warning: it's gross

anyway i’m kinda annoyed and disappointed with the way they’re handling vilde’s character. we’ve had three and a half seasons of her having these totally inappropriate and ignorant reactions and like. this is it, this is the last season. she’s not getting hers. and i know that skam characters can show a lot of growth in a short amount of time but i’m truly wondering why it’s still necessary to show her in that light. like we get it. they don’t need to keep establishing that she’s that way before she can start redeeming herself because she’s been that way since day one. and i’m truly wondering how she’s going to possibly redeem herself and make up for these three and a half seasons with only half a season left 

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I was reading a Clexa fic and the writer of the fic just made Clarke a lesbian instead of bi and it made me so mad to have someone else erase one of the only examples in media we have. I immediately wanted to have a bi erasure discussion with you. Like, I get people can make things canon how they want, but I feel like people always act like bi people don't exist anyway.

it’d be the same thing as writing ace characters as gay or a lesbian as bi. characters’ marginalized identities are important because of the representation they provide and with bi people it’s no different. people LOVE to say “where are bi people in history what have they done?” well, been erased, for one.

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im really sad bc princess jasmine is my favorite ever like she was my first disney princess i ever saw and she inspired me and i love her but so much fanart and stuff is so either whitewashed or sexualized or people fantasizing about her "slave outfit" and im really tired of it

yeah…the film itself is a mess when it comes to how she’s represented (even more gross when you remember she was meant to be 16..but she’s stuck in that outfit and has to “seduce” jafar who calls her a “pussycat” cos she’s brown and “exotic”..kguhkljklklk)

and eta, yeah this is so shameful and disgusting:

honestly whenever Dylan strome grows whatever the fuck is currently on his face, and bleaches his hair, he truly looks like he plans on trying out for some like throwback 80’s porn videos

I’m a cat sitter
and I love the cats I babysit
but they vomited all over their house and I’m grossed out
it’s like old cat vomit
and the other people that watch the house but in the mornings did like nothing about it and I’m, maybe this happened later in the day but I don’t believe that cats can throw up 38+ times

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Sonja, what are your thoughts on the Rollings Stones magazine where they first wrote the girls age as 17? It basically means that Jeff and HSHQ were fine with everyone thinking that Harry hooked up with an underage girl. But only after receiving backlash did they change the age to 20 which makes the entire thing even more disgusting cause they were fine with the age being 17 first.

tbh i don’t think i need to add any thoughts you said it all.

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K@llura is so bad like I literally will stop watching it if it becomes canon and I'm sure a lot of other people will too?? So overall bad move dreamworks

if they actually developed it more it wouldn’t be so bad a ship but they haven’t

it’s literally just heteronormity because they’re forcing gay coded keith, who has much more chemistry with OTHER BOYS, into a het relationship

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How is riverdale queerbaiting tho? The actors and producers have been clear that Betty and Veronica will not be romantically linked to each other. And that kiss was nothing. Girls do it all the time, it's literally not a big deal.

i honestly dont understand how you see nothing wrong with 2 straight girls kissing just bc, esp because most of them hate me and think im weird for actually being into girls

it’s literally not a big deal until they find out the girl they kiss actually likes girls like that