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hi!! ive just read your stripper au and fell head over heels, but now im hearing rumblings of southern gothic credence and i can feel my poor heart speeding up... please tell me more?? 😍

Hi!! Thank you for enjoying the stripper au!

The Southern Gothic idea was from a prompt I got from @acebeatriz, who is most excellent. It’s going to go beyond my 3,000 word Tumblr fic limit, so it’ll probably be a REAL fanfic that gets to go on AO3 and everything haha

I just really enjoy the cadence and themes of Southern Gothic literature and it fits really well with Fantastic Beasts’ ideas of good and evil and prejudice and secrets and horrors and deviancy. 

ANYWAY! I happened to work a bunch on it today, so here is a ~preview~

(Content warnings for racism, allusions to slavery, child abuse, religion, etc. The expected fare of combining The South with Fantabi. Also lmao I didn’t edit this.)

The moon had moved halfway across the sky before Credence realized how far he’d walked, wishing for the devil to take him.

He looked around and guessed that he was probably close to the old Picquery place. He thought he saw the silhouette of the main house up ahead through the woods. At night, it was hard to see the state it was in, but years ago a lady came down all the way from New York and bought the old Picquery plantation from the bank.

It got everyone all excited until the lady came into town on a train from Savannah and for all her light hair and fine clothes and money, she was still colored.

“Sometimes the Lord works through the hands of men,” Ma had told him after Langdon Shaw went to jail for setting the place on fire.

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So yesterday, I looked for movies on Netflix, and I came upon a German movie called ‘Look who’s back’. This movie is from 2014, bear with me. So the storyline is that basically Hitler comes back in 2014, he wakes up suddenly in a wood, where his bunker once was, he was teleported there a few moments before he lost and commited suicide. Hitler goes on and discovers modern Germany, ofc he’s no pleased… up to the point where he meets a young journalist Savatsky, who believes Hitler to be a very good impersonator of the dictator. Savatsky has just been fired from the channel that employed him. He sees the opportunity and starts to make a small docu with Hitler in modern Germany, Hitler has in mind to take power back ofc. Up to the point that Savatsky presents Hitler (whom he still believes to be an impersonator), to his ex bosses, they love him and they re hire Savatsky and plan a show with Hitler, they air it and the people love it and love him, he becomes a new sensation, people agree with him, about what he says, and all… he becomes a star…

Up to the point that Hitler writes a book and they decide to do a movie based off that book. Everyone just think it’s a funny but accurate impersonator of Hitler… At some point in the movie Savatsky starts dating a young woman who works for the same channel, she happens to be jew, she also has a granny that has alzheimer. Following Hitler’s success, Savatsky and Hitler are invited by the girlfriend (she lives with her grandma), but everything doesn’t go as planned: the granny recognizes Hitler, she knows it’s him, she’s outraged ( remember she is a jewish woman and she says she has lost a lot of family members in the holocaust) and she says this to him:

*remember how people and the medias were having a good laugh at Trump’s apparitions and moments??? Ring a bell?

So by then Savatsky realizes he’s not an impersonator, he does a bit more research how 2014!Hitler arrived and he’s convinced now he’s the real one, which he is, he confronts him and Hitler says he never hid it (true he never did). So Savatsky takes out a gun and threatens him and takes him on a roof, on their way there they discuss:

To which Hitler replies:

*Reminds anyone of Trump’s supporters praising their leader for doing exactly what he promised?* The people knew what they did, they were not tricked into it, same with Trump, they knew what they voted for.

Savatsky and Hitler arrive on the roof and S. is still holding that gun against H.

Savatsy says to Hitler:

To which Hitler replis:

*And this is the ugly truth my friends.

So after all this tirade, Hitler says to Savatsky he can’t kill him, doesn’t have the guts etc… But he does, Savatsky shoots Hitler in the heard and he falls off the roof. S. approaches the roof top to see the corpse, but there’s none… Because Hitler didn’t die, he’s behind Savatsky. And he tells him that:

That last sentence he says to Savatsky is actually terrifying because of its truth.

The end is a bit dissatisfying, but that’s not the point, at first, I thought it was a stupid comedy, and at some point I even started to think the message might be disgusting as he interrogated those people and they said pretty nasty things about foreigners etc…(keep in mind a lot of this was unscripted and was just them interrogating random people in the streets). But in the end I got it, it was a message, and the message is that today, people would and could vote for Hitler. Those same rethorics are back and people are buying into it more and more. This movie was filmed in 2014… we’re ine 2017 and Trump is president of the most powerful country in the world… This movie was more than a satire, it was a warning…

“Always Sunny in Moscow” Episode 1- English Subtitles

I wanted to give back to the fandom and while I can’t draw or write, I can speak Russian so… I translated the first episode!


Enjoy, jabronis.

Real Americans

Alright, there are some big warnings on this one, so please read them before you read on. This is a very serious fic, looking a little bit at racism and sexism back in the 20th century, and especially in the military.

During WWII, a lot of people banded together to fight for a safer world, but that doesn’t mean that racism and sexism were temporarily put aside. Women were often limited to working in factories, communications, and as nurses for the war effort.

Japanese Americans were forced to live in internment camps when the Japanese became involved in the war, allied with Germany (though working towards their own militaristic goals). This was for fear that these Japanese Americans, many of which had been born in America, would turn against the country and strike against them from the inside.

And segregation was still in effect during the war. Even in the military, the segregation of African Americans occured, and it was often the case that, despite the large number that enlisted into the war, they filled noncombative roles, and there were very few African American officers.

These things should never be forgotten. Especially considering the fact that this racism and sexism still exists in the world. These people experienced, and often still experience, hardships, just because of the colour of their skin, or the perceived weakness of their gender.

If we do our best to remember this, then we will also remember their strength and bravery in fighting against this prejudice. We still need this strength to keep fighting for equality today.

I also wanted to show that there were, and still are, good people that want this equality. If we forget that, then we lose hope, and we need that hope.

I was a little worried about writing this, as it is a sensitive topic, but it is one that I feel strongly about, and one that I also didn’t think I could just gloss over in this series. If you have any feedback, please let me know.




“Can you believe that she’s been recruited into Cap’s special team? She’s not even a soldier,” one of the American soldiers exclaimed.

“Isn’t she married to Barnes? That’s probably why she’s in,” a second man replied. “It’s going to be an absolute mess… the battlefield is no place for a woman, especially one with no training.”

“Barnes probably just wanted to keep her around so that he can fuck her whenever he wants. Can’t blame him for that.”

“I don’t think the decision had anything to do with Barnes,” a third voice chimed in. “From what I saw of her in Austria, she’s pretty capable.”

“Yeah, I bet she is,” the first man laughed.

You took a deep breath. You didn’t want to face them, but you needed to walk past them to get to Steve’s meeting.

You knew that there would be some people that would disapprove of your inclusion in the Howling Commandos, but you weren’t really expecting such gross words to be said about you.

“I don’t know why you’re so surprised she’s there,” the second soldier began. “He’s recruited a Jap and a coloured man. And they say Rogers is an American ideal… he should have picked real Americans, like us.”

That was enough. They could say whatever they wanted about you. You didn’t care all that much. But Jim Morita and Gabe Jones were better men than these soldiers were. They deserved respect, no matter the colour of their skin.

You stepped out from behind the tent that you had been listening from and walked right up to the three men.

“What do you want?” one asked with a smirk. His voice matched that of the first soldier.

“I just wanted to tell you that Jim and Gabe are two of the best people I have ever met, and you shouldn’t look down on them,” you replied firmly.

“That’s nice princess,“ the second soldier snickered.

You then turned your attention to him, doing your best to supress your frustration and timid nature. “And if you were wondering why Steve chose them over you, I think I have an answer for you. He must have spoken to you for five minutes.”

The third soldier laughed, and your attention was drawn to him. “Can I ask? Do you have any problems with the fact that an African American, a Japanese American, and a woman helped to save your life?”

“Of course not Mrs. Barnes,” he replied. You sensed no lie on him, and perhaps a genuine sense of respect.

“I’m glad,” you smiled for the first time since getting involved in this conversation. “Do you have any problems with these real Americans continuing to risk their lives to fight for the country that they love?”

“No,” he shook his head.

You nodded. “I know that it is hard to stand up for something that you feel strongly about. But please try when you can. We all need to work together to tear down the prejudices.”

He nodded, and you turned to leave.

“Thanks for the lecture princess,” the first soldier mocked, slapping your behind as he did.

“Hey!” the third soldier yelled. Before he could do anything though, you turned and punched the first soldier in the face. You knew Peggy would be proud.

“You stupid bitch, I’m going to get you discharged for this!” He moaned angrily through his bloody nose.

“You can’t. As you were pointing out earlier, I’m a civilian,” you replied with a smile. “And I get the feeling you’re the kind of guy who would not like telling others that a woman managed to land a punch on you.”

He remained silent, but glared daggers at you.

“Oh, and you won’t have to take my word for it for long,“ you said. “Jim and Gabe are going to show you themselves just how loyal, strong, dedicated and wonderful they are.”

You began to walk away, then called over your shoulder as an aside. “I hope you enjoyed my capability. If your nose doesn’t stop bleeding soon, I suggest you see someone about it.”

When you were finally out of range, you sighed in relief as you stopped fighting against your body’s natural instinct, and you began to shake. What you had just done was so out of character for you, but you didn’t regret a single word or action. Especially when you pushed your way into the tent set aside for your meeting, and saw Jim and Gabe sitting around with the other Commandos, laughing about something or other.

“Are you ok (Y/N)? You’re a little late,” Steve asked as you took your place between him and Bucky.

“I’m fine,” you smiled at him. “I just had something important to take care of.”

You knew that the prejudices that existed against women and people of colour would not disappear immediately, and that the ripples of it would continue to spread for a long time to come. But you held out hope that one day the world would be a much more fair and equal place for everyone. And to get there, everyone would have to come together and fight for it. And that is why you said what you did.


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also: can we maybe stop bringing up shit like nazis and neo nazis and the muslim ban as a comparison towards anything or anyone who even playfully makes a jab at steve “white straight male with blonde hair & blue eyes who canonically says the line ‘there’s only one god, ma’am’” rogers

nazis would kill me on the spot neo nazis write articles about why genocide of people like me and my family would make the world a better place like don’t be throwing around this shit like it’s fucking hypothetical, neo nazis are real racism is real xenophobia is real using things that are real life threats to the lives of real life people to demonize anyone who says anything you don’t like about your favourite fictional character is fucking Evil tbh

Callout for Isaiah/Monty @Greatdane,

Previously known as Vesper, Claire, Blake, and her birthname at older urls like @icd, @pwdin, @hpkid, @adauchi, &

her twitter is @depthgrip.

This is a callout post for Isaiah @adauchi. (She goes by Monty on that blog, however through the callout we will refer to her as Isaiah, and through some receipts she might be referenced as Isa/Izzy, Ves, and Hanschen/Hans) 

Due to Isaiah’s abuse and manipulation to her ex-girlfriend, her ex-friends, and just acquaintances in general, this callout needed to be made to warn people of her abusive and manipulative nature. 

This is not a post to enable people to harass, stalk, or attack Isaiah. This is merely a collection of receipts on her behavior to warn against interacting with her. 

All receipts are located on the site of imgur, and use different types of phones (samsung, iphone) as they are receipts from multiple different people. They are not all in a chronological order. 

Major warnings for:

Ableism, racism, fatphobia, transphobia, manipulation, emotional + physically abuse, stalking, MAJOR USE OF SLURS, csa mentions + incest mentions + other sexual things, mentions of hitler + nazism, jokes about cancer + STDs, and probably some things I forgot to mention here.

Receipts + Callout here: 


Whenever I think about the Rey/o discourse, and the whole thing about people being attracted to villains above all, I wonder why, if this is the case, people don’t ship Buttercup with Prince Humperdinck? Because if we go by this logic everyone in The Princess Bride fandom should’ve ditched “boring” Wesley long time ago, and hopped onto the Humperdinck/Buttercup train. Their relationship dynamics are practically the same as with Rey/o.

  • A privileged white guy who has everything, but wants even more.
  • Genocide and random murders of innocents won’t stop him from getting what he wants.
  • Has a torture chamber where he tortures innocent people.
  • Not above abusing and torturing women.

All these bullet points can be applied both to Prince Humperdinck and Ky/o Ren. Yet, I’ve never seen a single H/B shipper. And that movie / book is a fairly popular one, even to this day, even on tumblr. However, for some reason, everyone loves and gushes over the blond blue-eyed “boring” Wesley, who was framed as a heroic protagonist by the narrative - vs. Humperdinck, the main villain of the story… So, where are all the H/B shippers?

Also, speaking of which, Finn gets so much crap from white feminists for “grabbing” Rey’s hand. But I have rarely seen people (including these same white feminists) being disgusted with Wesley’s sexism and very much transparent abusive behavior - for exapmple, a scene from the book:

“I’m very capable of love,” Buttercup said.
“Hold your tongue, I think.”
“I have loved more deeply than a killer like you can possibly imagine.“
He [Wesley] slapped her.
“That is the penalty for lying, Highness. Where I come from, when a woman lies, she is reprimanded.”
“But I spoke the truth, I did, I - “ Buttercup saw his hand rise a second time, so she stopped quickly, fell dead silent.

Sure, they’ve improved that gross scene for the movie adaptation, but Wesley totally does raise his hand to hit Buttercup even there:

How is ^this^ okay by white feminists’ books, but an innocent hand grabbing is seen as some volatile act of sexism and abuse? (A purely rhetorical question, because we all know the answer)

Little Infinities - 2

A/N: I’m glad this is being received well; I’m still a bit nervous about it but I’ve already started so we can only move forward from here lol.

Summary: Bucky Barnes x OC 50′s AU. Rosaline Miles is an elementary school teacher and waitress at a diner in North Carolina. She meets Sheriff James Barnes working her night shift.

Warnings: racism, racial slurs, mention of the KKK, mention of violence, smut (in future chapters)

Word Count: 1,017

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I can't help but see that you hate Trump. Can you not make it a part of your Sims 2 blog? Some people don't want to see this. No hate here it's just irrelevant to Sims is all and I love what you do for this community so please don't see this message as something from a nasty anon


I tag everything that isn’t sims-related “nonsims” and “saviorhide.” Block those tags if you don’t like it or unfollow. I’m not changing the content of my blog to make you more comfortable, especially if what would make you more comfortable is me not reacting out of genuine fear for my safety and the safety of my family to the election of a president who hates pretty much everything about our existence. Not to mention the hate groups that are so emboldened by his appointment that hate crimes have fucking skyrocketed in the immediate aftermath of this election. I’m afraid to leave my own house, afraid of what will happen if I slip up and show my wife any affection in public. We have always been a little uneasy, now we’re terrified. And we have every reason to be. A man who despises us is president of our country, and people who want to kill us are very clearly taking that as an invitation to lash out.

You might not think you’re being nasty, but prioritizing your right to be comfortable and not have to see “irrelevant” posts over someone’s genuine terror and desperation to spread the word about ways to do something about this horrifying injustice is really pretty nasty.

Also, this is nothing new on my blog. I have posted about politics and non-sim things in the past. I have never, ever said, anywhere, that this is a sims-only blog.

Students of Color Network!!

Hello fellow studyblrs!! There’s a new network up and running and we can’t wait for you to join! 

About the net:

This network is exclusively for people of color (PoC) and it’s here to help improve and increase our representation in the studyblr community. Studyblrs of Color is also a great way to meet like-minded PoC who are studying and struggling in the same area as you! 

How to get involved:

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Little Infinities - 3

A/N: Finally an update! *crowd cheers* This might be the only thing I’m posting for this series this week; I have finals coming up so I won’t be able to post things for a bit, but I might be able to squeeze a one-shot in. Don’t bank on it (totally bank on it I write one-shots when I’m procrastinating). Please don’t hate me if there’s a week or two before my next update! I love y’all <3

Summary: Bucky Barnes x OC 50′s AU. Rosaline Miles is an elementary school teacher and waitress at a diner in North Carolina. She meets Sheriff James Barnes working her night shift.

Warnings: racism, racial slurs, mention of the KKK, mention of violence, smut (in future chapters)

Word count: 

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Shades Darker

Summery: Bucky falls in love and believes that he can’t love her.

Warnings: hints to racism??

Word Count: 800+

A/N: this is the first time I’ve done something in the 3rd person or this style. I wanna try different things to find what I’m really good at so feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you. This is for all us beautiful WOC who don’t get enough in mainstream media (Priyanka Chopra slays my life). *gifs not mine @helllaellla (I should pay you to help me but I’m poor so love and bread will have to do) @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 @starstar1012 @fairy-frills @annadier @buckystories

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Her smile was the thing he noticed first. Then her hair, her eyes, and her body. The last thing he noticed was her skin, it looked smooth and he wondered what it would feel like. But it was a few shades darker than his, and this filled him with sadness.

In the 30s loving someone from a different race was frowned upon, if not illegal, and Bucky hadn’t really adjusted to life in the 21st century. So he felt ashamed of falling for her, and he fell hard.

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He’s My Happiness

Ask: Can you do an imagine with Daveed where you’re his girlfriend but you’re a different race and your family is kinda racist and so you get in an argument with your family while he’s there?

A/N I am by no means racist. I am simply writing this because some people are and I don’t want anyone to misconstrue that I am racist in any way shape or form. 

Word Count: 1,362 Words

Trigger Warnings: Blatant Racism, Racist Words, Cruel Words, Bullying, Yelling, Racism. 

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Daveed gave a bright grin as [ Name ] shot him a nervous one. “I’m sure your father will love me,” Daveed said as [ Name ] gave a slight chuckle nodding. She had been dreading this day ever since they had gotten together. She knew how her parents could be; in all honesty they were blatant racists. She had grown up with these tendencies all around her yet she somehow she managed to escape them. [ Name ] became her own person. 

She rung the doorbell and then a few seconds later the door opened, “Mom!” She cried giving a smile as she felt the familiar scent of perfume hit her. It smelt like sour milk to her. “Come in! Come in!” Her mother crooned her voice soft as Daveed smiled at [ Name’s Mother ]. Once her eyes fell onto him a look of disappointment flashed onto her face. It looked as if she had swallowed something unpleasant. She was disappointed. Daveed should have noticed but he was a little nervous meeting [ Name’s ] parents. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet [ Name’s ] mother. I’ve heard great things about you. She certainly does take after you,” Daveed said as [ Name’s Mother ] pursed her lips and simply nodded walking to the door. Daveed’s face fell for a second as he touched [ Name’s ] hand squeezing it gently. The female let out a sigh as she closed her eyes. Maybe this would be as bad as she had imagined it. Maybe they had changed, but deep inside she knew that people like her parents would never change. 

“There’s nothing to worry about babe,” Daveed said gently kissing her temple as [ Name’s Mother ] looked almost sick. Yet she held her tongue. [ Name ] gave Daveed a rather awkward smile. She looked a little sick herself. [ Name ] hadn’t been in this house since she was a young girl. In all honesty, she hated this house. It brought back so many bad memories. 

Daveed sat down at the dinner table. “It’s a pleasure to meet you my name is Daveed Diggs,” He said as [ Name’s Father ] grunted slightly at the simple sound of his name. It sounded terrible to [ Name’s Father ]. Daveed covered it up with a smile. Dinner soon proceeded afterwards but [ Name ]  wasn’t hungry at all. [ Name ]  simply wanted this to end before it turned racist. 

[ Name’s Mother ] passed the plate of food to [ Name ] and Daveed tried to help but [ Name’s Mother ] snatched her hand away. She looked at him as if he contracted some type of virus. It seemed to slowly dawn on him why his girlfriend had been so reluctant for him to visit; the pair were racists. The dinner table was quiet. Anyone could hear a pin drop. 

[ Name’s Father ] finally spoke up and looked at Daveed, “So what do you do for a living?” He asked his tone harsh and grating. It sounded like razor blades for [ Name ]. She hadn’t touched her plate at all. Her mother had been urging her to eat but she couldn’t keep her food down. 

“I’m a musician. Have you heard of the Broadway Show Hamilton?” Daveed asked still being very polite. [ Name ] applauded him for not losing his head. If it were reverse she didn’t even want to think how she would react. Not with as much tact as Daveed. He was a celebrity he must be used to the rudeness of the media at this point. 

“That show that defaces our founding fathers?” [ Name’s Father ] asked scoffing. He looked as if he was going to throw up his dinner. Daveed could feel his anger rising. “Portraying them as n—,” Before he could say another word [ Name ] slammed her hands on the table. She was visibly shaking. Daveed looked at her shocked. His anger had vanished. 

Daveed tried to reach for her but she swatted his hand away, “You don’t need to do this,” Daveed whispered but [ Name ] put her head up and squared up her shoulders. She had been living with them for years. She could finally stand up to them. She didn’t need them anymore in her life. She was going to be happier without them. They were hindering her being happy with Daveed. Daveed didn’t feel the urge to fight with [ Name’s ] parents. He loved her and wanted her to be happy. 

“Mom, Dad, I have lived with you for years. And it pains for me to say this but the two of you are the most bigoted people I have met.” [ Name ] spat out. “I am your daughter, and Daveed makes me happy. Yet you slander him with these derogatory terms! You should be ashamed of yourself!” 

“He doesn’t deserve you!” 

“Just because he’s a different skin color than me?!” [ Name ] asked challenging her parents for once. 

[ Name’s Father ] looked angry. The veins in his neck were jutting out his eyes bulging out of his head, “He is a mere barbarian. His people kill ours all the time. He should go to Africa. Back where he belongs!” 

That’s when [ Name ] slapped her father across the face. “You are a terrible human being. I love him. The least you can do is be a decent human being and treat him with respect.” [ Name’s Mother ] spat at her as [ Name ] wiped the spit off of her face. A look of shock and anger crossed [ Name’s ] face. But then she just shook her head. 

“No daughter of mine will be caught dead with a—” 

“That’s fine. I don’t want to be your daughter anyways,” [ Name ] said cutting her off, tears gathered in her eyes as she took Daveed’s hand in her own. “I don’t want you in my life anymore.” 

“Get out of my house! DON’T YOU DARE SHOW YOUR FACE AROUND ME!” That was when [ Name ] was slapped in the face. She felt it harshly stinging her cheek. She didn’t want to be here anymore. 

“Don’t touch her again,” Daveed snarled out finally standing his ground. “If you cannot accept that we love each other than don’t. If you cannot accept that I am a proud African American male that’s fine. But don’t hit [ Name ].” He seethed as her father laughed at him. 

“Don’t boss me around you bastard.” 

[ Name ] grabbed Daveed, “The two of you who praise your God so much need to do some soul searching.” She spat out as she felt own tears run down her cheeks. How could her own parents hate the one person who made her happy in life? The two exited the house as [ Name ] burst out crying into his chest. 

“Babe, Babe, don’t cry,” he whispered touching her hair and stroking it. 

[ Name ] sobbed grabbing his shirt, “I am so sorry,” she said her voice cracking. “I’m nothing like them. I don’t think like them at all. I promise you that I’m nothing like them. I love you.” She was so worried that Daveed was going to leave her. She didn’t want her parents marring her image. She didn’t think anything of what her parents thought. 

“Babe,” Daveed whispered gently wiping away her tears. “I know. You don’t need to say that to me,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her. The kiss was sweet and gentle and it brought a smile back onto her face. She wiped her tears as Daveed gave a slight chuckle. Even though her eyes were red-rimmed and she had some spit on her face, she still looked beautiful.  He always did hate to see [ Name ] upset.  

“Why don’t we go home?” Daveed asked as [ Name ] nodded. 

“And why don’t we show them that we’re perfect for one another?” [ Name ] asked kissing him again as Daveed gave a slight smirk. 

“I like that idea very much.”