warning: horrible music


Brian Mcknight preview of new song for adult mix tape (Epic Fail LMAOoOOO!!!)

ISH KNOWS…ah man, I was seriously hoping this was a joke!!!!  But, nope, he’s serious!!!  LMAOoOOOO, #epicFAIL!  C'mon fam, this sounds like a failed reference track for R. Kelly.  This is some shit you’ll hear Chef on South Park sing for funny effect.  Ah man, just terrible hahahaha…“Lemme show you how your pussy works…"  WTF is this a tutorial for a low budget gynecologist vid hahaha…ah man, TRBL **charles barkley voice**  What makes it funnier is he’s soooo serious too haahhaaha


it’s been a while since i made something with pixels or something that had to do something with worlds so i thought why the heck not combine them


Call Me Maybe made out of lines from Star Wars. Thanks Kotaku!