This is, perhaps, the most clever lyric i’ve ever heard. Everyone should watch this. It’s beautiful.

There’s a writing group in my (small) town, that meets once a week. I’m thinking about joining it. Granted I haven’t written anything in like a year and a half. But this might get me out of the rut i’m in. The lady explained that they even have speakers and workshops every few weeks and they help each other edit and give feedback. Besides, the least I can do is check it out. (Plus they go out to eat after!)

I’m so excited about all the reading I have to do this year, that I asked customers at Winn Dixie and pretty much everyone else I encountered for books they favored. The results were pretty cool. Check out the books i’m adding to my list! 

One of my friends gave me 2 books as part of her Christmas present. I’m so happy because one of them is This side of paradise by Scott Fitzgerald.