warp 2012

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Heres a good laugh for anyone who needs it today. this video will never get old. 

rilexs  asked:

hey ah can u explain that post abt alex being an asshole? i dont get it

ahhh yes it was back in the old days of warped tour 2012, the boys were at warped, alexs hair was pink, the skunk hair had just returned - all was right with the world. we are the in crowd we’re also at warped. then taylex began; they were holding hands and cuddling and singing kiss me again together on stage and they had been very 😏😏😏 close in the video. anyway it was strange coz none of us knew him and lisa were on a break and idk he may have cheated ??? although i haven’t seen that confirmed anywhere so who knows but then taylex kinda just ended and then alex was back with lisa and idk he may have even cheated on tay too ?? who knows the boy is a mess and then tay wrote the best thing that never happened about him and it’s a #SickBurn and idk that’s the story of how alex gaskarth was once a fuck boy