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Chocobro Headcanons
  • Prompto and Noctis have an ongoing competition between them involving how many times they can slap each others’ butts during the day.
  • This usually ends up with them chasing each other around wherever it is they’re staying and someone (Prompto) almost always gets an injury from it.
  • The best one was when, during a battle, Noctis warped up behind Prompto, slapped his butt and then warped away before the sharpshooter could do anything about it and had to keep fighting.
  • Ignis and Gladio just don’t get what the point of the whole competition is (but Gladio has totally joined in on more than one occasion).
  • Prompto is scared of the dark and has to sleep with a light on no matter if they’re staying in the tent or in a hotel.
  • Ignis gets rather angry when any of the other guys swear, and many lectures about manners have been given (and all of them have fallen on deaf ears).
  • Most of the lectures are given to Prompto, as the blonde is prone to shrieking expletives when startled…which happens a lot.
  • Noctis and Prompto always try to have eating contests with Gladio, but Gladio always absolutely smashes them, no matter how much they insist he cheated or that they need another rematch.
  • The last person to wake up every morning (Noctis) is always subject to having their face drawn on with a Sharpie by others (Prompto and Gladio).
Meeting Him (Gladiolus)

My first Gladdy Story! I have some major love for the big guy. So, this story is kind of an intro to pave the way for part two (maybe some smut?). I can’t wait to get into this!


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ktrovosky asked for some ronsey tattoo aftercare and I honestly live to serve adriana so I wrote what was supposed to be a drabble and is actually 1.8k :’)

idk how gay and sad you wanted this to be but hoooo boy it is both

Gansey finds him swaddled in cling wrap like a miserable cafeteria sandwich, his fine freckled back drenched in black and red.

“Jesus Christ.”

Ronan glances over his shoulder at him and bares his teeth.

“Badass, right?”

Gansey tuts, an impossibly condescending noise inherited from a long line of impossible, condescending people. “Declan will be livid.”

Ronan’s face twists, but he doesn’t move to spit or break or topple like he usually would. Gansey realizes all at once it’s because he’s paralyzed by pain. 

He steps closer, trying not to visibly hover.

Fuck Declan. What can he do to me that hasn’t already been done?”

Gansey rolls his eyes. “Oh but he’s constantly outdoing himself.”

“I wasn’t talking about things he’s done,” Ronan says darkly, and Gansey’s mouth twitches, indulgent.

“No. You weren’t, were you.” Gansey fingers the peeling edge of the second skin holding Ronan’s tattoo together, and he twitches violently. “He could cut you off,” Gansey suggests.

Ronan scoffs, as he knew he would. “Good thing I have a filthy fucking loaded best friend.”

Gansey warms. This has been their inside (and only) joke in the broken glass marathon of the last few months. Declan is the obstacle and Gansey the solution. He wishes it didn’t make him feel so gorgeously needed.

He wishes Ronan wasn’t in this warped custody battle between brother and friend at all, that he hadn’t found himself in sudden need of that kind of parental display. He wishes Niall Lynch would walk in right now and fill the room up wall to wall to ceiling, leather and whiskey, ground shaking laughter and crystal cruel eyes.

“What is it?” He asks quietly, eyeing the puffy black lines twisting Ronan’s back into something as angry as his insides.

Ronan shrugs delicately. “Lots of shit. Nightmares.” He seems to find this funny for some reason, and his back quakes.

“May I?” Gansey asks, a tender palm at the nape of Ronan’s neck just above where the mess begins.

He shrugs again, but there’s new tension in him, and a silence that Gansey doesn’t understand.

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Crash Bandicoot Warped HD Part 4 Plus Ending

Final set of gameplay from my experience playing this remake, from the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. 

Battle Group Titan: Beyond Warp ((Battle Group Titan Series Vol 1))

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Epic Space Battles

Battle Group Titan is about how ruthless enemies fought off with weapons born out of necessity, and treacherous relationships with aliens who turn on their friends when they are the most vulnerable. Read how Commander Will Inman’s outnumbered fleet battles technologically advanced races.

A Technology Driven Space Opera

Battle Group Titan is about harnessing the power of the dimensions within a particle. It’s about greatly extended life and the development of dimensional weapons. It’s about traversing galaxies at speeds attained with the use of stolen faster than light technology.

Life on The Edge of Your Seat

Battle Group Titan is about building a massive fleet while exploring other worlds and galaxies in the vacuum of time. It’s about the devastating loss of life in light of near immortality. It’s about the treachery of Earth’s corrupt leadership and how great men and women risk the fate of the entire fleet to save humanity.

The stupid Doctor tries to ransom Janeway by stealing Voyager’s warp core for some Overlookers, but instead leaves Voyager stranded without a captain, core, or doctor.

+5 points for the Doctor being badass when he wants to be
-10 points for disobeying direct orders
+2 points for at least leaving a clue for Tuvok and Paris to come rescue them

Star Trek: Voyager, “Renaissance Man” S7E23

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FFXV Fic: Backup Plan

Omg my first fanfic in a decade or more. Ofc it’s these nerds. Thanks to @ohbuckyyouresofine for inspiring me to do this. 

Title: Backup Plan 

Pairing: N/A (though hints of OT4 if you really squint)

Summary: Ignis tries incredibly hard to have a backup plan for most situations. Unfortunately, Noctis doesn’t always understand them. 

“Fighting a hoard of MTs over Taelpar Crag wasn’t exactly what Ignis had hoped for the day. But if there was one thing he had come to terms with over the last few weeks on the road, it was that Noctis had a rather irritating habit of warping into battle the moment an enemy appeared. It had served them well enough at the beginning, but as the Empire kept sending stronger and stronger soldiers, Ignis was beginning to worry that other strategies were necessary–and that Noct would have none of it.” 

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Warp Magazine interviews Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning.

While the interview appears to have occurred early on in the ‘Battle Born’ era, Warp is just now promoting the interview, having published it on their social media accounts late yesterday.


Battle Of The Bands is BACK! Enter for a chance to win $35,000 and play Warped Tour next year :)


I’ve been sort of addicted to Red Zone remixes the past 12 hours or so, so I decided to make a Red Zone remix with the sfx from OFF.

The sfx used specifically are:

-Zacharie’s meow
-Dedan’s talk noise
-Sucre’s laugh
-Hit noise (in battle)
-Zone warp noise

Unfortunately I’m not very good at video editing, and I don’t really have any good software for it either, so it’s pretty much just the audio.