my attention. (I got to meet her and Shuffle at this Warped Tour too, and that also meant a lot to me)

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We arrived at warped tour around 12:15 am. Im Smiling so much. We get there and they took all our water bottle caps like wtf but anyways we get inside entrance 6 right now the Ernie ball stage. We walk straight and are totally lost. We ended up going to the stay wired stay happy tent first but Jason was not there so we went on our hunt for the youtubers tent couldn’t find it. We ended up watching falling in reverse,we the kings,bad rabbits and a few more. We were walking back at 2:49 and we run into a mini meet up. Jason,Ryan, Timmy, and Alex were there :) I was so happy. We hugged 4 times and I hugged/got hugged at least 15 times by Timmy and Alex each. We also bumped In to out came the wolves I said hi to Ervin and alec. Later on we ran into Alec and Austin we took pictures and he gave me 2 stickers. I gave Damon a huge hug and asked him to sign my shirt but he said he couldn’t and he would get In Trouble. I later ran In to him and he couldn’t even stop to take a picture he said he had to go get more film for his camera :(: my heart like broke. I hugged johnnie 4 times. I hugged Johnnie aleast 4 times. It was amazing to finally meet him after being a fan for 2 years. Its amazing to see someone who had once 10k go all the way up to 117K I hugged Bryan and he’s super tall he had to bend down to take a picture with me. I saw kate and cyr too. I also saw Jeffree but was in a rush so I didn’t get a picture. I meet so many people I was and am so happy. I got two shirts from the youtube tent. “Messy hair don’t care”-Damon they only had XL but I had to get it and I got one of Bryan’s shirts too bad johnnie didn’t come with it. Hahaha I spent $40 there and I went to the stay wired tent again I ran I to Alex and Timmy and I brought another shirt that reads “to rad to be sad” for $25 I also meet Bisante !!!!!!!!! The day was so much fun. Watching new band and popular ones. Meet the people who helped make an impact on out lives. Its amazing how we can all get together and enjoy Warped Tour without fearing to be judged because hell yea your weird. Idc I love being a “Freak” Normal is Lame

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