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|| jealous ||

{summary: what happens when your best friend knows about a certain spiderboy’s crush on you?}

a few readers want me to start sinning by doing n-fw peter parker headcanons tomorrow and i just promised another reader to update mafia!bucky’s series on saturday…so before i sin with all of these n-fw and sm-tty posts, let me post this one imagine that features my oc, David Pennington, again [♥]

keep in mind, just because dave is in this story, it has nothing to do with ||love like a comic book|| [♥]

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warnings: none, if you don’t include a jealous!peter parker ;) ;) ;)

oc mention: dave pennington; reader’s best friend who has blond hair and blue eyes. for me personally, i picture him as looking kinda like dave strider ((from homestuck)) but you readers can imagine him as appearing like harris-n -sterfield (sorry for the weird formatting on his name, i just don’t want this story to appear in his tags [♥] )

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**


David Pennington always knew that Peter Parker had a thing for his best friend and sister from another mister, [Full Name], he just had to do something to make that nerd confess to her once and for all.

He absolutely loved [Name] and would do anything to protect her, which was why he wanted that Peter guy together with her. For starters, he wasn’t a total fuckboi, or a pompous and rich asshole like Flash Thompson. Earning the title of being [Name’s] best friend meant that he had to do everything in his power to look after her.

And if he had to set her up with a good boy like Peter Parker by using dirty means, then so be it.

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Pint Sized Chapter 1: A Small Problem

Chapters: 1/6

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: R … .FOR REALLY CUTE  (It’s PG/K+ guys don’t worry)

Relationships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir/Ladybug

Summary: “Honey? Someone shrunk the kids."In which the dorks become even smaller dorks.

**Also available** on AO3 | FFnet

Cover by @edendaphne

This was definitely not how Ladybug expected her day to go.

It was supposed to be just another normal day of summer break. No responsibilities beyond the ones her parents gave her, no homework, no babysitting, and no akuma. Just a trip to a butterfly garden so Tikki would have a chance to fly around for a while in a comfortable environment where she wouldn’t be in danger if she was glimpsed. It was going to be a nice, relaxing day free of stress.

Would’ve been nice if she and Hawkmoth could’ve been on the same page.

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~3.4k words

Characters: Furuta Nimura, Kaneki Ken, Arima Kishou

Pairings: Furuta Nimura/Arima Kishou (?)

It isn’t so much a pairing as. A thing. That happens a little? I guess there’s some weird one-sided… stuff?

Warnings: Blood, gore, and all that jazz, Suicide, discussions of suicide, unhealthy discussions of suicide, suicidal ideation, body horror probably, self loathing, The entire mess that was the second half of ch. 82, the entire mess that is Furuta Nimura, I guess there’s some kissing of barely conscious persons too… 

(very very brief mentions of things that might trigger emetophobia, but nothing happens. It’s just the words and some metaphors. I have this one to a degree, so…)

Sorry if I missed some tags.

“additional tags”: Almost certainly an AU, No one in this fic is sane, references to philosophical thought experiments, extended metaphors, some parts border on vaguely surrealist pseudo-philosophical absurdist prose poetry (again, sorry), catch the accidental buffy reference, obscure three way Nietzsche/Art History/Greek Mythology punning, I have a humanities problem, save me

Notes: @nimawalker and I were talking about how our second dear hanged man might react to Arima’s actions, and that plus other extensive talks about weird possible Furuta headcanons and possible AUs led to this.

You also have Nima to thank for the existence of a bunch of this dialogue because I got a note back on the first draft saying Nimura should talk more. I hope you like the added bits!

Thanks to @nimawalker for the notes on the first draft and @sunlitfuruta for putting up with me while I fell down bizarre wikiholes trying to wrap this thing up and title it. And for your wonderful headcanon ideas and indulging all my terrible horrible fic ideas that went nowhere until the fic fairy felt like visiting me for once.

I have about a thousand fic ideas and dozens of WIP but I have a fic fairy that’s a petulant motherfucker and decided to visit me now and give me this one. 

It’s… Very potentially multichapter. My fic fairy might ship Arifuru, because if this continues, it is likely to get more shippy. My fic fairy is fickle and an asshole though, so who knows.

I apologize profusely for any dumb tiny grammar mistakes. I’ve been up all night writing and my roommate refused to edit my grammar. 

Feel free to send me notes, even if it’s “you used the wrong form of “there” in this line.” I’ll feel stupid, but I’ll thank you for correcting me (if you send it off anon or by chat. If you send it on anon, I’ll just tuck tail and edit the post in silence, but I’ll be grateful.)

I hope you like it!

Also, I am still working up to AO3. OTZ 

But because this is an AU, It might be easier for me to post there without worrying about future canon. We’ll see.

Come back and read this next bit after you’ve read the fic:

About the Ecce Homo bit at the end there, Ecce Homo is a term in art history from the New Testament meaning “behold the man” and is used to describe art that depicts Jesus’s display before the crowds or parade to the cross. It is also the name of Nietzsche’s final work, a work that is both self-aggrandizing and self-mocking, that talks about the philosopher as a Dionysian, rather than Apollonian or Christ figure. As someone who creates chaos and inner turmoil rather than clarity. He signed the book “Dionysus versus the Crucified.”

That entire bit was self indulgent humanities garbage and I’m sorry you had to read it.

Headcanons: A lot. Please consider this an AU. For this chapter, all you need to know is that Arima is more or less human. There is… stuff going on with Furuta that will come up in future chapters, but you can kind of pretend to ignore if I never get around to updating this.

Anything I happen to get right about Furuta or Arima’s weird biology, or ghoul biology in general in this or further chapters will be entirely by chance. 

Again, I am basically considering this an AU that diverges from canon after TG:re 82, at this point. 

I’m kind of new to the world of canon divergent AUs so bare with me. I might keep swerving in and out of new canon information.

Excerpt: (this is from a bit further in than I usually go, but…)

He knows Kaneki Ken as much by scent as anything. He’s hardly a man anymore, all red-black plating and twisting, writhing limbs. But there is no one else it could be, a huddle on the ground sending coiling and thrashing appendages out for meters and meters. They have mouths on them, each screaming and wailing. A true cacophony. True chaos.

Beyond the mask he’s wearing, Nimura has the urge to revel in it. This total destruction of man. This madness. It’s as the good doctor always goes on about. His “greatest creation.” Kaneki Ken at his limits is a thing of beauty in its savagery.

But he has work to do, he reminds himself. The smell of Kishou’s blood is thick and the man himself is silent. And that won’t do. There are pieces that belong on the board, even if only out of his way. Something itches at his spine through the nothingness. Kaneki Ken at his limits. Arima’s blood in the air.

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