warp jump


1. What’s your favourite band?
2. What was your first gig?
3. Favourite pizza topping?
4. Name a band you haven’t seen but really want to.
5. Favourite live band?
6. Put your music player on shuffle and name the first 5 songs.
7. What do you hate about your town?
8. What is your opinion on Sheep/posers?
9. Neck deep or The Story So Far?
10. If you had a band, what would you name it?
11. How do you tell a girl you want to kiss her?
12. How many times a week do you feel navy blue?
13. Do your parents understand you?
14. How many band shirts do you own?
15. Chuck Taylors or Vans?
16. Ever experienced a time you met a band? What happened?
17. How many picks/drumsticks have you caught?
18. Throw down or punk jumps?
19. How many gigs have you been to?
20. Knuckle Puck tho?

Made a little questionnaire game thing.
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I know Prompto is the type of person to trust Noctis 100% if he had to do the jump into his arms thing, but I also can’t help but think that Noctis, when faced with the revelation that someone else does not trust Prompto in being capable enough to come through for Noct, would immediately warp-strike in Prompto’s direction and have Prom catch him.

Maybe they end up in a tangle on the floor after a moment because zero warning was given, but Prompto does catch him

Can’t Wait

 Request:Could you do a Peter Parker x reader where they live in separate buildings across the street from one another and they’ve talked a few times but one night Peter hears a crash outside and the reader is like limping home so he helps her and she explains she was like taking out the trash or something and they become friends and start dating a while after

Requested by: anon 

A/n; hope you like it anon! 

warning: fluff, swearing? 


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Peter’s pov

Peter climbed up to his floor of the old building he and his aunt lived in. He looked around to make sure that no one was looking. Even though it was 3 am you never knew who was out there.  

Peter climbed inside and closed his window, he took off his mask and threw it in a corner of his closet. 

Peter patched himself up and got ready for bed, he didn’t have a lot of bruises only one near his lip and few scars on his cheek. Other than that he was fine, Peter was glad that he didn’t have any serious injuries since he didn’t want May to find out. 

Peter climbed in his bed, he twisted and turned till he found the perfect spot and started to feel sleep take over him. Just when his eyes were giving up on him and he was going to fall asleep. A loud crash came from outside the window. 

Peter jolted out of bed, and walked to the window, he looked outside and saw a girl? It was Y/n, she lived in the building in front of them, he would see her all the time on his way to school and the way back. They didn’t really talk much they would share a few “hi” and “how are you’s” but that was it. 

Peter continued to look at her he didn’t want her to get hurt not on his watch. That’s when he realized that his neighbor was limping, he thought that it was most probably the crash he heard a second ago. 

Peter worried ran out through the window, he didn’t realize till later on that he didn’t have his spider suit and that now he was only Peter and not Spiderman. 

He wanted to run back and go get his suit but he couldn’t risk it, he needed to know if Y/n was safe and didn’t get hurt.

Peter found your limping from walking home and he ran as fast as his legs could have that moment. 

“H-Hi,” Peter said in a shaky breath, he didn’t mean to scare you but you could help but get started by his presence. “fuck- Peter it’s only you” you put your hand on your chest trying to calm your racing heart. 

“Sorry y/n didn’t mean to scare you. I heard a crash from my room and wanted to check it out, that’s when I saw you limping so thought I should come and help you out” Peter rubbed the back of his neck. 

Y/n smiled “ that’s so sweet thank you Peter” Peter smiled and offered to walk her home. Which she gladly accepted.

“So Y/n you never told me what were you doing in the middle of the night?’’  Y/n laughed and Peter looked at her confused but couldn’t stop the smile that was forming on his lips. 

“You see Peter I came to take out the trash,” she told him “wait why would you take out your trash at this hour?” you laughed once again. “I had some guest over and they left a few minutes ago, so my mom asked me to take out the trash since we were cleaning” Peter shook his head understandingly. 

Peter frowned, something was still bugging him “what’s wrong?” Y/n asked him. “I get why you went outside this late, then why were you limping?” peter looked at you “ well when I went to take out the trash I kinda..” Peter waited for  her to continue “don’t laugh ok?’’ Y/n raised her pinky in the air, Peter looked at her than her pinky. He smiled and hooked it with his own. 

“okay Y/n I won’t laugh” Y/n took a deep breath and spoke, “ my mom warned me that it was icy outside and it was really slippery near the garbage can” she looked at Peter to see if he was still listening, which he was. “so I may or may not slipped and fell right on my butt” Y/n looked at Peter he was trying hold in his laughter. “You can laugh Peter I know it’s funny,” she said and both of them looked at each other and started to laugh. 

They started to talk to more after that night, they would wait for one another in the morning and would walk to the subway together, since they didn’t go to the same school. 

They would also meet up after school and over the weekends. 

Y/n ended up changing school’s and now both her and Peter were in the same school and took the same classes. 

He ended up telling her about Spiderman as well, (they were best friends after all) “did it hurt?” she asked, wide eyes like a child on Christmas morning. Peter didn’t realize that his crush on her was growing bigger and bigger every day. “At first but then it stopped" he assured her.  

*3 years later*

“three years Peter can you believe it? We’ve been friends for three years now?” Y/n told Peter, they were sitting on the roof of Peter’s apartment building “yeah I can’t believe it” he said wrapping an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

“Y/n?” “hmm?” she said “I need to tell you something” Peter took a deep breath “what’s wrong Peter? is everything alright?” Y/n got worried. “Yeah everything is fine, well not really but ugh why is this so hard! ok, I’m just gonna say it, Y/n I have a crush on you I alway had one. Since day one and I want to know if you want to go out with me?”.

Y/n jumped and warped her arms around him “OMG yes Peter Yes I will go out with you” Peter laughed at her excitement and kissed her hard on the lips. 

“can’t wait”

Warp drives, or warp engines, are devices integrated into spacecraft, making them capable of a form of faster than light travel known as warp travel or warp jumping. The warp drive allows a ship to enter the warp, travelling its currents until re-emerging into real space light years away from the starting point. The drives are huge and bulky devices needing large ships to carry. Ships fitted with warp drives are known as warp ships or warp-capable craft. Warp drives allow ships to enter the warp and bypass light years of real space in a relatively short time, although, as the warp is hostile and unpredictable in the extreme, the dangers associated with all warp travel are terrible indeed.

iwriteonthisblog  asked:

Humans are really weird. What would an alien think of things like itches, nausea, or diseases?

*Squee!* Another prompt! Thank you!

So I get motion-sick quite easily. I can’t travel backwards on any kind of moving anything except my own two feet: no cars, no trains, no amusement park rides. I also have issues with going in fast-moving circles (rides that do both are devil spawn).

On page eighteen of the thirty-nine page form that must be filled out prior to space deployment (ie. leaving your planet of birth for the first time), there’s an entire section on things like allergies and illness-inducing events. Here’s the thing, though: every human lies in this section.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. If anyone has conditions like anxiety or asthma or is particularly susceptible to bronchitis (or any alien derivation thereof), that person does put that down because the last thing any captain or CMO wants to worry about is the fact that their newest recruit tends to stop breathing in the middle of heavy gunfire (the human delegation is still trying to persuade other species of the inhaler’s abilities but the going is slow).

Having said that, if anyone happens to be allergic to lilacs or suffers projectile vomiting at speeds higher than 900 km/hr (the average speed of a plane at cruising altitude), they don’t tend to say. It does, however, prove absolutely hilarious the first time the ship jumps to warp, and the new engineer throws up all over the chief engineer who can only fluctuate xir six flesh ribbons in life-long irritancy, and call medical…and the janitor.

Operation: Rescue Lars

The crystal gems & co need a plan to get Lars & the Off-Colors. Bringing home the off-colors will be easy: take the wormhole, and in the off chance they don’t fit they unfuse for 2 sec. 

If that is still too big, steven can bubble them, send them home, and pop them later. Lars… will be difficult. 

Traveling to/from Homeworld has only been accomplished a few ways: 
1. Lion portal (not an option for lars)
2. Warp Pad
3. Spaceship
4. Lapis’ flight
And a 5th is Speculation:
5. Lion can get to the moon with exponentially increasing speed portals, perhaps Lion or Lars can do this themselves. 

5 is a little chimerical to be considered for a Peri/Pearl plan, so let’s look at options 2-4, all of which involve reinforcements from Earth breaking Lars out.

ddLars no longer needs oxygen, so Lapis could theoretically carry him home, but getting out of range of the planet without being caught/pursued by homeworld will be impossible. Also it is a bit unfair to ask Lazuli to risk being trapped again for a boy man she has never met. If this is the only option, I’d say take it, but there are 2 better options…

Pearl and Peridot are both masterful engineers and pilots. While they will meet the same resistance getting off-planet, spaceships fly faster than Lapis, and can warp jump. Peridot has no limb enhancers, which means Pearl is best suited for extraction. Rey can pull it off, and so could Pearl. Still risky, and finding a ship to steal might prove difficult. 

The above 2 options also present a VERY important problem: being followed. Right now Earth is not dead because the Diamonds think the cluster will emerge sooner or later. Attracting attention to Earth could blow that cover and trigger a larger scale invasion. 

I believe warping is the best plan. Peridot can repair the homeworld warp, and will remember where she warped in from the first time. (Ep 39) If she can set a shared timer with Steven, amethyst, and Pearl, (4 person/gem platoon is how not to attract attention, which means sending Sapphire and Ruby is alot [and why separate them…] Peridot needs limb enhancers, and Lapis might be too traumatized from homeworld  ) so that Peridot can repair the homeworld warp at the second the platoon is ready, and garnet can wreck it right after everyone warps home. Getting on the warp pad surreptitiously would be quite difficult (knowing Homeworld, they probably have a TSA, and lars will stand out like a sore thumb) but fighting their way in might not be a bad thing to resort to so long as they aren’t photographed by security - all they need to do is get off world


If/When the CG’s rescue Lars, they should use Warping as Plan A, Spaceship if Plan B goes wrong, and if she’s up to it, have Lapis’ flight as plan C.

Final Plan (with contingency plans): 
Prelude: Steven needs to get the Off-Colors to Earth to see if they can find better ways off-planet/better ways to steal a ship/warp home undetected. The Rutiles would likely be better Homeworld guides than any of the CGs (though is pretty useless if combat breaks out). 

Because 5 would attract too much attention, the CGs would need to pick 4- including Lars - to rescue Lars (sorted by most-least crucial):
Lars: Escort/Bruiser-DPS
Steven: Team Glue/Leadership/Healz
Pearl: Homeworld guide/Blend/Plan B: Pilot/plan gem/Melee Assassin-DPS
Lapis: Plan C/Blend/Water Witch-DPS
Rutiles: Homeworld extraordinaire/DPS?
Garnet: Leadership/Future Vision/Tank
Amethyst: Opal/Shapeshifter-Blend/Tank
Connie: Stevonnie/Knows Lars/Duelist-DPS
Sadie: LovesKnows Lars/Bruiser-DPS?
Rhodonite: Homeworld Extraordinaire
Fluorite: Wisdom/Homeworld Extraordinaire
Peridot: needed to fix homeworld warp on Earth
Padparadscha: Bby, I love you, you can’t really help here

My team would be:
Lars, Stevonnie, Pearl, Garnet

With the Crystal Temps + Lion on standby at the Homeworld warp to destroy the warp pad on impact in case any homeworlders get through.

Space Bros

Chakotay: Kathryn, you and Tom have to stop your ridiculous pranks on other species. It’s been seven years, we are all sick of getting chased by aliens with guns because of this shit.

Janeway: That’s not true! The crew LOVES my quirky sense of humor. And they totally almost nearly don’t quite hate Tom!

Paris: Dude, sitting right here.

Janeway: Sorry, bro. Low five?

Paris: LOW FIVE ACCEPTED! (Fist bump)

Tuvok: Captain. Respectfully. The ship is older and can no longer outrun species you have both chosen to antagonize.

Torres: Like the Vidiians you catfished.

Kim: The Kazon you kept beaming hair conditioner rations over to.

Chakotay: The time you wracked up a bill with that pay-per-comm porn planet and put the charges in the Borg’s name.

Janeway: That last one was all Tom!

Chakotay: I read those charges and they included Irish hologram kink. Your lies insult us all, Kathryn.

Janeway: …

Paris: Okay, so we’ll be better.

Janeway: Totally better.

Paris: Starting riiiight after we jump to warp 9.

Kim: Da Fuck? There are 4 - no, 5 - no, 6. SIX CUBES chasing us.

Torres: Fuck. And I’m almost out of duct tape.

Chakotay: (Sighs) What did you two do to piss off those Borg?

Paris: So not our fault. The porn planet added a new comm channel. Like, what were we supposed to do?

Kim: No one ask. Please. No one ask her.

Torres: … I’m asking.

Janeway: It’s the Bolians Eat Everything channel.

Paris: They really do. It’s… such a talent.

Chakotay: I quit.

Torres: If we don’t die, can I watch? I’m curious…

Paris: YOLO

Janeway: LOW FIVE!

Part 5

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  725

Author’s Note:  We’re getting a little backstory here. It’s a short-n, but please let me know what you think nonetheless! I appreciate everything y’all share with me as this story keeps developing! Please enjoy :)

Table of Contents Here

“Captain, I believe it may be time,” Spock stated, hovering over Jim as the blond tried to come to a decision. Two weeks and nothing.

Before the attack, there was massive radioactivity spike. A peculiar frequency, as Mr Chekov had called it, distracted the scanners and the ship’s crew for nearly twenty minutes. Enough time for the entire away team to be either injured or killed.

Of the six that went down, only two came back alive: Lieutenant Scott and Ensign O’Malley. Mr O’Malley died within hours. Ms Scott flatlined once, but she came back, almost. And as meticulously as Bones had conducted O’Malley’s post-mortem, there was no indication of what had killed him or what could have caused Scott to crash.

And the frequency never resurfaced.

“I’m afraid you might be right, Mr Spock,” Jim breathed. “Mr Sulu, take us away.”

“Sir,” Sulu nodded, preparing the ship to jump to warp.

“Spock, walk with me,” Jim said, hoisting himself from his chair and stepping to his ready room just off the bridge. Spock followed, standing with his hands behind his back just inside the doorway as it sealed itself behind him.

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