Pierce The Veil Please Warped Crowd

In recent years, seeing people sport Pierce The Veil shirts has become the usual. We tuned in for their set in Mountain View on June 20. Predictably, the San Diego band drew a massive, nearly undefinably large crowd. Early into their set, confetti cannons at the base of the Unicorn Stage erupted onto the first few rows of attendees. Check out more Warped coverage here.


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My name is Clarissa I’m 16 and I meet you today at warped tour in Arizona. It meant so much to me honestly. I grew up in a very violent household. At eight years old when I went to the doctor she told my parents I had depression. I can’t really remember my childhood too well and what I do its all bad stuff or seems like a dream…the last 2 years I was probably at my worst. I was to the point I didn’t give a fuck about anything anymore. Also when I was 8 my mom had gotten super religious. When she stopped doing drugs(last july) it became overly obsessive we’re not even allowed to celebrate Christmas anymore. She put me in a small weird christian homeschooling thing, I was in a bad relationship, had friends that treated me like shit and were bad influences, my grades were low, I was making bad choices always in trouble. Last summer in September I got caught sneaking out and I didn’t care I felt no pain just empty I got everything taken until January. I started watching your interviews when I was 11 and lots of youtubers but I stopped those 2 years or rarely watched. Also in January you posted a depression video on MDE. So when I finally got a phone back I started watching YouTube again and somehow came across that one. You were so real and I needed that. I also had an attitude change and 2 weeks later I cut off anyone who didn’t make me a better person, broke up with the guy, my grades got better(My GPA is at honors now) and I felt so much better! People even told me I looked better and knew nothing. Thank you so much you have no idea I really needed that you helped so many people. Now, I still get depression sometimes and have to deal with my mom getting more and more religious…but today was great my dad took me to warped and we stayed until 4 so my mom wouldn’t think anything suspicious. That probably wasn’t his scene but he knew how much this meant to me because my mom would never let me go so he took me for a few hours and even though I didn’t get to see my favorite bands it was honestly enough for me. I got to be me for a few hours not who my mom tries to make me. I am so sorry this was long I didn’t mean to rant that much


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