warped buffalo

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So I attended the Buffalo, NY warped tour for the first time and I got to be front row to my favorite band Chelsea Grin! After there performance they where doing a signing and I got to be the 15th person in line! Once I got to the signing table I asked Alex to sign my wrist and he grabbed my arm and looked me in the eyes and said “promise me you’ll never do it again ” I was balling my eyes out and I replied “I promise” then he hugged me and signed my wrist. An hour after that I returned to the Chelsea grin merch tent and I saw Alex helping out the merch guy. I thanked him and we talked for a bit, then we took and picture together and I hugged him like 3 times. Alex stopped me from self harming. I used to self harm everyday and I haven’t since I met him.

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

This past warped tour in buffalo ny I finally got the chance to meet my idol, the man I’ve looked up to the past 5/6 years. I had been to several concerts and I’d gotten his signature but I hadn’t been able to get a picture with him due to him being hurt or me missing the meet and greets. that picture was the only thing I wanted so when warped tour 2014 rolled around and I found out David was teaching a band happy class, I figured this would be my way! My friend and I were the only ones who signed up and since she didn’t really know the band that well it was basically David and me at a picnic table backstage just talking about music, tattoos, band life and anything else I could manage to talk about. It was THE most incredible day, I couldn’t wrap my mind around it and I couldn’t seem to get the words out of how much he, the band, and their music really meant to me and how they changed my life. This will forever be my favorite day and my favorite picture. After waiting patiently for new albums and concerts I got to hang out with the most rad person I have ever met and it truly was an experience that I will never forget. He answered my questions and I showed him my matching tattoo and it was the most laid-back and most interesting conversation I’ve ever had. He was as respectful, kind, and funny as I’d imagined and even more handsome. I couldn’t be more grateful for him, that experience, the band, and the music who saved me one lyric at a time. Much love to my boys from Breathe Carolina!