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How To Avoid Drinking Your Paint Water And Other Art Tips

  •  See the coke up there?  it’s in totally the wrong place.   KEEP YOUR BEVERAGE AT 4 O’CLOCK.  or 5, if you’re a leftie.  Keep your paint water on your table in front of you, and your beverage off to the side so that you have to physically turn around to get at it.  You will teach your brain that Drink Is Over There, Not On The Desk; your coffee will last longer that way, AND YOU WILL AVOID SPILLING IT ALL OVER YOUR WORK.
  • if you DO spill your drink, cover the page and call it “Organically Dyed Paper”  it ain’t coming out, run with it.
  • Instead of 7-hour continuous playlist, listen to albums so you’re stopping every 40 minutes or so to change the music THEN STRETCH YOU FOOLS.
  • Alternate caffeinated beverages with non-caffeinated.  your hands WILL start to shake if you keep mainlining coffee like that.
  • get this freaking pencil sharpener.  yes, that’s a lot for a sharpener, but this SOB will work forever, won’t eat pencils, and gets you the finest points possible.  this has been stress-tested by scientific illustrators and I promise we are the pissisest possible people when it comes to pencil points.  Mine it literally 6 years old now.  it’s great. (Yeah, yeah, it’s missing from the pic.  Have a backup in case of forgetfulness.)
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ART IN POOR LIGHT.  this means both too little AND too much.  You eyes, brain and spine will all thank you.  This mean making sure you’ve got direct, full-spectrum light indoors (it’ll make laptops and winter easier too, I promise) and wearing sunglasses outdoors.
  • FUCK PRISMACOLOR PENCILS.  The pigment’s good but the binder is brittle and breaks, and the wood is frequently warped.  literally 1 in 5 of the last prismacolor pencils I’ve had were totally unusable.  Faber-Castel is comparable in price/sometimes cheaper and had very high quality.
  • like, not shitting on cheap art supplies, because god knows I use them all the time, but pirsmacolors are EXPENSIVE and having the lead snap for the 7369205790235969th time will give you a goddamn stroke.
  • Remember to Eat maybe????
  • about every 2-3 hours, get up, leave the room, and do something else for at least 20 minutes.  Do the dishes maybe.  Gives your eyes and shoulders a break, lets your brain re-set and you’ll be able to see things that Need Fixing when you get back.
  • FOR FUCKS SAKE, USE REFERENCES.  All the greats did, you’ll stress less, and things will look so much better.  Just google image the sucker.
  • srsly eat something.  even some cheetos.  pls.
  • ok kids it’s 3AM i’ll think of more in the morning.  take care of yourselves.
Types of people that like different Star Trek shows


Spirk 5ever

My captain can kick your captains ass

Spock is bae

Red shirt

Uhura is a literal goddess

Ahead warp factor 1

Everyone is gay™

Uhura and chapel are gay and I would die for them

Knows who m'benga is


I want Tasha yar to kick my ass

Data is shaped like a friend

Fully functional™


Tasha deserved better

Alexander deserved better

Data deserved better

Klingon enthusiast

Romulan enthusiast

Casually pretends that one movie didn’t happen

The line must be drawn heyah and no fahrthah

Picard is the best captain because he is the best at diplomacy™

I would die for worf

I love will riker

I hate will riker


Outcasts didn’t happen

Only here for Q tbh




Is only here for the cardassians tbh

Weyoun never did anything wrong in his life


Garashir is love garashir is life

Wedding episode™

Just a simple tailer

Spy AU

Vic fontaine is the best ever


ships everyone

Everyone is gay™

Jadzia didn’t die for this



I want janeway to punch me it the face

I want b'elanna to kick me in the throat

Weird is part of the job™

Resistance is futile


Irish town AU

Delta Flyer™

Wth is Broccoli doing here??


Gratuitous decontamination chamber scenes

Wrist nipples

Just here for the vulcans tbh

Just here for porthos tbh

Loves everyone is just happy to be here


shran is my reason for existing

Express hoshi sato could slit my throat and I would thank her



Y'all should have listened to t'pol when ya had the chance smh

Loving pineapple is my only trait


Tag yourself! I’m all of them


some peridot redesigns

1) warp tour through catch and release
2) catch and release through the kindergarten kid
3) the kindergarten kid through current

back in the day I was really interested in the amputee peridot theory, I’m also interested in the concept of peridot building her own new limb enhancers

also mild rewrite of the kindergarten kid, in which peridot poofs and gains a star

Psychoanalysis of the typical CSer brain & dissecting warped claims.

1) [Emma went to hell for Killian] they seem to casually always forget that five minutes prior to this decision Hook wanted to kill & send ALL of Emma’s family to hell. Literally, marked them for death & eternal suffering because he was vengeful she turned him into a Dark One against his will. Why, you say? Let’s pause & think of Emma’s background. She has SEVERE abandonment issues: her parents sent her to the side of a road into foster care jumping from one crappy situation to the next. Constant reminder of being abandoned over and over again. Neal betrayed & abandoned her to go to jail while pregnant where she HAD to give up Henry, had to. Graham then died thus abandoning her, died literally in her arms after she let him in, to care for him. Later, Neal came back, got shot & sucked into a portal. Abandoned again via magic portal. Then her SON is kidnapped two minutes later & taken to Neverland. Fast forward, Neal came back only to DIE & abandon her again in a heart wrenching & tragic way, in her arms (again) while he said “find Tallahassee.” Then there was a threat that the darkness would kill/take Regina away from her (more on that later). See a pattern? She had no control in every single circumstance. She turned Hook against his will because she was sick of being abandoned by people she cared for & finally she had the power to overcome that loss. She went to hell for him because she had it in her power to prevent that abandonment & fear of loss. It wasn’t out of love. It was out of fear of loss & fear in normal circumstances is a powerful motivator, even moreso in the dire situation of having to kill the dude you’re dating to save your family. She was distraught & severely traumatized by thst event. She clearly was not thinking clearly when she hopped on down to the UW. Evidenced by the fact that she allowed her family & son to come along with her. Of course, they wouldn’t let her go alone. They did it for her. She went out of fear of losing someone again.

2) [embraced the darkness for him] Hold up, did we even watch the same show? The darkness engulfed Regina, NOT HOOK in 4x22. Emma said that Regina worked too hard to have her happiness destroyed, then stuck the dagger into the darkness & took it, sacrificed herself for Regina’s happiness & welfare. If the CS meant embracing the darkness to save him in Camelot, well, refer to point 1 about her abandonment issues. It was NEVER about him. Fuckin alternative facts worthy of the Trump White House right there with that twisted view of what we all saw & witnessed.

3) [wanted to share her heart with him] key word *wanted*. Why? Refer to point 1 again. An orphan with severe abandonment issues. Of course she was willing to do that. This is Emma Swan we are talking about. She’d sacrifice anything to keep from hurting by the pain of loss again in any measure. The motivation was NOT HIM but her own need to prevent further loss.

4) [she is where he belongs] Stop right there. She’s not a car garage for Hook to park into. She’s a human fucking being. She is her own person. This statement doesn’t take into account where Emma belongs, where Emma’s happiness lies. It’s solely focused on his desires & needs. Just stop with that external boyfriend centered mentality because it is extremely unhealthy. Emma’s worth doesn’t revolve around what others want from her or want for her. Not her parents, not Henry, not Regina or the stupid town. Not her role as Savior or even Sheriff. Emma belongs where Emma wants to belong from within herself. Stop with the boyfriend centered shit because it sounds so abusive. His happiness is reliant upon her accepting him as a lover. NO. I. Will. Shut. That. Shit. Down. Every. Single. Time.

5) [he’s her true love, deal with it.] Yet again, as in point 4, it’s focused around him & not Emma. No, dear little CSer, he’s not the focus here. Emma is the focus. It’s evident in this statement that the CSers love vicariously through Emma on screen disregarding Emma’s past, past actions, personality & internal issues such as abandonment. The CSers focus on him, not her. They feel more connected with him than with her. They disregard her completely. All they want to see is Hook happy no matter what & Emma is the heroine & star of the show, so naturally, the fan base channels their feelings through her. They want so desperately to be with Hook that they toss aside the very essence of who Emma is & what Emma wants. Any CSer that claims otherwise is full of utter shit. If this show no long had Emma but kept Hook, watch how fast they’ll forget about Emma Swan & focus on Hook finding someone else to fulfill his happiness. In a God damn heart beat. In short, CSers are in-love with Hook/Colin. And when any human feels love for someone else we want them to be happy. Currently Emma is the Segway for them seeing Hook happy on screen. It’s sickening to me that they continually rewrite the character of badass Emma Swan to satiate their desires for the fictional man they love. It was never about Emma Swan for them. Which is sad because she’s someone all little girls should aspire to be - tough, independent, kind heart, strong sense of justice, bravery & great internal strength. I don’t care who Hook finds his happiness with as long as it’s not at the expense of our beloved Emma Swan.

Okay I’m sorry but I have this reoccurring plot bunny that has a stranglehold on my brain about a Danny Phantom/SG-1 crossover

And like, maybe a bit where he becomes a host, but the moment the snake gets curious and transforms, the ectoplasm EATS the parasite because it’s not part of the Original Form, and That’s Not Supposed To Be There (kinda why all his wounds vanish. The transformation resets him) 

And Danny nopes outta there and jumps into the tech of the ship (because he can go into video games and interact as if he’s software, so why not a ship? Skulker and Technus prove you can be ‘one’ with the tech) 

So just, Danny being in control of this alien ship for a bit, and doesnt want to kill them all because damn that’s mass murder, and I know they’re parasitic assholes and stuff but he’s got a moral code. 

So Danny is all like SPAAACE and I guess I have hostages now?? Also aliens are real that’s neat

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