warp factor 5

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Have you seen the Captain Spock/Science Officer Kirk thing that's going around and could you do a drabble for it? It's hella adorable, but I've only seen art of it so far. <3 :)

Having been raised Vulcan, Spock liked to think his viewpoint of the world was honest; realistic.

This was why he realistically assumed that no one under his command aboard the USS Enterprise could even remotely match his intellect, grasp of logic, or wisdom. This was not to say he deemed himself superior to any of his crew, for whom he held in the highest regard. No—feeling superior implied, well, feeling. Which Spock did not practice. At all. He had been trained thoroughly not only as a Starfleet Captain but as a prim-and-proper Vulcan.

By the end of his first week transferred to the Enterprise, however, Lieutenant James T. Kirk seemed, at least from Spock’s perspective, to exist for the sole purpose of defying the aforementioned assumption.

They were en route to a Class M planet for charting purposes, the surface of which Spock had analyzed himself via scanner.

“Lieutenant Sulu, please proceed at Warp Factor 5—”

“—Captain Spock.” For the tenth time that morning, there was Lieutenant Kirk’s voice, a bit timid yet resolute as if he would not back down should Spock make the logical choice of ignoring whatever fancy he decided to shout about with various ostentatious hand gestures, such as the statistics of types of plant life on the planet…It was fascinating information, certainly. But not of a particular relevance to the tasks at hand. It was quite easy, Spock had noted in the last 8 days, for Kirk to become distractedl


“—Captain Spock, Sir. I, um, I just really think you will want to hear this.”

Spock whirled around in the Captain’s chair in what was not even remote agitation, standing up and gliding toward the Science station. “Yes, Lieutenant. What is it?”

"I just really don’t think we should proceed to the planet’s surface just yet, Sir. If you would look at—”

“—I reviewed the scans of Alrynius VIII myself, Lieutenant,” Spock interrupted, avoiding Kirk’s big, bright, bespectacled eyes by averting his own to the ground. However off-topic he could get, the Lieutenant certainly did have a zest for his job.

There was a half-smile in Kirk’s voice with his reply: “Yes, Sir. I’m aware of that. And I think…you might have missed something. You see, there are some energy readings that—”

Missed something? S’chn T’gai Spock, distinguished Academy graduate, had missed something? Surely not. Now Spock was intrigued. He leaned over Kirk’s shoulder, felt the warmth of the other’s body close at hand, heard Kirk let out a breathy, awkward laugh. Sure enough—there were new life-form readings that Spock had not previously seen!

“Granted,” Kirk said, the rumble of his voice breaking Spock out of his shock-induced haze, “I’ve hypothesized these beings have slipped under everybody’s radar for quite some time, Sir. They appear in-and-out of the scanner’s vision because I believe they have the ability to cloak themselves—that is, render themselves nonliving. Neat huh?” He turned and looked at Spock, running a hand through his blonde hair.

Spock opened his mouth. Shut it. Opened it again. Shut it again. Then, finally: “It…appears you are correct, Lieutenant,” he said stiffly, finally meeting the other’s gaze for a moment before swiftly turning his back and heading back to the chair. “We shall delay entering the planet’s orbit.”

A pause. Then: “So…so Vulcans can make mistakes.” Spock pivoted again just as he was about to sit, to find Kirk smugly crossing his arms. “…Sir.

Were Spock fully human, he would be positively fuming at this juncture. Who was this infuriating person?! Well. He would have to find out. It was the only logical way to proceed. ”I am making no such admittance. Get back to your post, Lieutenant.” He added, in one quick breath: “In addition, please rendezvous with me at 1830 hours in the mess hall for dinner.”

Kirk blinked at him, straightening his glasses, wide-eyed. “…S-Sir?”

"That is an order, Lieutenant.” Spock swiveled back round in his chair. The men at the helm could see him blushing, but kept their stoic expressions—it was common knowledge the wrath of a Vulcan was not to be trifled with.