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Raising Demons [Jungkook]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut; fluff
Words: 10324
Author: Chloe
Description: Summoning a demon had probably been a mistake on your part, but summoning a demon who couldn’t get turned on without setting the world on fire was probably the bigger mistake, if you really, really thought about it.

Author’s Note: This is my longest fic I got carried away again oh no I swear I don’t have a thing for demon aus at all oh no I was just so ready to please the people who wanted this (ahEm @taehxyung​ and @jvng-soheok)… please enjoy I have sinned for this…

Sequel to: Spellbound [Jungkook]

There were perks to dating a demon, that was for sure. You had a personal heater as long as they were around. They were amazingly strong, and agile, and ready to explore anything from the human realm, making each date interesting. Their tails could act as hangers or bag holders, and those personal souvenirs from hell were at the very least interesting, and at the very most extremely dangerous, and potentially a bringer of imminent death.

There were downsides to dating a demon — that you had to admit. These included the hell-smell that always seemed to somewhat linger, the weird recipes they seemed to love, and of course their tails, which would constantly light up on —


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chaserandseeker  asked:

Warp trails and fairly tails and 3 and 5?

What’s your favorite line of narration?

It is not quite habit yet, but he does turn towards the couch, as if he would see Tabitha perched there upon it, but it is as empty as it has been since they left that morning for the cafe.

Once, the house on Vulcan had been similarly quiet.  A calm before the storm, his mother had called it, rocking Tabitha in her arms as she paced the length of the hallway, from the kitchen down to Sarek’s study and back.  The door had been closed, his father hidden behind a thick weight of wood that Spock knew did not entirely drown out the noise of a restless, fussy infant.

But storms did not arrive to Vulcan like they do here on Earth, no hot haze of stagnant humidity heralding the arrival of thunderclaps and bolts of lightning streaked across the sky.  At home they rolled in across the expanse of the desert, gathering momentum in a grey cloud that cast no rain.

More often than not, a wailing Tabitha would be tipped towards him, her screaming only increased as Amanda had asked for a moment, two, a shower, a chance for a minute of quiet, leaving him there staring down at an open, gummy mouth, a body that fit the length of his forearm and yet raged with a twisting shriek that needed both hands to manage.  Perhaps he should have told Pike of that, standing on the veranda with his sister a contortion in his arms, a greater force in her than anything Spock could have imagined.

Really the third paragraph of that section is my fave, but I love the whole thing, especially cause Spock already misses his sister in that moment, even though she’s still on Earth, and it’s this really quiet, fairly quick glimpse of how he’s changed towards her in the span of the story so far.  Also also: gangly awkward teenage spock holding a baby.

What part was hardest to write?

Chapter 8.  I realized afterwards that it was so hard because during Chapter 7 they’d already spent most of their time at Spock’s grandmother’s house, and Chapter 8 was more of the same, so finding things to describe and for characters to do was really hard without the entire thing feeling stale.  If I had to do it over, I would have sent them on some type of day trip somewhere just to get them out of the house.  Lesson learned though, cause I ran into the same issue writing ‘so throw the gates wide open’ (SHAMELESS PLUG) and realized what was going on, kicked mccoy out of sickbay where he’d been hanging out for too many scenes, and everything got so much easier to write.

Here’s the interview with Nakamura Yuuichi, Gray’s voice actor. I’ve only summarized the parts which I felt were more interesting.

Monthly FT Magazine ©Mashima Hiro · Kodansha
Summary by thefairystales | DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE SOURCE Scanned by ajerzaaddict
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On acting as Gray

Gray is a character that is easy for him to voice, and he acts Gray out relatively naturally.

On Natsu

It’s easy for him to act alongside Natsu (Kakihara Tetsuya) since they’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s easy for them to ad-lib when asked to do so by the director. Gray and Natsu have both matured, and fight less these days.

On the relationship between Gray and Juvia

He thinks that there isn’t enough information on how Gray feels about Juvia, but they have good teamwork when they’re fighting together. He doesn’t feel that Gray likes Juvia romantically at this stage, but rather thinks of her as a close friend. Their relationship is ambiguous (“gray”), and he acts it out that way.

About Gray in the new season of the anime

He thinks of Gray as a character that supports others, and acts him out with that in mind. Gray is someone who helps Natsu and Lucy. He thinks that Gray has a rather tough position in the story. Natsu is the protagonist and a Dragon Slayer, while Erza is undisputedly the strongest female in Fairy Tail. Lucy’s special because she’s a Celestial Mage, and there are things that only she can do. He has thought about the things that only Gray is able to do, and acts out Gray while keeping that in mind.

A character he likes, excluding Gray

Natsu. There’s a lot about Natsu that has not been fleshed out, and he had asked the director about it. He was told that Mashima-sensei said that as the story digs deeper into Natsu’s background, it might be nearing its end. Natsu’s story is tied to the main plot. He thinks that Natsu is a mysterious character.

What he wants to do if he were Gray

Build a “Sapporo Snowman” in Hokkaido, and make ice sculptures for a living. He’ll only work in winter and take things easy the rest of the year. He’ll go to Okinawa in summer and try to make ice sculptures there. In other words, he wants to make full use of “Ice Make”.

What magic he’d like to have if he were a mage

“Time Warp”. He’s not good with planes and avoids flights that take more than an hour. He’ll be able to get to different places easily and be able to do more things if he would warp time.

M65 and M66
Nearby and bright, spiral galaxies M65 (top) and M66 stand out in this engaging cosmic snapshot. The pair are just 35 million light-years distant and around 100,000 light-years across, about the size of our own spiral Milky Way. While both exhibit prominent dust lanes sweeping along their broad spiral arms, M66 in particular is a striking contrast in red and blue hues; the telltale pinkish glow of hydrogen gas in star forming regions and young blue star clusters. M65 and M66 make up two thirds of the well-known Leo Triplet of galaxies with warps and tidal tails that offer evidence of the group’s past close encounters. The larger M66 has been host to four supernovae discovered since 1973.

Image Credit & Copyright: Bill Snyder (Heavens Mirror Observatory)

Sailor Hawekeye: Jeannie in Sandy Brown 124

Sailor Black Widow: Jane in Dark Copper Red 015

Sailor Iron Man: Venus in Natural Black 080

Sailor Thor: Buttercup in Titanium Blonde AR017

Sailor Captain America: Malinda in Pale Blonde 115

Sailor Loki: Buttercup in Black 064 and one pack of long wefts in Black 064

Sailor Coulson: Le Tigre in Warm Light Brown AR015

Sailor Avengers art by Ann Marcellino @annmarcellino

Hawkeye: Made wig smaller to fit head, cut and styled bangs. Did not use pony tail clip.

Black Widow: Nothing perfect right out of bag.

Iron Man:Trimmed  bangs and pulled back in to half pony tail.

Thor: Braided to small side pieces and pulled back the side ans pinned with wing clips.

Captain America: Pulled back in to french braid and curled two temple pieces.

Loki: Wig used right of bag, wefts used to cover hair horns on helmet. 

Coulson: Pulled back into low pony tail then warped in ribbon. 


Sailor Hawkeye: @angelsHellFire of @starwindcosplay

Sailor Black Widow: @taricalmcacil

Sailor Iron Man: @gennacider

Sailor Thor: @hellokittykait

Sailor Captain America: Mel Rubbo

Sailor Loki: @chaogasm

Sailor Coulson: @cheestte

Photographer: Nicholas Vernier  @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/128380832@N08/sets/

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