warped outfit

Upon becoming godtier there are 2-3 bonus levels. If you climb up higher you should get aesthetic improvements to actually look godly. The outfits should get increasingly intricate and other bonuses are rewarded

Basically you can go from Caliborn’s outfit to Lord English’s

Here are some things me, sone followers , and some friends made up

Get a summonable cloak connected to their aspect
Space- can summon anything in space
Time- rainbow colored, tears in accordance to tears in time
Void- infinitely deep, can store whatever the Lord wishes
Rage- ominous and foreboding, changes to look more aggressive and intimidating to match the Lord’s temperment

Aspect materializations form around them. If they max out they will gain the traits of their mentor (Jade’s dog ears, Handmaid’s clockwork majyyk eyes)
Space- miniature planets or meteors
Hope- St. Elmo’s fire burns around them
Heart- wisps float around them


Gain more pockets with each additional tier. They glow brighter the more aspect related items and trinkets they are wearing or are in their pockets. If they max out they have special summoning gloves that can summon aspect items.
Light- glow golden the more gold they have on them and any Light related objects
Void- glow dark blue the more silver they have on them and any Void related objects

Gain armor pieces related to their aspect. If they max out they get a full set. (Literally just look up knight godtier armor)
Blood- made stronger by each ally the Knight has. Drips if trying to look intimidating
Time- changes age and shine depending on their mood
Doom- cracked, has green glowing fissures

Their aspect crops up around them
Light- leaves embers and fireflies as they walk
Void- their shadow is larger and darker than it should be. At night it becomes infinitely black and appears to be a swirling abyss
Life- small plants spring up at their feet

Get summonable spell tomes and scrolls with aspect knowledge in them. They radiate aspect energy.
Void- the books leak infinitely black liquid
Heart- summons wisps
Rage- creates gentle haunting music
If they max out they receive runic tattoos for their aspect. Runes wrap around their wrist

Their eyes change
Space- you can see a galaxy in their eyes
Light- their pupils turn yellow and their sclera are pure white



Their hands glow their aspect, leaving glowing handprints of their aspect.
If they max out they get a magic satchel that summons and de-summons aspect related items. The satchel can be anything from a book bag to purse.
Space- holds a miniature universe. Can pull out mini versions of stars, planets, etc.
Heart- holds the keys to any heart, each key has a different pattern


Gain aspect related tattoos. If they max out they will have a special effect
Life- tattoos of plants and animals grow and change
Breath- wind/water tattoos that move and breath

Their aspect warps into their outfit, shrouding them from all sides
Space- made from a pocket dimension that absorbs all that would harm them
Void- portal to the furthest ring, can unleash horrerterror tentacles
Breath- floats freely, gently pushes a breeze around them that can grow into a storm

I probably won’t finish this post. If you want to add anything, tell me! If you make a list of your own, tell me!